One month on LCHF @100g carbs. Please look at my lipids / Uric Acid and suggest.... BSugar is under control

Dear All, These are my medical reports for previous month and today 14 Feb 2016. I am not taking any medicine. I was taking Butter, clarified butter, full fat cream, cheese, almonds, walnuts, chicken,eggs,vegetables, broken samba wheat (20 grams)

Kindly help me with your valuable suggestions.. 41 years male diabetic 2. Please suggest..

I am Diabetic 2. controlled by diet only.

One Month Before

Blood Sugar Fasting 114

Total Cholesterol 176 mg/dl

Triglycerides 70 mg/dl

HDL 50 mg/dl

LDL 137 mg/dl

Uric acid 6.5 mg/dl

Today : Feb 14, 2016

Blood Sugar Fasting 105

Total Cholesterol 216 mg/dl

Triglycerides 63 mg/dl

HDL 52 mg/dl

LDL 160 mg/dl

Uric acid 6.9 mg /dl

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  • I always had this doubt on LCHF diet .

    Anything too much is not good. I think you should eat less fat and exercise to improve metabolisms. Garlic is known to help for moderate cholestrol.

  • @man32

    Should I start any medicine for cholesterol and uric acid...?

  • Carry on w/o Cholesterol drugs.

    Check LIPIDS after 6 months.

    Conventional LIPIDS Theory Vs CVD/CHD is a FAILED science. There's absolutely no proof of relation between TC and CVD/CHD.

    Better markers for Cardiac issues are - hsCRP, lp(a), homocysteine, apoA1, ApoB looked at one go. You will be suiprised to know that I have seen 30 point variation in TC consistently between two labs when tested on me and my wife. My wife has TC of 220 by one lab and 190 by another and consistently his diff exists.

    So, Drug for Cholesterol, no not yet. Add garlic to life.

    Uric Acid - Try it.

    Also make sure yr carbs are around ~20% range and not going too low.

  • Thanks Anup. I was waiting for your reply...

    Normally I am taking vegetables (mixed) 600 to 700 grams. I count the carbs in vegetables after removing the fiber. I make sure all the carbs for the full day is maximum 100 grams.

    In addition to this, I take Full FAT cream 200 grams, 200 ml milk, two eggs fried in ghee, butter 40 grams added to vegetables, 7 almonds, 7 walnuts, 15 peanuts, two slices cheese, chicken or mutton 200 grams.

    Any suggestions....

  • I don't see VCO anywhere.

    Replace part of Full Fat cream with VCO -FAT for FAT count. Upto 3 TBSP VCO can be good replacement for full fat cream. MCT is best.

    WRT CARBS, what I meant was don't go too low. Stay in that ~20% range.

    Replacing Milk with Coconut Milk will also help in getting MCT..

  • Thanks Anup

    VCO should be consumed directly or to be added in food.

  • As you like.

  • You can add directly on steamed veggies, cook fry food etc. While cooking you feel the smell but not when you eat.

  • I mean VCO!!!

  • Reducing cream ghee butter nd switching coconut oil?? Exercise is must bcoz our forefathers worked lot for amount of fat or carbs they ate.

  • take lot of waters 10glasses -hot or cold -as per ur choice ururic Acid will be normal in few weeks.i have tried this and am successful. I am diabetic since 2003.

  • Thanks Sezal, I have started taking around 3 liters of water daily.

  • One month is too short period to test lipids. Is your weight stable ?

  • yes shrisamrath, My weight is same as it was before one month. 74 Kilograms..

    Kindly read my diet which i have posted and suggest, am i eating right.

    Many Thanks Shri...

  • You can replace cream with VCO. Check your carb intake, if necessary you can increase it by 15-20 gms per day as per meter readings.

    For some, lower carb intake can increase LDL. But status of LDL can be judged only with apo B reading.

  • Do you smoke?

  • I don't smoke, no alcohol, no paan, no tobacco etc....

    But y this question ❓

  • Smoking effects lipids... That's why I asked.

  • @jaffy

    Your lipids are fine

    Low TG

    High LDL

    Good levels of LDL

    Intact high cholesterol is needed for better bodily metabolism.

    Don't worry. Add garlic to your daily diet

    And do the tests anupsingh has recommended

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