My Report Jan 9, 2016

Dear All, This is my medical report. I am not taking any medicine. Kindly help me with your valuable suggestions..

I am Diabetic 2. controlled by diet and exercise.

Total Cholesterol 176 mg/dl

Triglycerides 70 mg/dl

HDL 50 mg/dl

LDL 137 mg/dl

Vitamin D 21 ng/dl

Vitamin B 12 188 pmol/L

Uric Acid 6.5 mg/dl

Lymphocytes 5%

Plateletes 182 (10^3/mm)


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10 Replies

  • Thanks Difident,

    FBS : 115

    PBS : 140

  • HBA1C : 5.9

  • BSL 115. 140 is a little high . It can be controlled by exercise & diet.

  • For a confirmed Type 2 diabetic you are normal, in fact very good when I compare with my results :-) Keep up with your exercise and diet regime. Keep consulting your doctor. Do not take any medicine on heresy.

  • Thanks Arun...

    What in Saturated FAT i should take? Please help me. What is good Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplement?

  • Many, many thanks Habibi.... I am in Dubai. I will check with the chemist..

  • Dear Arun,

    My uric acid level is 6.5. Any suggestions? Is Sat FAT good for me?

  • Your uric acid level is not very high but it is better to have lower levels.

    Most common reason for high uric acid is foods containing purines, some medications, impaired kidney function, certain meats etc.

  • Dear Arun,

    No symptoms of gout. Can i eat walnuts and peanuts only?

  • Up your water intake with lemon.

    You can also take green tea with lemon. For few months make 2 lemon a day part of your life and see if UA comes down. This is besides restricting purine foods as suggested by shrisamarth

    SFA will not have any bearing on UA AFAIK. Prefer VCO, home made coconut milk (though this will also add some carbs) for SFA.

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