Can someone please help me I'm so scared for my life im a 16 year old male and I feel I have something wrong with my heart ,docs say anxiety

I'm so helpless I feel any day I'm going to die and I'm 100% sure something is wrong with my heart. It started a couple months ago I had my first panic attack I couldn't breathe my heart was racing I was dizzy and had many other symptoms. After going to the hospital doctors said everything was okay and I experienced a panic attack . The next day I experienced the same thing and I got rushed back to the ER again once again everything came back fine from the blood work , echo diagram , EKG , and chest x ray . Everyday I was experiencing symptoms 24 hours a day and always felt tired . I went to the hospital about 10 more times and doctors kept saying everything was fine and it got to the point they were tired of seeing me . I'm not making this stuff up though I get so many different symptoms it scares me I get random twitches and pains in different parts of my body my heart sometimes feels like it beats to slow sometimes to fast it always feels like it beats to hard and I can see my pulse in my chest I don't know if that's because I weigh 130 but it really creeps me out . It feels like it even stops for a few seconds and it makes me panic then it starts beating really fast I get chest pain tingly sensations in my hands and feet . I fell like I can't breathe my Visions gets completely off my ears ring .my hands get different colors so much stuff I can go on for days . .My mom took me to a cardiologist where eveything came back fine .My so called anxiety was getting better and I only started having it every other day and now I just went a week without anything until last night . When I was with my friends my right leg felt really funny and like it was feeling up like a balloon , the veins were popping out the side and it looked like it was tensing up. It scared the living hell out of me and I for Sure knew I was having cardiac areest from a blood clot or something . I had to sit down becuase I could not breathe I stood back up and my whole body almost gave out. I knew for sure I was dying I made my friends call 911and my friend told them I was having a anxiety attack so when they got me they didn't even take me seriously . I got to the hospital they checked my vitals and it came back good and they did an EKG which also came back good . They gave me an adavan which helped calm me down and sent me home . They didn't even check out my leg though and it is still like that whenever I walk on it or stand on it . Nobody takes me seriously and I can't stand it , I feel hopeless and so lost . I just want to live my life , that's it . Like laying down right now I just experienced my heart stop for a second skip a best then right after it started beating fast so I ran outside to try and calm myself down , but it's so hard becuases I don't know what's going on with my body . I feel like something is terribly wrong and everybody is going to find out when it's too late. I don't even know why I'm writing to you right now i just have gotten to the point where I can't take this stuff anymore it's ruining my life , my girlfriend tries to be here for me and it means the world but I feel like her and nobody understand, like the only thing that makes me feel better is having her by my side . Can sometime just help me in any way please , just let me know what I should do . Thank you for your time if you actually read that whole thing .


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  • I can relate to this same feeling I'm constantly feeling there's something wrong with me or like I'm gonna die. Its anxiety and it sucks. Your so young and I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Try and keep ur mind busy find something constructive to do see a anxiety Dr they can help out. And guide u in the right direction for help... I hope you start feeling better soon u can pull through this hun...

  • Yes

  • I honestly think that we are our on worsted enemies when it comes to these things as we blow things out of proportion in our mind!.. A big part of what I seem to experience is worse after caffeine.

    I didn't realise the other day I was having lunch and had a large glass of coke, then went for a coffee with a friend and had a large café latte, which I love. After that I went to the cinema and watch Guardians of the Galaxy, I felt so tense and breathless during the movie, found my breathing was almost non existent, having to take large breathes as you would do with yoga, it took nearly 2 hours to calm down, I know this is a trigger for me, but not the only one which I am still trying to figure out.

    I would recommend doing some Yoga exercises, even just the breathing ones as it will help. We live a very scary world, but its no where near as bad as we think, again our imagination running wild!

    Its also good to talk to someone, find a local group if you can, if not type your heart out here, its the best cure, problem shared is a problem halved and all that. :-) So share, share, share and make it Zero!

  • I felt that way with caffeine too so much that I don't even drink coffee anymore good thing fir me is it (anxieties) help me quit smoking too

  • What did you eat before or during the movie. you could have a silent allergic reaction to poison. msg.


