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Am I ready to trial T3? Latest Bloods

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I have had 2 Medichecks bloods done, on 8th June and 30th August – results are below. Hopefully I am ready to put into practice what I have learnt from reading posts over the last few weeks.

On the advice on this forum, I started taking supplements after June 8th :

Vit D 6000iu,

Vit K2 90ug, Vitamin C 1000mg, Selenium 100ug, Magnesium Glycinate 100mg .

I also tidied up my gluten free, processed food free, LCHF diet. My temperature ranges from 36.1 to 36.9 and pulse is in the 60s. BP 3 weeks ago was 124/66.

My symptoms have improved to the extent that I am now out of bed and coping with paced simple household tasks. But my goal is to be able to play with grandchildren, socialise, do my own shopping.....

So I would like to try T3. I have self sourced one box of Tiromel 25mcg and would be grateful for any advice or comments on my results and my thoughts on the following:

1.My GP reduced my Levo on 8th June from 100/125 mcg alt days to 100 mcg daily. I have read on the forum that F4 should be lowered when starting T3 . However I am nervous about asking my GP for a lower F4 prescription as I have only been on a reduced dose for a few weeks and I may never get the 100mcg prescription back! So should I -

a.Just stay on Levo 100mcg ?

b.try to quarter the Levo 100mcg tablets?

c.stay on Levo 100mcg and skip a dose every 4 days?

d. is there anything else I should be doing/testing before trying T3?

2.Vitamin D has risen from 48.9 to 68.2 over the last few weeks. I am on 6000 iu a day. Should I increase this and if so, by how much?

3.Medichecks recommended further investigation on the high ferritin level, but as it has dropped from 170 to 160, I wondered if it could wait until my next thyroid bloods? I bought the Thyroid Check UltraVit rT3 on special and plan to use it after trialling T3 in perhaps 6 -8 weeks.

4.While I am delighted at the improvement in the blood results, especially the antibodies, I am puzzled by the drop in the active B12 from 204 to 66.6. Is that unusual and if so, what would cause it?

My heartfelt thanks for all the advice, help and knowledge so freely given on this forum. It is so empowering to feel that I now have some understanding and control over my health – and my life!

Jun 08 Jul 30

Serum free T4 26.3 23.3 [12-22]

Serum TSH 0.013 0.036 [0.27-4.2]

Serum free T3 3.67 4.41 [3.10-6.8]

Reverse T3 43 not tested[10-24]

Thyroglobulin <10 <10 [0.0-115]

Thyroid peroxidise 40 28.6 [0.0-34]

Folate 9.9 14.3 [2.91-50]

Ferritin 170 160 [13-150]

C reactive protein 5.14 2.22 [0.0-5.0]

Vitamin D 48.9 68.2 [50-200] supplementing 6000iu + K2

Selenium 131 not tested [65-150] supplementing 100ug

Magnesium 0.82 not tested [0.6-1.0] supplementing Mglyc 100mg

Zinc 20.7 not tested [11-18] NOT supplementing

Active B12 204 66.6 [25.1-165] NOT supplementing

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Both your folate and B12 are low. You may benefit from daily good quality vitamin B complex. One with folate in eg Igennus Super B complex or Jarrow B-right

If you have symptoms of low B12 you may need extra sublingual B12 as well

Interesting that FT3 has improved since lowering Levo. Your reverse T3 likely improving with lower Levo

Perhaps get B vitamins optimal first

Thank you for your reply Slow Dragon and for the link which I have bookmarked and am reading. I am really confused about my B12 results. I have not been supplementing but was having a small amount of organic chicken liver daily with breakfast, the result was 204 and Medichecks said if I was supplementing, I should stop. So I reduced the liver to once weekly and 7 weeks later the result is 66.6 Can't get my head around that! Will order the supplement you recommended today. Very grateful for your help.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Lesley2000

Shows how effective liver is ....but daily was a bit too frequent!

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Baobabs in reply to Lesley2000

You really deserve to hit the jackpot if you can stomach liver.

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Lesley2000 in reply to Baobabs

Oh Baobabs believe me - that liver was buried in bacon and mushrooms ! Lol!

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I have read on the forum that F4 should be lowered when starting T3 .

That depends on where your FT4 is in range. If it's at the top of the range then yes, it's sensible to lower Levo slightly, but it's not always necessary. Lowering FT4 too much might mean that you don't do well with a low FT4, I certainly don't and need both FT4 and FT4 about 75% through range and I'm on Levo plus T3.

