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Starting CT3M Tomorrow morning. Views on Dose 1 Start Time given normal wake time Please


A Little nervous but I am going to start CT3M tomorrow having had all my various blood tests results back I feel ready to start and since my Cholesterol levels were not great I thought I'd get on with it.


I am confused as to when to use T3CM given my Adrenal Stress Saliva test. Paul Robinson said to start at 8am BUT my normal waking time is around 5.30 to 6 am in the morning breakfast by 7am. I am a naturally early riser.

So given this and the results below can I ask you to advice me on my starting time for Dose 1 please?

I seem to be the opposite way round to some people. I do feel things may have swung back to normal a bit though since coming off T4. I can now go to bed at 10 pm and drop off to sleep and only wake at 12 and 4 am these days.

Saliva Test Oct 2012. 10 days of no (Adrenal support) I was only taking one in the morning anyway for months.

Results Oct 2012:

Reverse T3 0.65 (0.14-0.54) Just for ref:

Adrenal Saliva.

Sample 1: 7am 15.3 (12-22) Inside Range

Sample 2: 12 noon 7.7 (5.0-9.0) Inside Range

Sample 3: 5pm 7.6 (3.0-7.0) High

Sample 4: 10.00 pm 4.8 (1.0-3.0) High

Total Daily Cortisol 35.4 (21-41) nmol/L inside Range


Sample 2: 12noon 0.06 Low

Sample 3: 5pm 0.11 Low

DHEA Cortisol Ratio 0.24 Low

DHEA Mean 0.09 (0.20-0.70)

DHEA Cortisol Ratio 0.24 (0.6-3.0)

Hope this makes sense to you all and you can say roughly when to start that first dose.

Dr P did write last week to say take some DHEA if needed, but I would rather not for now.

Just for ref: My other levels from recent Blood tests done last week:


Serum Total Cholesterol level 5.9 mmol/L (2.8-5.0) High

Triglyceride Level 0.5 mmol/L (0.8-1.7) Low

Ferritin: 130 (12-230) they didn't do Full Iron. I have ordered that privately now.

Vit D: 78 (50-120)

B12: 1162 (197-866) High

Folate: 19.2 (4.6-18.7) High

Serum C Reactive Protein Level 0.3 (0-5)

Progesterone Serum 1.3 (5.3-86) Low

Oestrogern Serum: 220 (46-407)

Calcium: Corrected Serum Calcium Level 2.22 (2.15-2.55)

Potassium: 4.6 (3.2-5.1)

Sodium: 140 136-145)

Creatinine Serum: 72 (44-80)

Plasma Glucose Level: 4.3 (3.2-6.0)

Sorry its so much but might be relevant

Thank you in advance.

Depending on how this new regime goes I shall be putting up my Xmas Borbles very soon.

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Hi - I'm not really an expert but was wondering whether you are going to be using T3 or NDT? What is your total dose for the day and what time do you actually get out of bed? X



Thanks for a super fast reply.

I'm actually going to be using T3 Only. This is on Dr P's advice judging by our observations with T4 and NT and the Rt3 and other Thyroid blood results saying I should not take anymore Thyroid Meds with T4 so sadly NDT is out.

He wants me to start very low. 12.5mcgs daily for the first week due to Rt3 (try chopping that into 3 doses)!

2nd week 25mcg daily. 3rd week 37.5mcgs daily.

I actually get up at 6am most mornings. x


you may want to wait until you raise your T3 a bit before starting T3CM?

can't remember what is the lowest T3 dose Paul suggests as a T3CM dose?? 5mcg??

or you could start with half of the 12.5 as a CM dose and take the other half and 'chop it' in half again and take one bit at 11am and one bit at 3 to 4pm??

CM dose I'd do 4am to start with (1.5 hours before waking up), BUT I am not 'proficient' as some other people with T3CM so please do not go just by what I say xx



Paul posted back to me on his site to take 10mcg T3 Circadian dose and two doses of 5mcg of T3 late morning and one afternoon exactly as you suggest and then increase form there.

What he didn't say was how early to start!

Does this have any bearing on proceedings?

If I take my pulse and Temps at 4.30 am (been practicing if I wake up) Pulse is 48/49 and Temp is often 96.0-96.9f

If I wake at 5.30 Temp is up to 97.0-97.5 and Pulse is usually 49/50.

My daughter has just walked into my office as I've been chopping up drugs! She looks worried!

Going to take PR to bed with me and read again. Thanks you two x


Paul suggested I start 1.5 hours before getting up rather than waking up as I often wake early and can't get back to sleep. I think his usual suggestion for starting dose is 10mcg of T3 or 1 grain of NDT. For sensitive types like me he suggests half of that so 5mcg of T3 as NBD said.

Good luck - I will be very interested to see how you get on. Xx


Must be getting tired re posted above!

Yep I shall go with both your suggestions as that makes more sense 6.25 Mcg it is then at 4.30 am!

I'll let you know how it goes. Stay well you two inspirations xx


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