Hi all! I need some reassurance! I've been dealing with anxiety Off and on for about 12yrs now! Lately I've been having pins and needles in my hands constantly and sometimes my feet but mostly my hands , especially at night while I'm sleeping and I'm really nervous that something is wrong! I've had blood work done and supposedly it all came back within normal range!!  I can't see this being anxiety!!! In the last I had low b12 levels but my blood work showed they were in the high 600's !  Then also the last week or so I've been just feeling funny, dizzy, my eyes feel weird, shaky !  I just can't help but think something is seriously wrong! I hate getting up everyday thinking I'm going to feel awful! I have 3 kids I have to take care of! Can anyone relate?? 

I'd appreciate anyone's feedback! I feel alone! 😩


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  • Hi there regards the pins and needles have you had a diabetis  check because diabetics  can suffer poor circulation  ! I'm sorry to hear you have had anxiety for so long I presume you are under you doctors care ! Go back to see your doctor and explain everything  to them take if  easy take david

  • Hi David, thanks for replying!!! Yes I have my glucose tested and supposedly it was in the normal range! 

    I've been to my doctor and she just chalks it up to anxiety since all my bloodwork came back normal! I just have a hard time believing it! 😕

    Thanks again for replying! I really appreciate it! 😊

  • I can relate, my fatigue that I get from anxiety is on another level. I feel like times I'm on my death bed. I don't know how I honestly get through a day. Everyday it's different today I felt OK at times I would have shortness of breath.  I do get the pin & needles sort of like numbness at times. Calmly hands chest pains blurry vision, sometimes I completely have no energy & I mean none. I just wanna sleep it's the only time I feel like I get peace. I also get muscle aches they are very annoying. And sometimes this stuff all happens at one time with the fatigue. I keep praying it will all end & I can go back to a normal life. Hope you feel better 😊🙏🏻

  • Thanks for replying!!! I'm also tired all the time! Like I can sleep all day!!!!  Do you get pins and needles like falling asleep In your hands? 

  • Here & there I get that, my hands go numb & I start moving them around a lot like exercising my fingers & hands to make sure I can feel them. That scares me when that happens. Or I make my boyfriend clench my hand to feel if I still have a grip I know it sounds dumb but it make me feel better, that I'm not having a heart attack. I would sleep all day if I could trust me. 

  • Yea mine seem to fall asleep all the time! Like if I'm on my cellphone for over 5/10mins my hand will fall asleep, and at night it's the worse! So of course I think there's something majorly wrong!! My doc thinks it's anxiety and I'm not buyin it 

  • My doctor says all my symptoms are anxiety. I also have a hard time believing since these are physical pains, I can feel my ears are full, they crackle. ENT said TMJ. I've been dizzy for over a month now and I'm on the verge of checking in to a mental institute. Doc had me start anti depressants and wants to manage my anxiety and then really see if there's something else wrong.

    I also get the tingling in my hands. Tingling in my head. I wake up shaking, heart racing and dizzy. It fuckin sucks! This is not way of living!! I just want to feel normal again. I will do anything for that, ANYTHING!!!! 

  • I see a TMJD specialist in 2 weeks. I hope he has answers! My jaw doesn't hurt, my teeth do ache like when you eat something cold. My neck aches, my face feels like I have sinus pressure... Again, according to ENT, it's TMJ.

    Did you get relief? Did the dizziness go away?? 

  • What is a functional medicine practitioner?

  • Thanks! 😊

  • Thanks. I found several where I live so I will reach out.

    I just started reading this book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal Hardcover. I'm going to follow the foods and herbal supplements he says to follow in order to recover and get rid of a virus called Epstein-Barr which is apperantly the root for many illness that doctors label it depression and many other ones.

    Thanks again! 


  • HI

    Are these the people you used ? I think I may try them as they are not too far from me 


  • What abbington clinic....if so yes....I also took another vega test at another clinic before going to abbington, and both matched.., some spend like £250 for one off line but there's no point as a £50 one is fine...there's is another good one in surrey tox

  • Hi

    Yes the one I'm Northampton is about thirty miles from me . So I might get in touch with them when I have some spare cash. 

    Thanks for your reply. Have a good relaxing easter. 

  • I drove 8 hours in total lool to my intolerance tests. I wanted to be sure had correct info as I was very sick, good luck in finding answersx 

  • I'm so sorry to hear this! You are right it  SUCKS!!!! Hope you get answers sooner rather then later! 

