Why doctors give people anti depressant tablets??

My nurse gave me 10mg citrapolzm last Monday for my health anxiety but I haven't took it yet as I'm trying to be determind to not rely on tablets as I felt like those tablets block the problem without fix it and got bad side effects which really really put me off as I don't want to feel ill with it, increase anxiety and rely on them then scared to come off etc. I wonder why its so easy for doctor to give them before try naturally stuff like counselling, vitamins, diet, exercise etc?

I want to use counselling (CBT) alone and tackle my health anxiety and hopefully it will helps also I'm on vitamins such as magnesium, vitamin D, C & b complex.

Do you think I should avoid citrapolzm as counselling would be helpful??



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  • Hi Minnie, I think you should do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I take citalopram and have tried doing without them but they provide a relief from chemical imbalance that I have not found with any amount of diet change or vitamin consumption. I believe that if medication helps me to live a more normal life then so be it. I did struggle for 34 years before realising this. It is up to you Minnie and we will support you whatever you decide to do Lots of Love x Ella x

  • Thank you Ella and do you have side effects by taking citrapolzm? It really scares me when I read lots stories that they get side effects from it and anxiety gone worse? X

  • You know, minnie, scare stories abound but do you hear of all the good that some of these drugs do. Of course not because it is not news! Many thousands of people have been helped and maybe saved by them. Many seem to like to frighten others for some mysterious reason. Read the recent blogs on this and you will see what I mean. You dont have to take anything. No one can force you as you know. As ella says, do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to do it yourself then good luck to you, many have succeeded that way. Vitamins and supplements are fine but it does depend how bad you are. Giving vitamins alone to someone with a severe breakdown would not only be silly but downright criminal. I took Citalopram for a while and had mild side effects that soon went. As I got better so I came off them; slowly. They helped me over a hurdle and I was very grateful for them. Doctors are not ogres; they do what they can within the limits of their training and would not deliberately harm anyone. Try not to listen too much to what others say. Do what suits you and what you think is right.

    Kind regards. jonathan.

  • I am on 40g of Citalopram for bad anxiety. The only side effects I experience are sleepiness and I get dizzy if I forget to take my tablet. Since you are only on 10mg, it shouldn't affect your sleep. I used to be on 10mg and they kept increasing my dose and my tiredness increased.

  • Hi minnie,leehow ere as u know im very sensitive 2 meds but the 1 antidepressant i could tolerate was citolopram, plus i did brilliantly on them, was on them 4 5yrs until i recently got ill. Infact i wish i never came off them. Ive always said im extremly sensitive 2 meds + this does not happen 2 most people. On sites like these ur only listening 2 horror stories + not hearing the good 1s like were they save peoples lives. I know plenty of people i can think of includin my mum who would not b ere wivout them. It depends on how bad u feel , but if u do want 2 try them 10mg is a low dose so should b fine. I dnt think citolopram r as potent as the 1s i jst had + if i can tolerate them after having so many problems wiv others they cant b all bad. Saved my life 5yrs ago. I personaly dnt think vitamins r goin 2 treat anxiety. but at the end of the day its up 2 u. oh + i totaly agree wiv jonathon he speaks a lot of sense.:-)

  • Dear MInnie12,

    I have been trying to work out what the answer is to your blog heading and I am reluctant to write to you because I am not qualified to answer your question. The best person to answer your question is your GP.

    However, i will give you my thoughts on your question. The only thing i can think of is the possibility that maybe the medication works faster than CBT, however I do not know for sure.

    Kindest regards,


  • But marcus, you are qualified to answer, in broad terms, about feelings and how YOU felt and to give help. This site is about help and support, not negative advice going against professional advice. This cannot be right. Keep blogging. I find your blogs helpful and it gets my faith back!! You are more than qualified because you sound a nice gentle person. Unlike me who cannot suffer fools gladly! Once gain we are being subjected to inappropriate advice and I am getting a little fed up with it. Good luck to you. jonathan.

  • Hello guys- I understand your all points of taking it and I'm not judging on you all at all just wondered why that's all. If they save lots of people's lives then its good and you all know it helps you all then stick to it.

    God bless you all! X

  • Dear jonathan,

    Thank you for your kind words. It is very nice of you to say those things about me.

    You yourself sound like a very caring and supportive person.

    kindest regards,


  • When I was on citalopram. I know it's a different anti-depressant but I just want to say I didn't get any extreme side effects on anti-depressants. I didn't really get any scary side effects. I did feel like my feelings were numb but it wasn't extreme. I could still laugh and be happy.

  • Hi. happycheeks. What a lovely blog name. Good for you. Laugh and be happy!!! What a beautiful note to end on. Thanks. jonathan.

  • I've posted this before, but felt it might answer your question.

    when I was well I was so laid back I was coming round the other way! The last thing I thought I'd need were anti-depressants.

    My gp told me I wasn't a diabetic.

    He then asked if I were would I take Insulin? I said yes.

    Well, he said, you are lacking another body chemical, an imbalance; will you take a supplement?

    When I agreed he told me it was an anti-depressant because of low seratonin levels.

    What a genius! put that way it made such sense. it still does.

    please don't be put off by old beliefs, they can help. it is not weakness,

    regards, sandra

  • Hi. sandra. This highlights how none of us know when we are going to need help. I never for one moment thought I would need help for anxiety. ME, what! Don't talk

    nonsense. 'How the mighty fallen'. I did not just need it I almost begged for it. And it came in great quantities. This illness certainly brings one down to size!!

    Love. jonathan.

