CBT counselling question- help?

Anyone who had CBT counselling, was it any good and did it help?

I've got a mild anxiety about health and my nurse had referred me to CBT counselling and should see them middle of January and I'm not on any tablets as I don't want to take them.

At the mo- I'm drinking chamomile flower tea before bed and taking magnesium, vitamin d3 and calcium, so I really hope CBT counselling will help with my mild health anxiety but apart from that I still go out and don't have any worries but only worry about health and like to be reassure from nurses/family.



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  • Hi Minnie, If you don't wish to take meds, which I understand as everyone has their concerns about them, then I think CBT is a good option. If its being offered to you then try it out. It cant make anything worse. My GP advised me that meds were my best option as I don't have any trigger points or past issues that have made me like this.

    They should help to reassure you about your health worries.

    Good luck and stay positive x

  • Yes that's why I'm being refered to CBT counselling already and should see them middle of January as a first session. I'm not sure about tablets as don't want to rely on it to block my anxiety as I want to learn how to improve and deal with it naturally but of course with counselling too. I don't have panic attacks or sweating or heart palations only worry too much and want to feel reassured but my nurse been reassured me many times I don't have brain tumour as I feel bit twinges or bruise headache feeling but not painful behind my ears on right side of head- think its tension from my worries & anxiety

    Really hope CBT will help with my health anxiety? X

  • What med are you on? I don't like the sound of side effects and what will happen when come off it etc :/ x

  • I have suffered with all kinds of symptoms, I have suffered with headaches and feeling like my hairs too heavy for my head.... sounds silly but it felt like it was pulling and my head and neck would ache!! Funny thing anxiety!

    I am on Sertraline, I haven't been on it long. I was very much like you, I was very wary about taking any kind of meds. I got so fed up that I was willing to try anything. It was a massive step for me accepting help and my Gp has been amazing. I suffered the first few days as I think I was anxious about taking the meds, felt a bit nauseas and generally eurgh! But it has settled down a lot and I feel a lot more positive about it. I still have bad days but no worse thean the anxiety without meds.

    The choice has to be yours and sometimes the internet can be a dreadful place. Different people react to different meds and therapy differently. Try the CBT first and see how u get on

    Best wishes x

  • What med are you on? I don't like the sound of side effects and what will happen when come off it etc :/ x

  • Sertraline, the side effects are as bad as I thought they'd be. Your GP will advise you about coming off them, I try not to think about it. Im focusing more on the fact their going to help me. I'll deal with comin off them when the time arises. x

  • I had CBT counselling earlier on this year and it has changed my life for the better. I've had social anxiety disorder all my life and when i first got assessed i scored really high on the Liebowitz scale. I met with my counsellor every week and she helped me completely review my perspective, understand the causes of the anxiety and how to address it. I still have moments and the CBT was intensive but I would recommend it to anyone.

  • CBT didn't work for me, but i think it depends on the amount of effort you are willing to put in, if you want to change then you need to practice all the skills they teach you at home and keep records of how you feel etc, although it didnt do much for me i feel i have more options when faced with anxiety rather than just panic and also its good to just go and talk to someone who kinda gets it... Try it out and see how it goes xxx

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