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Private blood test results 28th July ... NOT ACCEPTED BY NHS SURGERY ...

ENDOCRINOLOGY Thyroid Function


FREE THYROXINE 13.9 pmol/L 1 2.00 -22.00T

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 90.4 nmol/L 59.00 -154.00

FREE T3 3.66 pmol/L 3.10 -6.80

REVERSE T3 18 ng/dL 1 0.00 -24.00

REVERSE T3 RATIO *1 3.24 15.01 -75.00

Thyroid Antibodies...



HAEMATOLOGY Vitamins ...

VITAMIN B12 *98 pmol/L 140.00 -724.00

FOLATE (SERUM) *0.91 ug/L 2.91 -50.0025

OH VITAMIN D *39.3 nmol/L 50.00 -200.00I Insufficient 25 -49

BIOCHEMISTRY Inflammation Marker ...

CRP - HIGH SENSITIVITY *9.9 mg/l 0.00 -5.00

Iron Status FERRITIN 88.5 ug/L 13.00 -150.00


TSH: 2.15 mU/L 0.3 - 6.00

FREE T4 12.6 pmol/L 9.0 - 24

FREE T3 4.1 pmol/L 3.5 - 6.5

Thyroid Perox ABS <1.00 u/ML <6.0

25-OH Vitamin D 46nmol/L (Insufficient) (I did ask about this, no reaction, despite not being due VitD Jab until December 2017!)

Vit B12 340.0 ng/L 211 - 900

Ferritin 117.2 (12 - 300)

Serum Folate 6.7 (2.4 - 20.00)

C Reactive Protein: 44 mg.L 2.0 - 10

Triglyceride 2.58 mmol/L 0.84 = 1.94

I'm lost between the private and NHS Results! My Doc won't consider the private results as relevant and won't do the NHS results in relation to the suggested action via the private results. What on earth..!?! :(

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I didn't know that vitamin D injections existed - are you sure you are not thinking of B12?

Were both tests done fasting early in the morning (with at 24 hours since last levo if taking it)?

The private tests show appalling low levels of folate and B12. Even the NHS test shows folate, B12 and D that are too low.Are you are on any meds? If not, your results suggest a problem with pituitary or hypothalamus (low frees and and low TSH). If you are on levo, you need an increase.


Vitd injections can be used for loading, my Endo didn't advise it for me as I don't react well to vitd. That's the trouble with mega loading doses.


The mega-dose loading doesn't cause a great reaction in me. Within minutes of the Vit D injection, I've a blinding pain crossing my whole skull, like a massive headache. I wondered if that was the 'carrier', as it's an oily substance. I've a load of allergies, so the Doc thought that was probably what it was.

Not so funny story ... the first time I'd an injection ~ I took it in my buttock as opposed to my arm ~ and I felt as though I'd wet myself (I hadn't!) ~ and the feeling lasted for hours.


Hi, and thanks for your response! :D

Yes, I've been on Vit D injections for years as opposed to tablets. The initial course is 1 jab every 3 months, then an annual jab. Can't say that's doing too well, as from getting the jab last December, I was already at the 'insufficient' mark by March this year! Again ~ Doc made no comment, even when I said I'd perhaps be best on meds, as opposed to the jab. I wonder if Docs ever listen..?

And yes, both the blood tests were done first thing in the morning, pre anything to eat or drink. (I'm not on Levo). Long story kept short ~ because my Thyroid test result was within 'normal range', the Doc decided I didn't need retested (hence the private tests which only showed that my Reverse T3 Ratio was low, with the comment that getting any help from the medical profession was likely to be difficult!).

Given that my mother nearly died from non-treatment because of 'within range Hypothyroid test results, I don't find any 'within range' in the least reassuring!

I asked for B12 injections because of the low NHS results ~ again, ignored, same as asking for Vit D tablets. The Folate was also ignored. (Why bother with the wide ranging NHS tests when the Doc won't do anything with the results? Pathetic!

The only meds I'm on are painkillers for M.E./Fibro and an anti-depressant to attempt to relax the muscle pain, and Pregabalin (Lyrica) for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I can agree with a probable problem with my pituitary and/or hypothalamus, due to the nearly 30 years of diagnosis of M.E./Fibro ~ not that any of my 'results' have led to addressing the former in any new way. :(



Doctors won't accept that there is a problem with anything if it is in range. And they will only accept private results as relevant if it is to their advantage. It's ludicrous.

With regard to vitamin D, you could buy your own supplements. It is possible to get vitamin D supplements in many different doses up to about 10,000 iU from supplement websites and Amazon or Ebay. Shop around, use Amazon to read reviews of different products. If you are suffering from the effects of low vitamin D then waiting until December to do something about it is not a sensible idea. You could at least take 10,000 iU per day. Re-testing your level can be done with a finger prick test from City Assays :


Another issue is that vitamin D supplements will raise your absorption of calcium from your diet. That calcium needs to be deposited in bones and teeth, not end up lining your arteries or stuck in your heart. To make that happen you need magnesium and vitamin K2.

