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Should I lower my drinking during the weekends?

I've noticed that after I drink strong alcohol during the weekends my anxiety increases by 10 fold. I wasn't unaware of this but recently its really starting to have a negative impact.

I usually drink Budweiser and while that can have an effect I usually feel fine by one day. But when it comes to something like Peroni thats when things get difficult. I drank two bottles of Peroni on Friday (Budweiser for the rest of the weekend) and I noticed my anxiety is worse on the weekends I have Peroni.

I'm not a big drinker. I can survive a weekend without drinking a lot, I just normally drink on weekends to be social. But because I have anxiety I feel that I shouldn't be drinking a lot even during the weekends and especially if its strong beer like Peroni. Should I cut down? Thanks.

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I love wine. I use to drink it more than I should before anxiety. Once I was diagnosed with Anxiety, two glasses of wine would impact me badly the next day. So yes, you may have to cut out drinking until you get it underway.

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I tell ya what I hadn't drank in 3 weeks because I started cylexa 29 mg before I was on meds I drank every weekend sometimes I beer or 2 throughout the week but I tried Saturday drank 2 beers bud light I got so freaking sick throwing up and massive migraine and my anxiety is still in high not worth it I will just be sober


So, the original answer of "Yep" is correct.


Seriously, it's a chemistry issue that would bore you.


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