  • Hi Minnie

    When I first got told bout my anxeity doc just went "take these" it was ciltalphram I took 4 days worth made me have heart palpitations, paranoia, sweats,made me 10 times worse.

    I stopped taking them I now do Cbt computised therapy , waiting counciling and I ve started taking vitamin B complex which I am finding helps do not feel so jittery xx

  • It made things worse for you?? :/ rather just CBT counselling hun xx

  • I happen to need more serotonin than I produce and I would call that a chemical imbalance for ME. Left to my own devices I would probably not be here at all without these chemicals. Excuse me pessimistic would be nearer the mark. Do you really think that the cause of my illness has not been looked at? in some cases there is no cause to speak of, how do you explain that? Are you indeed a sufferer by your own experience or someone else's? I do not feel labeled either, I fear you are a charlatan with a very strong hatred of psychiatric medication. Maybe you have personally suffered to make you so bitter and don't want anyone else to accept such treatment. I don't know your reasons but I don't accept your argument . Medication helps me to live some sort of useful life , reasonably happily. Till someone like you labels me instead. Best Wishes , Ella.

  • Yeah no tablets for me.

    Want to tackle it myself x

  • Try to send u message but it won't let me :-( x

  • Optimistic, I would like to tell you how you have made me feel. It says on your profile that you are interested in health conditions and would like to help..How do you think you are helping by making me and others I suspect so useless and unsafe. I have laid awake most of the night wondering what to think? You are very hard on people who take anti-depressants. There is a limit to what treatment is available on the NHS so please stop laying guilt at their feet. Why have you made me feel guilty for taking medicine that helps me so much? I really don't know? I am a bit p****d off with you to say the least for being so narrow minded. Not everyone can cope with this sort of bigotry. Even you must admit this...Have you ever suffered anxiety? panic attacks? had to spit in the street because you cannot swallow, not left your house in years, fear simple conversations?, or contemplated getting out of the roller-coaster of life permanently?. On this site we support each other through these things, not hound them not to take medication, or ridicule doctors ,or drink flaming green tea!!!. We are here to help people offload their problems and talk and support. Si if you are so interested in helping, please do. This constant tirade of anti medication is so unfair. Ella

  • Ella - couldn't agree more! I've just checked the "disclaimer" on the right-hand side of this site, where it says:-

    "Content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them."

    Optimistic, i take it you are NOT a health professional and I frankly believe your views could be dangerous. Whilst it almost certainly does NOT apply to anyone on this site, I used to work in the NHS, and there was the classic "roundabout" some seriously mentally ill people were on. They were given drugs for their psychosis etc; the drugs made them feel better; they thought they were "cured"; they stopped the drugs; they got ill; if they were lucky they went to hospital; if they were unlucky, they were arrested or, even worse, hurt either themselves or others. Should they not have been given drugs? I don't think green tea would have helped!

    This is a support site - it you want a soap box, go to Hyde Park Corner!


    PS If a doctor or other health professional actually DOES damage our health, we can sue them. Could we sue you for your "advice", Optimistic, if it was wrong?

  • Your angry with me?? :-(

  • Oh Minnie, hun, NOOOO!!!! Not with you pet, and I'm sorry if this "discussion" has upset you! Big hugs, my love! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rose

  • Ah I'm relieved now as was worried that my garden lady might be angry with me! :-) its okay no worries at all!! Big hugs to you too!!! Might pop in your garden party tonight but no Irish cream this time but cheeky glass of red wine ;-) xxxxxx

  • Oh Minnie, hun, I'll NEVER be angry with you, and you're welcome in the garden any time - everyone is, the fairies will look after you! They make a great red, I'm told, though i don't like red wine! ;) xxxxxxx :)

  • Ah thank you honey!! Fairies just whispered in my ears and said red wine were made by their famous secret fresh red grapes!!! ;-) xxxxxx

  • No one is blaming you for trying to help others but do you not see it is the WAY you are doing it that is the problem. You are letting your 'high horse' run away with you. CAN you see that to tell someone who is feeling better from taking drugs that they could get cancer, diabetes, strokes etc. when they may only be on them short term.

    Do you UNDERSTAND what Health Anxiety is. ANY, even the slightest suggestion of illness can send sufferers off on an anxiety trip that can last for days. It is your apparent lack of understanding that is causing the problem. Somehow I feel that to reason with you is pointless. For instance you say that the shootings in the Sates were by people on or coming off psychiatric drugs, 1. Was it their illness and NOT ENOUGH medication that caused the problem? 2. How do you know they were taking the drugs as prescribed or not taking them at all? 3. How do you know they wouldn't have committed these atrocities anyway without being on drugs? You dont!. You are full of half truths which have scared people. There are a multitude of factors that could have caused the problem. You say you have not told people not to listen to their doctors. But you have in an indirect way. You say that what you have said is "Absolutely true" There is no 'absolute' and never can be in mental illness. It is a relatively unexplored country. Are you sure your relatives' illness was caused by psychiatric drugs or is it your bias taking over again? How do you account for the fact that many thousands of people have had antidepressants and have come off and never had a relapse? Would you have them suffer for lack of medication and still be depressed? Yes, and many are sick from overdosing. I said before you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. To accuse Rose of being against Alternative Therapy is ridiculous. You dont know her and how much she has helped so many on this site. She has always advocated ANY means of helping people recover. I strongly resent your effrontery. My wife and I ran an Alternative Health clinic for many years and would NEVER second guess a doctor. It is unethical and totally misplaced. If you want to help others the lower your tone. Do not be so dogmatic. j.

  • RIGHT- everyone please stop aguring on this post as I don't want see anyone to fall out over this! Everyone got different point of views so just leave it please? Xx

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