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Citalopram 10mg questions

Today went to see consultant for ovaries scan check up before start ferility treatments and he was pleased that simple cyst had disappeared but however told me I might have mild pcos and I was upset and literally cried in the room with consultant but he reassured me that its only mild and told me to not worry but in my heart sank and felt so low in my life!! But thankfully he told me I can still get pregnant with treatment of letrazole for 6 cycles if no sucessful then will have ivf by NHS funds. My husband was supportive and told me it will happen.

Anyway went to see my favourite nurse and told her how I felt yesterday and today of scan result & pariond about brain tumour, she reassured me my pcos is mild mean not very bad and told me that I def don't have brain tumour as she promised me so asked me if I would like to try citrapolzm 10mg and see how it goes but she think it will help with my anxiety and told me I shouldn't get side effects as its very low dose but back of my head- I'm still worried about feeling worse on it and side effects? She said if I don't like it and can stop straight away? I've read some post that people shouldn't stop straight away??

Should I wait til cbt counselling on 17th January??


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I would definitely wait to see the CBT therapist. Citalopram is not a quick fix to anxiety, as it takes several weeks to kick in. It can actually make you feel worse in the first couple of weeks. It is very popular, these days with GP's prescribing it all the time!


Apologies if my answer seemed a bit dogmatic. At the end of the day it is your choice, and you have to way up the pro's on con's. When my second bout came on, my doctor quickly prescribed Mirtazapine. (Very similar to Citalopram but supposed to be more calming. I felt worse, and wish I had left it a bit longer.)


Hi Minnie

You have had some good news , they are saying eventually you will get pregnant :-) & what a lovely hubby you have there in the meantime

No one can tell you to take tablets or not to take them as that has to be your choice , but you said she was your favourite nurse , so that should mean you trust her as well & if she is saying they would be good for you , I would try & trust her

I no its not good to just stop meds but if you look at the posts , most say without medical advise , again your favorite nurse , says you would be able to , so she is the one with the qualifications , i would trust her again

I knew you wouldnt have a brain tumour lol & I do hope now you have had all those test done & there is nothing wrong , that you will work on the fear as you will be able to see that is what it was fear, they wouldnt lie to you , you have the all clear

Start believing Minnie , You are a lovely person & deserve all the love & support you have round you

whywhy xxx


Yes, I would take them, fought long and hard on my own, till these gave me breathing space.....wish I,d taken them sooner......and non-adictive....don,t have to be forever, just follow doctors/nurses guidance..........................be well.....xx


Hi minnie, no u shouldnt stop meds without hlp but i think its bcause 10mg is such a low dose. Last mnth i came of citolopram cut me dwn 2 10mg 4 four days + then jst stopped + was fine + uve heard wot im like wiv meds.**


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