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GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD ....90 ml/min

serun triglycerides....1.51 mmol/l

serum cholesterol....4.09 mmol/l

serum total protein.....74 g/l

serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level...28 u/l

serum total biirubin level....7 umol/l

AST serum level....17 u/l

serum alkaline phosphatase......41 u/l

serum albumin ....38 g/l

serum creatinine ....57 umol/l LOW

serum potassium....4.3 mmol/l

serum sodium.....137 mmol/l

serum tsh ...2.5 u/ml

blood glucose....5.2 mmol/l


serum vit B12 573 ng/l (180 - 915)

serum folate 24.6 ug/l (4.0 - 20 (high)

serum ferritin 52 ug/l (30 - 300)

plasma cortisol level 242 nmol/l (138 - 690)



total protein......75 g/l 60-80

abumin......37 g/l 35-50

aspartate transferas......20 u/l 7-35

gamma glutamy transferas .....23 u/l 5-50

bilirubin...9 umol/l 1-21

alkaline phosphatase....46 u/l 30-105


total protein.......75 g/l 60-80

albumin......37 g/l 35-50

alkaline phosphatase.....46 u/l 30-105

calcium....2.31 mnol/l 0.8-2.52

phosphate...1.09 mnol/l 0.8-1.4

c-reactive protein .....11.8 mg/l <6 high


TSH 6......6.0 0.35-6.9


hb......138 g/l 115-165

rbc......4.25 x10^12/1 3.8-5.8

pcv.......0.413 0.370-0.470

mcv.....91.0 f1 83-101

mch30.....4 pg 27-32

mchc.....333 g/l 315-360

platelets........327 x10^9/1 150-400

total wbc......8.0 x10^9/1 4.0-10.0

neutraphile......64.1% 5.13 x10^9/1 2.0-7.0

lymphocytas......25.9% 2.07 x10^ 1.0-3.0

monocytes....6.8% 0.54 x10^9/1 0.2-1.0

eosinophile.......3.0% 0.24 x10^9/1 0.2 0.5

basophils......0.2% x10^9/1 0-0.1

mpv.....7.3 f1

free t4 .....9pmol/l 5.6-21

september 2013


"Liver function test"

"Serum albumin" 37 giL (35 - 50)

·'"Serum alkaline phosphatase" 48 u/L (30 - 105)

Will be filed as: 48 U/L

.,"AST serum level" 23 u/L (7 - 35)

Will be filed as: 23 U/L

(s) *

""Serum total bilirubin level" 9 umol/L (1 - 21)

(s) *

""Serum gamma GT level" 21 u/L (5 - 50)

Will be filed as: 21 U/L

.'"Serum total protein" 72 giL (60 - 80)

(s) *

~"Serum TSH level" 5.2 U/mL (0.35 - 6.9)

"Urea and electrolytes"

"Serum sodium" 138 mmol/L (135 - 145)

""Serum po t a'ssi urn" 4.61 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.0).

(s) *

"Serum creatinine" 49 umol/L (62 - 124) "Low"


Will be filed as: 44J ..ll Urea - blood

"Serum urea level" 2.2 mmol/L (2.5 - 6.6) "Low"


Will be filed as: 414 ..00 Sample sent to lab. for test

.'"GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD" > 90 mL/min (59 - 9999)

may 2013

thyroid function test

serum free t4 level 8 pmol/L (5.6 - 21)

serum TSH level 10.8 U/ml (0.35 - 6.9) high

ft4 added by lab

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am i seeing results right that my tsh is really that low.......i still fell rough

and why didnt dr question why it was so low when they are not treating me anymore


Bit confused about which result you are talking about the latest tsh is 2.5 is that the one you are talking about


yes.....allso not had meds from dr since november (self medicating couple of months)


Your tsh is still too high it needs to be below 1 which likely means you need a higher dose

What are you self medicating with ?

your ferritin should be above halfway in the range so over 150 so you need to take iron plus 500mg vit c 4 hours away from your thyroid meds


up until 4 days ago i was taking 50 mcg thyroxine now im taking 1/4 natural thyroid, i been taking ferrous sulphate daily and vit c


1/4 natural thyroid is only 20mcg of thyroxine at most

1 grain tablet of natural = 60mcg thyroxine

most women need 150 to 200mcg Thyroxine as full replacement

men tend to need 250 to 350mcg thyroxine as full replacement

my husband is on 5 grains of armour

TSH tends to go to very near zero when on natural thyroid which is fine by our GP


ah right it says to start on 1/4 tablet then increase if needed so ill start taking 1/2 tablet then increase slowly, the tablets are 130mg



Note please, there is a lot of cross-talk here.

You are saying that you are taking tablets with a TWO grain dose. So you are actually taking a quarter of two grains - which is half a grain.

reallfedup123 is writing about "1/4 natural thyroid" in a way that only makes sense if she is referring to a quarter of a grain.

Also, are you taking prescription desiccated thyroid? Or one of the over-the-counter "supplement" products?



Hi Rod

im taking 1/4 of the the 130mg tablet, no one here have tried the brand im taking so trial and error for me, so do i stick with the 1/4 and increase to 1/2 soon or stay at 1/4 and see how things go?.

The directions on the page are

Start with ¼-½ to 1 tablet per day with food. If you start with one tablet, cut it in half and take half with breakfast and half with lunch. If you have trouble taking ½ tablet, take ¼ tablet. Take as much as you can comfortably up to one tablet in ½ or ¼ dosages, one piece per meal. Most people, but not all, can tolerate one tablet in divided dosages. Some can tolerate one tablet if they take ¼ tablet with each meal and ¼ tablet before bed.

but i take as i would thyroxine on and empty stomoch ect

im allso taking rhodiola root daily, seems to help better than nutri adrenal, no other supplements taken


yes thats the correct way increase by 1/4 a tablet every 2 or preferably 3 weeks but split the dosage so part in morning and rest late afternoon until you notice a fine tremor in your hands if you hold your arms forward .....(.if you get palpitations or are like a head less chook at any point cut back dont get stupid with the tablets )

then cut back one dose or maybe 2 and you should have reached the sweet point

just remember not to take them for at least 24 to 48 hrs before a thyroid test ............although really its how you feel that matters not stupid blood tests the medics are wedded to


thankyou, im not having thyroid bloods any more as endo and dr seem to think a TSH did not need treatment and allthoug the symptoms i have mimic being hypo they were not caused by being hypo, i am due another test in august as endo wanted to see if my TSH had gone above 10 and then he would consider treatment


Did you really mean to say that mandy72 should increase by a full grain at a time? She is taking TWO GRAIN tablets!


have adjusted my reply i thought she only had 1 grain tablets

I remain baffled as to why her TSH was 10.8 then 5.2 then 6 and now 2.5 without treatment

As for the endo refusing to treat till it goes over 10 again must be horrendous for Mandy if her symptoms are bad


i started treatment last may 25mcg, after about 6 weeks was put on 50mcg, had high pulse palpitations and felt like i was dying

i was at the dr's at least twice a week complaining about symptons

had chest x rays ecj 24 hour tape all was fine

november i burst into tears at dr's and was told to stop thyroxine as TSH 5.2

seen endo december who pretty much said i was an anxious depressed overweigt person and my symptons were no thyroid

i felt so ill a couple of months ago i self medicated 50mcg thyroxine that i managed to stock up

brain fog is going now, hardly any body aches but short of breath, slow pulse and a weird pain across my chest dr cant find why had ecg thursday and have a long QT caused by citalopram so now on sertraline


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