  • Honestly I know exactly what you're going through. I've had every symptom that goes along with anxiety, been to the hospital and all tests have come back clear and I've been told it's anxiety. Anxiety worsens the more we think about it, and when we think a part of our body is not working correctly, like our heart rate, it will act up on us even though nothing is seriously wrong. I find the best way to avoid anxiety is exercise. I work out until I'm sweating and breathing hard and my pulse is high and then afterwards whenever I feel physical pain, I remind myself it was just from working out and that I am 100% fine. A good natural way to calm anxiety is to take Rescue Remedy, it's a spray you put under you tongue, and all anxiety is released from your body within minutes of taking it. Take a couple deep breaths after and you will feel better. I use it whenever I feel a panic attack coming on, or I feel a weird sensation in my body and it's calms me down.

    Hope you get better soon! Feel free to message me if you ever need to talk about anything:)

  • Omg you are exactly getting what I have. Read my post I've just wrote lol. My heart goes slow get rushing nerve sensations and the. It goes really fast when I wake up. I'm in the process of getting help so if I find anything useful ill bell you m8. Least we have to try and accept its normal

  • Me too same symptoms...let me know too please

  • Hey ik exactly what your going through and I feel like my bodys gonna fail on me but wgen I'm with my bf it's like I forget about it but I'm 19 years old female and it's second time of my life having anxiety and I went to do some test and its all normal when I feel like everyday I'm going to die :/ but hang on there it's only temporary it won't last for ever all tho it does feel that way

  • Hey buddy not sure if your still having your problem. But I would like you to no I have the same problem. I was seen by many doctors I have the leg problems, problem sleeping heart pounding everything you name it I felt it. An thought an still do belive I'm dieing. But really it's more draining thinking about the problems then actually having them. Your very young you need to Live an stop worrying about dieing. You have to Trust the doctors we all have problems inside us but at your age it's probably not going to be life threatening for many year try 40.

  • Me too same thing!!! It's a horrible feeling!

  • I know exactly what you're going through.

    But i dont know wut to do am f##kedup and hopeless

    I feel i cant behappy this is f##k me up

    Ughhhh dose anyone know how stop this ?

    Recently i think this problem is inside us in our mind in our program

  • I read your whole blog and I 100% can relate to every. single. thing. Thank you so so much for sharing.

  • I totally understand everything you have said, I truly do and like you have many different symptoms. The problem is we feed it with our constant thinking of something wrong. Seems like there is no way out doesn't it? I get the leg pain, head pain, chest pain can't breathe and many more. It is anxiety and I am amazed to this day at the symptoms of it. Slowly I started to ask God to help me as none on this earth could. Health prof people understand to a certain degree but God really knows how you feel. He wants you to have a life and at a great age of 16 it should be the best time. I am much older than you and am still learning every day. Honestly can say god has changed my life. If you can try look up Matt Chandler - keep getting up on you tube. Start to fill your head with good things and it takes practise. If you look back over the past two months the symptoms you have had nothing actually came out if it like heart attack but I so know how real it all feels. Its very exhausting. Give yourself a break and go listed to some good things. Tell yourself your gonna beat this and get on your knees and pray.. wait for what will change. He will help you but you need to stop feeding the anxiety. Its like eating when hungry ... you keep waiting for something bad to happen or tell yourself you know something is going to happen.. so it does, its like a trigger.. your feeding your negativity all the time. Don't let this ruin your life. I know you can get better and know you will but trust me God can change everything. I stopped going outside in the end and really drove myself mad with what I thought was wrong. STOP you get back in control of your life. Tell yourself the good today.

  • This is very helpful...thank you

  • I know exactly how u feel bro I feel like that too but I'm going to get checked out when my I'm comes home tho and see if I'm alright

  • I have never had a panic attack but I'm so scared about everything I have chest pains that cause more anxiety and then more chest pain and then headaches and I'm only 13 Ik this doesn't sound like much but I really need some help I'm so scared

  • I'm 13 as well and I'm getting all these symptoms I had about 6 panic attacks last year during summer but I think it might just be anxiety

  • Hey, first of all, i really am sorry to hear about how you feel. Sorry, because I know how it is, as I have been in your shoes. I wouldn't want to give you lengthy explanations just to make you feel better, Because I know that doesn't really help either. Been there, done that! All in vain.

