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False lab reports

My wife checked lipid profile at DDRC SRL, West Fort, Trivandrum on 5-05-2017. The result is as follows:--cholesterol-148 mg/dl, triglycerides-108 mg/dl, LDL- 83 mg/dl, HDL-43 mg/dl, VLDL-22mg/dl.

The test was repeated at Hind LAB, Trivandrum on 6-05-2017. The result is as follows:-- cholesterol-244 mg/dl , triglycerides-89 mg/dl, LDL-202 mg/dl , HDL-65 mg/dl , VLDL- 17.8 mg/dl.

Everybody should be cautious against false lab reports.

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which one you think is correct and which false?Since the reports are one day apart could it be there is a change in profile ?


The patient has undergone lipid profile tests previously on 27-12-2016at Hind Lab, Trrvandrum. The result is shown below.

Total Cholesterol-256, Triglycerides- 124, HDL-58, LDL-186, VLDL- 24.8


There is National Accreditation Board Medical Services.CMC,Vellore also has accreditation service.Just for information.



😝😝😝😝😝😝. I always enjoy your comments esp about doctors.

No. There can not be "Sink Tests". The problem is

1) different test systems have different normal values.

2) lack of using controls. Every day lab has to put control samples whose results are known. All the systems are now automatised. So if the system has gone wrong it'll give false reports. Putting a control amidst the samples to be tested will let the lab know if that machine or system is working correctly or not. All the standard labs must be doing that.


Lipids variation due to non adherence of strict regulations required for tests by the patient,it seems like that,hence vast variation.


The patient has taken fast for 12 hours before the lipid profile tests as required by the medical norms.


Although some parameters are highly dynamic but we can not expect such high variations in a short span of time.

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The large variations are indeed alarming and as these tests are expensive (at least for me), it is not viable to go around to different test centres. I get my tests done at the Institute of Diabetes at Trivandrum every three months and they have been within my normal range though I don't know if they are fully accurate. In my opinion - which may prove totally wring - since they do hundreds of tests a day large inaccuracies would produce more complaints.


A highly reputed cardiologist told me a couple of days back that he considers most of the pathological labs in Bombay to be staffed by morons. His words. He did not substantiate his comment. He then suggested I use only hospitals for pathological tests. Hospitals like Breach Candy, Lilawati, Hinduja, Jaslok, etc.

I said he was a "highly reputed cardiologist". My view : A lot of these "highly rated doctors" are nothing but QUACKS.

Quack, quack, quack :-)


What about Thyrocare Technologies Limited,Navi Mumbai,India?,which has been marked LEVEL 1 Laboratory by" National Glyco Hemoglobin Standardization program" Certified Laboratories. Can there be variations also,and if yes,to whom we can trust? after all.


I use either Metropolis or NM Medical. I think Thyrocare is unreliable. I have been home testing regularly (6/7 times a year) for the last 12 years approx.


At the Hind LAB, they could not even get the basic calculation right. The total cholesterol should have been 284.80 ( 202+65+(89/5), not 244.

Check it out.

If one cannot even do simple addition and division, do you expect these guys to do blood tests correctly ?


Trace ability to the" Diabetes Control and complications Trial reference method" (DCCT) applies only to results from fresh blood samples unless otherwise specified. Analysis of processed (e.g. lyophilized) material may be subject to MATRIX effects and any comparison to the DCCT using results from processed specimens should be made with caution.

It takes 24-36 hours for the blood to reach Thyrocare laboratories,what method they adopt to analysis we do not know. Ho weaver as I have observed from their reports that it has most reliable laboratory equipment and certified regents,which they uses ,and reports are correct to the extent of 95% of the population.


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