  • Do you take any medication? Can be a side effects of some medication. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi thanks for replying! I only take 20mg of fluoxetine every 3 days!  In the beginning when I started taking it I was on it for over a month and felt worse so my doc said we should wein off and when I was weining I noticed that I felt fine when I took it every two/ three days so that's what I did!  My doc didn't seem to think it would be doing anything for me taking it that way but it was until recently!  I prob need to increase but I'm scared 

  • No probs. Know exactly how feel about increasing meds or weaning off! Am on a cocktail drugs to keep me alive & all with side effects, some not very nice ☹️ & am restricted greatly to what he can give me. But if works for u & u are happy I'd stick to what u r doing xx

  • You mention B12 being low at one point but I couldn't quite follow the rest of the post - did you have treatment for this - eg injections - which would explain why the next test showed much higher levels - but there are a few things that can go wrong that mean that you could still be suffering the symptoms of deficiency - which include anxiety, depression and neurological problems such as tingling in the hands and feet, as well as the dizziness.

    This is a link to a fuller checklist of symptoms


    Unfortunately GPs and even specialist can be pretty poor on recognising a B12 deficiency - and even less so on treating it as there is a lot of variation in the way people respond to the normal treatment but this isn't reflected in the guidelines that they follow.

    I had a period after I started treatment when things were getting a lot worse - my anxiety went through the roof - my balance got really bad - and I completely lost feeling in one of my feet.  I did a lot of research - and had a lot of support on the PAS forum on Health Unlocked - and eventually managed to figure out that what I needed was a lot more B12 than I was getting but couldn't get through to my doctor so ended up having to treat myself - and I'm now fine - 40 years of depression went in about 3 months ... and the balance resolved itself in 3 weeks.

    The problem with the fingers is probably down to carpal tunnel - the nerve that runs to the fingers gets constricted in a narrow ring of bone and cartiledge that it has to run through.  It can be alleviated by keeping the wrsit straight - try placing your arm on a flat surface - the fingers will be slightly raised.  You can get wrist braces at the chemist that you can wear at night - you should not wear them continuously as this can cause the wrist to fuse making the problem worse.

    Similar problems in the feet - eg aching after walking a bit - can be eased by using arch supports.

    The problems tend to be aggravated by a B12 deficiency as B12 is used to maintain the lining around the nerve sells so if that degrades then the problems occur more easily.

    I would ask specifically for a print out of your blood tests - the last two if that is relevant - and try posting on the PAS forum for some advice there.

    No guarantees though as there is a huge overlap between B12 and other conditions - including diabetes- which seems to be ruled out - and thyroid problems.

  • Hi! Yes in the past I was treated for prenicous anemia and I was in b12 injections first weekly then monthly! Eventually I was taken off of them cause supposedly I didn't need them anymore (according to my hematologist)  

  • sorry but your hematologist was sooooo wrong.

    The usual cause of a B12 deficiency is a problem with absorbing B12 in your food - getting B12 into your system through injections by-passes this but if you can't absorb B12 then you also can't recycle it so you need regular top-ups for life.

    Normally the body is very good at recycling B12 - storing it in the liver and then releasing it when needed in bile into the ileum - but if you have an absorption problem that means the ileum isn't reabsorbing the B12 efficiently so eventually it will leak away.  

    Once you have started receiving supplementation the levels in your blood don't really mean anything unless they are low - they can't be used as an indicator as to whether or not you need more B12 unless they are low.  It isn't the levels in your blood that are important its whether enough is getting through to the cells where it is needed and the serum B12 test isn't going to tell you anything about that ... and there are a number of problems that can occur.

    Strongly suggest that you a) try to get back on the monthly shots and b) join the PAS forum on health unlocked.

  • What PAS Stand for??

  • PAS = Pernicious Anaemia society

    This is the forum that I was refering to

  • Thank you! I'm working on getting a new pcp

  • now of course I was googling anything and everything and in thinking possibly mold exposure?? We do get water in my basement when it rains a lot!  No one else in the house has symptoms though , could this be possible still??  Im grasping at straws here 

  • I certainly can relate.  I live like this day in and day out.  Both hands numbness and tingly, feet as well but not as much.  Don't know how to place my hands when watching tv because they fall asleep.  Talking on the phone to my therapist is

    horrible.  Even switching hands, they still go to sleep.  I know that I am squeezing

    the phone so tight because of my anxiety which makes this happen.  My ears get

    full, my head gets fuzzy etc etc and that's having my phone session therapy because

    of the agoraphobia.  I'm shaky and dizzyheaded too.  Until we calm down, these

    feelings are going to be there.  I know it to be true. 

  • My first question is how old ar you. I'm 50 almost and starting to go into the peri menopausal 

  • I so......understand your fustration,when it comes to doctors "chalking it up " !! I NEED Answers smh I been having cool sensations under the skin in my arm .Almost like parts of my skin is cool ,also withen my fingers .my blood work came in "negative " !which I'm happy about but..... I still no somethingis wrong!! I feel your fustration ,WE NEED ANSWERS! It's scary everyday to think it's something wrong and possibly getting worst 😟

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