Read SeasideSusie's advice on minerals and vitamins in this thread :


and you can read more of her advice on the subject by looking at her profile and reading her replies to various posts :


Your vitamin B12 and folate were awful in March. Post your results and ask for advice on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum, which you'll find here :



C Reactive Protein: 44 mg.L 2.0 - 10

That is an awful result. What did your doctor say about it (if anything)? To read about what the result means, see this link :


You obviously have some kind of inflammation or infection going on to have that high a result, and your doctor can't just ignore it.


Hi Humanbean!

Sadly, I'm all too aware that Docs will ignore any results which fall within 'normal range'. I'll give my Doc the private results ... meaning that if she accepts the 'within normal range' results, I'll push for action on the things she's blatantly ignored! Grrrrr... Might as well get something out of the cost of the tests! I'm not too impressed with the responses of the Doc who did the MediChecks tests, given I'd advised I'd had a diagnosis of M.E./Fibro for nearly 30 years and was house bound and mainly bed-bound, and the totally ridiculous statements he made in replies, which looked like they'd been copy/pasted. I'll NOT be using them again, that's for sure...

Co-incidentally, today I've just been reading SeasideSuzie's advice on VitD (had seen the ref on another non-thyroid related response), plus the advice on all the other vits etc which go to make it work properly, and have a large order placed on Amazon ~ and yes, I did read the Reviews before placing the orders. :D I've also ordered B12 and Folate, but will most certainly have a good read on the pernicious anaemia society forum! Thank you also for that.

The C Reactive Protein results are grim, aren't they? I can't recall a year like this ~ it's been so bad ~ however, I'd had a slight break from infections before the private blood tests, and the comment from that was get tested in another month.

That won't be happening for a while ~ I'm just starting to recover from Norovirus/ commonly know as Winter Vomiting Disease, although you can get it at any time of the year. I had it once many years ago, and once was enough in any lifetime, never mind getting it again. I threw every medication I had at it, (thankfully had some anti-sickness meds to go with my migraine tablets too), and quite frankly didn't care if I ever woke up again! I finally got some sleep, but am in an utter state of 'wipe out' at the present time.

I spoke with the Surgery today and asked for meds to rehydrate me, and some 'emergency' antibiotics, as I've nothing physically left to fight off any other infection that I'm likely to get. (Yeah, I know: "poor me"! lol). I'll be lucky if I even get some rehydration meds. The gods alone know what my CRP will be now, but I will follow up on the finger-price test, in due course, as suggested.

However, apparently my Doc can 'choose' to ignore the March result and the July result is even worse.

I don't have the energy, or brain power, to 'interview' a.n.other Doctor ~ and Doctors in this area strongly object to being 'judged' ~ though they're keen enough to 'interview and judge' patients. I do need to get away from the Doc I've got ~ and I moved to her as a.n.other Doc in the Practice was so totally patronising and put me on 3 meds which took me a year to recover from! Deep joy - NOT!

Sorry, I'm rambling now! Thanks so much for all the helpful information which I'll follow up on soonest. I've run out of steam today,

With gratitude, Barbara xx

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Is there another doctor at your surgery you could try? I cannot understand even if they are clueless they don't understand that results under range need immediate attention. Ok pig headed not to accept your results but he should have at least had some of them redone on the NHS and then acted on them


I'd already moved from one Doc in the Surgery, to the Doc I've now been with for nearly 17 years. We'd a relatively good relationship and then suddenly that changed ~ I don't know 'why' ~ I'd guess that cuts in the NHS prohibited certain meds being prescribed and/or they'd cut back drastically. Because I didn't get the meds I needed, I ended up in Hospital.

Treatment there was so bad that I put in a complaint. I've since had an apology from the Hospital ~ and will now only be seen by a Consultant if I end up back there again! (A small victory!).

Re seeing another Doc in the Surgery, there's only the Senior Partner left, and getting an appointment with him is incredibly difficult (weeks of 'waiting time!), as I guess I'm not the only person in the Practice who's been totally p*ssed off by the treatment received from the other two Docs..!!! :(

I'm not 'well enough' to change practices ~ it's ridiculous that I have to be 'well enough' to even go and see any Doc face to face and I always return from the Surgery with an infection I didn't have before I went there, for which I usually require antibiotics and my system goes down even further than it had been, with severe "pay back" and prolonged recovery time because of the effort going to the Surgery/infection picked up ~ and there's not much further my system can go down, before I need to consider the horrific possibility of a Nursing Home, where I'd be subjected to further infections on a regular basis. Nightmare territory.

Please excuse the confusion between my ID ~ I'd signed in as LadyBarb, but the ID came up as ElfinBe, which I didn't immediately notice. Co-incidentally that's an ID I use on some other (non-HealthUnlocked) forums. I've NO idea how that happened. (I've enquired how that could happen, not that it matters too much! I didn't sign in via google or facebook etc..).

I've now received all my Vitamins to deal with the deficiencies as highlighted by my blood tests (both NHS and non NHS) ~ and will hope and pray that they improve my health.

I am pretty sure that I have 'absorption' problems, so I don't know how that will work with Vitamins as opposed to a good diet. I can only try. :)


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