Latest results -Do I need to increase my t3?

Dear all

I did the blue horizon test this week and am confused by my results. I am taking 100mcg of levo and 12.5 of t3 from Greece. I am wondering if I need to increase the t3 .... Also wondering if ferritin and vitamin d should be a bit higher? I left 24 hours between last thyroid meds and blood draw.

Crp - 1.70 - range <5

Ferritin - 73.7 range 20-150

Tsh - 0.01 range 0.27-4.20

T4 total 93.2 range 64.5-142

Free t4 18.46 range 12-22

Free t3 4.69 range 3.1-6.8

Anti thyroid peroxidase abs 272.5 <34

Anti thyroglobulin abs 221.7 <115

(Both lots of antibodies have reduced lots since I went gf)

Vit d (25 oh) 82

Vit b12 >1476 (I self inject b12)

Serum folate 36.36 range 8.83-60.8


I started adding t3 in November last year and oddly both t3 and t4 have come down a bit since!

I have started to get peeling skin on my fingers and very weak nails the last month.

Hope one of you wonderfully knowledgable and experienced folk can advise me where do I go from here?

Thank you

Lulu x

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  • If you left 24 hours between your last dose of T3 and then blood draw, then you have a false low FT3. 24 hours is for levo. With T3, you should only leave 12 hours. :)

  • greygoose thank you.

    What a ninny I am. I will have to have t3 tested again to get a proper reading then!


  • Well, as a rough guide, you could add 20% to your result to compensate. Which, if my calculations are correct, gives you 5.6. So, still room for an increase if you wish.

  • If t3 is taken once a day why is it recommended here that 12 hours is a big enough gap between the last dose and the blood test? I always leave 24 hours and my t3 is near the top of the range and I certainly don't feel over medicated. Just asking.

    Jo xx

  • Doesn't matter how many times a day your take it, it should be 12 hours. It's to do with the half-life of T3 - i.e. the length of time it stays in the blood. T4 stays in the blood longer, so 24 hours is right for T4, but T3 leaves the blood faster. Therefore, if you leave 24 hours for T3, you get a false 'low' - i.e. most of the T3 has left the blood by then.

    But, of course, a blood test only tells you what is in the blood, not what gets into the cells. It could be that you have some level of hormone resistance, and need your blood test result to be well over the top of the range. Have you ever tried doing a urine test? That gives you a better idea of how much is getting into the cells.

  • I haven't done a urine test and don't think that the doctors would do that for me. I could always ask. What about before blood tests?. I know if I cut my dose of t3 feel undermedicated and the first sign is restless legs in the evening and that is absolutely awful. Sorry about the italics. I must press a button every now and again as it keeps happening. Lol

    Jo xx

  • Oh, a doctor wouldn't give you a urine test. Nor would they know how to interpret it. Nor would I, come to that! lol

    I understand that you feel under-medicated if you cut your T3 dose. And, I wasn't suggesting you cut it. I just can't see the point of doing blood tests, if you don't do them correctly, that's all.

  • greygoose thank you that's very helpful.

    I will make a small increase and test again in a few weeks

    Lu x

  • Lulu_65 Your Ferritin is just enough for thyroid hormone to work properly as it needs to be a minimum of 70. 100-130 is supposed to be best for females. Eating liver once a week will help raise your level without the fuss of iron tablets and fitting them around your thyroid meds.

    Vit D at 82 is in the replete range (75-200) and the recommended level is 100-150nmol/L.

    Personally I would want to nudge them both up.

  • Thanks SeasideSusie . I will take action on both of those.

    Lu x

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