    I have woke up to a panic attack on so many nights now, that I could count the normal nights on my fingers. I am in a constant belief that I am getting a stroke or something. I feel like I am gonna collapse and die a death that I didn't want. All this I wrote, just to tell you, that I know how you feel. I am 23 year old male now, and have been into this shit for 4 years now.

    A few things to say my friend:

    1. Stop freaking out, I know it is hard, but try to develop a way that calms you down.

    2. Keep yourself busy, only free when you are going to bed. Keep doing anything that interests you.

    3. DO NOT resort to medications. If you already have, try to get off them.

    4. Work out, it really helps.

    5. Keep in touch with me and people like me around here, because for people like us, expressing is the only medicine that works, nothing works better trust me.


  • Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this tough time. There is nothing harder than panic! It takes courage to write what you just did so congratulations for being honest and asking for help. Another courageous step would be to seek some sort of counselor, anyone you can talk it out with. Be kind to yourself too and see if you can write a little about it.

  • Hello out there. I am from the Caribbean and very in tune with myself. I had that feeling after I took 6 antibiotics for a situation. I had all the symptoms just like you. then I took a look at my diet. to make a 6 months story short. I found out that I am allergic to mono-sodium glutamate and cooked animal. The salt after 20 minutes of ingesting causes heart situation and eating animals places strain and inflammation in my intestines which after a few hours causes mental disorders and panic attacks. I say f*** them doctors giving me more tablets to add to my pussed intestines. Every day I have some sort of cabbage in my diet.. or broccoli. Walk in my steps. if that don't work google John Bergman watch his videos. After I watched his video, it took me 6 months to find my problems. Today marks the third week of no palpitation, no, panic no constipation, no vaginal discomfort. they were all connected. And my friend had similar symptoms and I suggested she remove her IUD. when you have IUD you should never eat meat. I am not a doctor. I have just been in tune with my body.If you are still having problems after you try these, then find me. Honest at all times.

  • I'm 17, 18 in a month and huni I feel the same, I'm acc feeling like it atm, it's scares me, and I feel dragged down and I'm gonna die, my breathing is awful, like I can't swallow or breathe but I don't know what I can do, I confused  

  • Hi its me suzan from nepal i'm also one of the victim of this anxiety like you all i' also getting such panic attck and it's makes me feel that i'm going to die or something is going to happened? I really don't know why going on me? it has ruined my mind what to do? willing i can't do nothing for this

    I thought some black magics is taking me to such hell.

    Please help me otherwise i will suffered from Heart Attack :-(

  • Hi buzzy, I to was doing the same thing, but finally I seen a page on line on lupus, and it shocked me on how much of the same things I had. Anyhoo I was tested for it and l tested positive for having lupus, the doctors has to test just for lupus because it won't show on a regaler blood test, I pray you don't have it , but like me the hospital thought I was just having panic attacks, untell they found out I had lupus. My words to you is, believe in god for all things . God bless you! Talk to your parents first.

  • I wish you well Childofgod. x

  • You're not the only one having trouble .

    Hey I'm David and I too... am 16

    Right now it's been really touch for me since I barely was diagnosed anxiety disorder....look I can basically relate to everything you just said so if you need some one to talk to hmu please ..we can even learn for each other

  • Dude Im 24 and I have had so called "anxiety" for a few years and it started the same way yours did.I'm still convinced something is wrong with me and yet tests have proved otherwise...I just want to tell you that your not alone email and that it does get better and you can learn how to control it to some extent....may God be with you buddy.I still have times where I feel even mad and resentful at my anxiety because I just want to be normal....good luck buddy

  • Hey Hun I know how u feel and believe me it's all anxiety it's all in your head, I was the same way in and out of the ER and everything was normal. I know it's scary and it feels like something is wrong but it's all anxiety. You need to tell your mom to get you mental help I been going to therapy and I been on meds for almost 1 year and thank God they have helped some what, I don't know if your a believer but praying helps so much. But definitely look for help you are healthy young and a long life ahead of you don't give up this happens to so many people you wouldn't even believe it. Take care sweetie and remember there is hope! God Bless you

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