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3 years of constant physical symptoms ? Is this even anxiety anymore ? Derealization , Flu like symptoms , Muscle Pain.


Hi guys ,

For nearly 3 years I have suffered with 24/7 severe physical symptoms. I have had according to my GP "every test I could possibly have" and is now sick of seeing me.

TESTS I've had -

MRI of brain , Neck and Spine x 3 Times CLEAR

Neurologist x 2 Diagnosed anxiety as could not find anything else.

Rheumatologist x 2 Diagnosed chronic pain syndrome as could not find anything else.

EEG of brain - "Slow brain waves clinaclly none specific" - Not linked to any known condition so was not continued .

Bloods done for every form of disease , metal and vitamain deficiency , Auto Immune diseases , basically everything possible . All organs healthy .

Oxygen level always perfect same as blood sugars and blood pressure.

No Lyme disease tested twice.

Basically on paper I'm fit and healthy !

I will list my symptoms below which I have had 24/7 for 3 years .

CHRONIC Brain fog - a feeling of being extremely high / drunk & spaced out 24/7 , worse as I get tired and always worse around 4pm gets worse as the day goes on.

Chronic muscle tension in my back . It radiates through to my chest and back. I've had so many tests done and they can not find anything wrong with me. I'm in agony all the time my back and chest crush and burn . Only a hot shower helps me .

Muscle spasms

Eye floaters , Visual heat waves , shakey vision.

A constant flu like feeling . Feel achey , hungover and ill all the time like I have the flu.

I sometimes go deaf in one ear then it rings for 10 seconds then comes back and it's fine.

Depression - due to living with these symptoms 24/7

Wake up in the night trembling and can not breathe .

Heart palpitations .

Oh and I DO NOT FEEL anxious . I've tried escitalopram and duloxetine neither of which did anything at all for th we symptoms . Doctors are at a loss and so am I , I've just turned 23 and feel 83 :( please help !!

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Have you tried healthy diets along with exercises? Give them a go, I think they'll help a lot.

I eat an extremely healthy diet and play football twice a week :(

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Have you tried anything like zoloft?

Do you have any experience with it getting better when focusing on other stuff?

I just felt better after going thro ur post. Bcos what u just posted are same symptoms that i have been battling with for almost three years now. I have also went to several tests but all came normal. I hv tried so many anti depressant but non seems to help. Now i live without any medicine. And i have decided to move on even though i dont feel completely healthy. For the past years i have been searching to see if i may come across anyone that had that has the same symtoms as mine. And here you are. I feel much better now knowing that i am not alone on this. My advise to you is to live everyday of your life as if everything is ok. I wish u all the best.

Young fella, I felt everything you felt and some. I got to the point of not trusting doctor's,but it's all a mind thing you have to control your thinking believe me that's the remedy call me if you can at 7736001987 to me it's better to hear a person voice than to read a lot of these post least for me it is you will be just fine

Hi, I have the visual waves and shakey vision constantly as well as constant rocking sensation when I walk as well as trembling and blurred vision. I have all these 24/7 for 14 years. All these symptoms are so hard to deal with and I do get very down at times. I find it I am really really busy I don't notice these symptoms, this happens at work when I am flat out. I totally understand how you feel. I just get on with my life because I don't have any other option. I have a very stressful job. I have even gone out and learnt to paddle board which is ironic because I have rocking boat sensation all the time. Initially I was completely freaked out about these symptoms. I have been checked by a Neurologist and they say no issue. In my view I think Doctors haven't sorted out how to treat this kind of problem....YET. In my view (and I used to be physiotherapist so have insight into Neurology) I believe this is an over sensitized nervous system which has gone into hyper mode and is sensing out distress signals which we experience as horrible symptoms which then make us even more fearful.

You are not alone and I have hope that you and the rest of us will get better.

I recently stopped eating wheat and I feel better and not so dizzy.

Take care XXX

Thankyou for the replys. I'm convinced it's Lyme disease as I have constant crippling muscle tension in my back and chest aswell as the chronic drunk feeling 24/7. I've been tested twice for Lyme but I've read the tests are unreliable ? I really don't know what to do anymore :(

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Gosh I feel for you... I have eye strains and light headed every day. Sounds like a virus or parasite perhaps...

it doesnt end, there is no cure. thats what ive realised anyway.

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