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My plans for this week, yours??

Since got health anxiety and start being lazy for about 2 weeks, love snuggle up in bed and watch tv all day but do go for walk with dog but that's it, feel bit down and no emotional connection to everything.

Thought its no good and make me thinking bad thoughts which lead me to anxiety so tonight after a good cry and thought going to make a list "jobs to do" for this week! As it will help to reduce stress, anxiety and panic by keep your mind busy!

1- join gym (exercise class) 1-2 time a week and do bum,leg& tum and body attack class

2- start decorating the cloakroom toliet room

3- pop to Laura Ashley shop to choose some colour samples ideas & accessories for cloakroom

4- take my car for a car wash & spring cleaning

5- piles of ironing to do! Bleugh!

6- ring counselling and find out what is my first session.

7- chuck all rubbish to the tip from garage

8. Clean whole wood floorings room (6 rooms) with steam mop

Will exercise class help me to gain weight on as recently I lost weight due stomach gastric flu, worrying, cough and being lazy as used to go gym last year and feel bit heavy & not thin but now lighter/feel thin? I'm 7st 3-4lb and am 4ft 11in but used to be 7st 7-9lbs when go to gym.

What is your plan for this week?


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Hi Minnie

Well you do have big plans this week :-) dont get down though if you dont manage it all as I no i can , its good to plan as long as when everything doesnt go to plan (which happens ) you dont feel bad about yourself

Cant say my plans are as big as yours , i do have a routine though which I like to stick with , mainly due to my OCD & cleaning is an everyday thing , even though I now a days I cant keep up with it as much as I used to (health problems get in the way ) but as long as I can do what i can , that is good enough for me

I have been thinking about next week , need to go to GP & have to have my eyes tested , dont do going out , so I think along with my routine this week my plan will be to take all these tips on this site & hopefully be able to go out next week without as much anxiety , so think I am saying i am going to work on my thinking , yes thats my plan lol

Dont worry about your weight , you are lucky to be so slim , only 7 I would see wouldnt be my weight but a shoe size

For your height your weight sounds fine

Gym will tone you up & is healthy , dont think it will put weight on though , muscle though if you work out

I no how you feel with this cold , same here , over a week now , infact I am writing this with a migraine which I shouldnt really , but your up beat post just made me want to reply to you :-)

whywhy xxx


You certainly have a full diary Minne. :)

Hope you enjoy the gym ...Start slowly at first though if you have not trained for a while.

I have found utube has loads of good videos about training . It really has helped me in my routine.

Good luck swan : )


lists and plans are a great way to stem anxiety, if not least brooding and negative thoughts

at weekends i try and get up early now and maybe do some baking

even listing small things like you've done helps. like i know i'm going to clean the bathroom tonight, then my bicycle.

good luck with all your plans


A list is okay . . . but how do you get motivated to do these things . . . I just don't want to talk to people . . I've only been out three times since end of October (apart from walking the dog - when I don;t have to talk to anyone)


I need to make a list of things to do. Like loosing weight I joined a gym last year went once such a waste of money I am so mad at myself. I would never start something I didn't finish in the past but that was the past. This is the NOW. I am a different person now and I need to get this new person motivated


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