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Which Blood Tests Should I have given my situation? Please advise!

Which Blood Tests Should I have given my situation? Please advise!

I have something called vitiligo an auto immune skin condition - auto immune conditions run in our family. I also am having other issues which lead me to believe I could have something like a nutritional deficiency or another autoimmune condition which is causing perhaps the vitiligo etc and other symptoms.

What I’ve done so far:

I've tested my thyroid and antibodies and it came back clear.

I've tested my hormones and the DHEAs were higher and outside the given range. My cortisol was also higher and outside of the range.

I've tested my vitamin D levels and they were insufficient.

I've tested my B12 Active and they appeared ok and within range.

I've tested sugar levels and they seem fine.

My liver was also checked at the doctors and was supposed to be fine.

Some symptoms:

Difficulty thinking, focusing



Premature Greying of Hairs

Vitiligo since age 15 (very slow spreading, generally in a couple of areas)


Excessive worry

Stiff Finger Joints

No sex drive

Sleep problems

Lack of erections

No morning erections

Slight Acne and regular

Swings of mood

Resless Legs (having the urge to keep moving legs at times)

Things I'd like testing:

- A full blood count

- Iron, Copper and perhaps also Zinc and Iodine.

- Perhaps rule out anything wrong with adrenal gland and pituitary glad.

Anything else that you might recommend given my situation?


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See you posted results of active B12 on the PAS forum.

Unfortunately there isn't a gold standard test for B12 and it is known that people can have all the clinical symptoms of B12 and yet still show up in the 'normal range' - certainly applies to serum test - active test a bit better but that isn't definitive either.

Other results to look at would be

B9 - folate (as body needs B9 to metabolise B12 and needs B9 and B12 together for some key processes).

MMA (a nasty that builds up of B12 isn't available or isn't being used properly)

Homocysteine (again a nasty that builds up of B12 and B9 aren't available.

Can't rule out other problems and this wouldn't rule out B12 (only real way to do that would be a trial of B12)


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