What was your dose when your July FT4was 23.3 [12-22]? If it was 100mcg the result indicates that you could lower your Levo. 25mcg might be OK but 12.5mcg might be enough. Then add 6.25mcg T3 and see how that goes. It's all about changing things gradually, too big a change and you might miss where you feel best. Your next UltraVit rT3 test will show how your rT3 is responding and that might be useful regarding dosing too.

However I am nervous about asking my GP for a lower F4 prescription

Don't do anything about asking for a lower dose prescription. Continue to have the prescription for the current dose, just keep the extra tablets (which is what I do) then you have some extras if any time you need them whilst tweaking doses trying to find the right balance of Levo and T3 that suits you.

I would keep your D3 at 6000iu daily until you reach 100-150nmol/L then lower to find your maintenance dose.

Keep your liver amount to no more than 200g per week. I managed to raise my ferritin on 120-140g per week, then dropped down to once every 10-14 days when it was at a good level.

Thank you for the comprehensive response SeasideSusie. Yes, the July FT4 at 23.3 (12-22) was on 100mcg and I am happy with the idea of dropping by 12.5 mcg. With the long half life of Levo, how long do I need to stay on the 87.5mcg dose before adding T3?

And will follow your advice re D3 and the liver!

Can’t find the right words to express my relief and gratitude - so simply a big thank you for all you do!

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lesley2000


I can't remember exactly how long I did it, but I'd go for 2 weeks, let some of the T4 leave your body, then add 6.25mcg T3. You might want to delay your next Ultravit test until you are settled on Levo and T3. You could add another 6.25mcg T3 after 2 weeks, see how you are. Then I would retest 6 weeks after your last dose change. I know it's a long wait but retesting too early wont give you accurate results for your FT4 and FT3 and you might then change dose and it might not be the right thing.

Oh and just to let you know, now that my ferritin level is good, I have done a couple of Iron Deficiency Checks with Medichecks to check my complete iron panel and all is good. I now take 1 x MegaFood's Blood Builder tablet per week and it seems to keep everything stable. It's a "whole food" supplement. Liver is a good, all round, superfood, but I'm a lazy so and so and besides I don't always want to cook much when I don't feel well (I have other problems besides thyroid), so the Blood Builder seems to work for me so I'll stick with that for a while.

Gosh Susie! Wonderful for us to get answers to our questions so promptly, but just how many hours a day do you spend helping people?!

I'm happy with the timings you have suggested. I have been clutching my pack of T3 for several months now, but am determined to do this properly and not sabotage the process by rushing. I've been unwell for decades - what's a few more months! lol!

Good to hear your ferritin level is now good! I think I will go ahead and get the Iron Deficiency Checks with Medichecks done sooner rather than later - and I need to do more reading on Ferritin and Folate. It's like all these pieces of a jigsaw puzzles are starting to make sense. Happy days!

I also have other health issues and totally relate to needing an alternative backup to cooking for the "bottom of the curve days". So thanks for the Blood Builder reference, that's very useful and I have noted it.

Many thanks !

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lesley2000


I'm retired, my little dog is too nervous to want to go for walks during the holiday season where I live as there's too many visitors, and I am unwell with my lungs at the moment so not able to get out anyway as I am too breathless. That leaves me plenty of time to pop in and out of the forum.

I've just offered to do my son's girlfriend's accounts, invoices, etc, as she's just starting up a new business, got everything set up and done the first few entries already. I'll really enjoy that, makes me feel useful too. I think I'm getting paid in Maltesers :D

I've been experimenting with the Blood Builder and have to say I'm surprised how well I've done with it, I was expecting my level to drop off a bit.

Ah - sorry to hear it's a lung issues you have, Susie. That's another area I relate to as I have LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis). It's pretty steady at the moment, so I am taking the opportunity to concentrate on sorting out the thyroid. I have had fun today getting the hang of chopping up a 100mcg levo to get 87.5 mcg!

Maltesers is fair pay lol! Yes, good to feel useful - I am making my grandson's cosplay costume. Sensible of him to give me 6 months notice!

I see some folk take levo at night - think I'll try that as I never eat after 7pm, so the meal timetable would be easier. Also some take their T3 at night. I don't quite understand that - why would we need T3 when sleeping?

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