Tell about yourself

Tell about yourself

Hello babes/dudes!

My name is Faye & I'm 24 years old and deaf

Live in Essex

Married to the most amazing but pain in arse husband Sam since July 2011 but been together for nearly 6 years this march!! ;-)

When anxiety start-

Been worrying few times in my life since my parents passed away when i was younger age 6 & 11, lived in foster home then bullying at school but got worse recently

2 months ago with health anxiety when I got stomach gastric flu, lost appetie and couldn't eat much which left me very worrying and lots of trip to GP and they reassured me that its just stomach flu , had a full blood count test and came back normal then I start worrying about brain tumour- dull twinges on same area on right side of head near ears and back of neck but reassured me again I do not have it, then got a cough for 3 weeks mainly in mornings & afternoon- worrying about lung cancer but reassured me again I do not have it and am not a smoker. Anxiety is horrible and take over my life.


Nurse gave me 10mg citrapolzm but won't taking them as trying to be determind and will see CBT counselling next Thursday for the first time. Taking vitamins- vitamins b complex, magnesium, vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C and drink chamomile herbal tea before bedtime- not always.

What is your aim for this year?-

See counselling regular, carry on taking vitamins, go gym twice a week, go for a walk with dog regular, banned myself from google, be happy more, less worrying, become a mum when my anxiety is better.



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15 Replies

  • Great possitive attitude.xx

  • Thank you! How about you?? Xx

  • Not feelin any better yet, really struglin 2 except this demon as part of my life. Also cant eat most of day but worse in mornins wen stomache feels tight.xx

  • It will take time for your body to heal but longer if you carry on taking tablets as it mess up with your body. Maybe try not taking them and stuck to vitamins, exercise and etc to see how it goes? Xx

  • Thanku + tryin my bst not 2 take anything except my antidepressants. i do definatly need somthin 2 treat the depression but at least i wont b rattling of all the others.:-)

  • Good! You need eat something because your body will get tired! You can eat a tin of soup or sandwich will do! Xx

  • Yes im tryin 2 eat small meals, u 2. look after urself. Hav jst spoke. 2 a friend who also took sertreline + ended up at casualty. hearing such disturbing horror stories about sertreline. am on lst day 2morrow. drs jst want 2 pill people up + never find the actual cause. gonna go bck 2 docs + demand alternative hlp.xx

  • Hi Minnie

    Think you no quite a bit about me :-)

    But one thing i can tell you is you are really a nice young lady :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Yup ;-) awww thank you! The same goes to you too!! Xx

  • O Minnie

    I might have to adopt you

    What a beautiful wedding pic & what a handsom couple you 2 are !!!!

    You look stunning

    Guess what , my son is a Sam to :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Ah bless you! Be nice!!! :-)

    Yup my husband is handsome but pain in ass ha ha as sometimes he drive me up through the roof but wont change him! Lovely name isn't it?? Xxx

  • Ah bless you! Be nice!!! :-)

    Yup my husband is handsome but pain in ass ha ha as sometimes he drive me up through the roof but wont change him! Lovely name isn't it?? Xxx

  • ALL men are a bit of a pain ( sorry to any men reading this )

    I think they may think we are too lol

    But looks like you have a good one there

    And agree ..its a lovely name & My Sam is a lovely polite young man , so wonder if all the Sam's are nice :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • That applies to me then...Sam a nice man...Love to you all and keep the support going.The great thing is that all these little blogs are making positive changes in real people all over the UK...xx

  • Aw Minnie you are a beautiful couple! and I have enjoyed reading about you x Ella x

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