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Is it exercising that’s brought back my anxious feelings?


I’ve had anxiety for years, which I seem to have had under control for a short while.

I decided that it’s time to start a regular exercise regime, just 20mins a day, as I’ve read it’s good for the mind as well as the body. Ive started eating healthier and started exercising on Thursday last week and since then my anxiety has started creeping back in

Do you think it’s the exercise or the obsession with what I’m eating that might have brought it back on?

It’s not a nice feeling, I’m worrying I’m heading back down the slippery slope of giving into my anxiety


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Initially sometimes a change in diet and exercise can make your heart or body feel different. This can trigger anxiety attacks or feelings. However, I promise that if you keep it up for a few more weeks these feelings will go away and start to feel better. Exercise increase your endorphins which make you feel better. It takes a bit of time, but it can actually keep anxiety under control. I have found that when I focus on exercise for a few weeks I sleep and feel better. Good luck!

Agora1 in reply to guynfl2chat

I agree guynfl :)

It’s just hard going through it

Automatically my mind and body go into panic mode, it takes me straight back to bad times 😩

I agree that any kind of exercise is great for our anxiety. Our natural endorphins is better than any anti depression or anxiety medications or drugs. But the process of doing it daily is very hard and challenging. I'm in that process. Good luck and take care.

Whenever I get on a treadmill I have a panic attack because of the increased heart rate. Strange and disappointing

It’s strange isn’t it. The endorphins are good for you yet the feelings it brings make us anxious 😧

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