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Thyroid/cortisol - any advice/help for self-treating appreciated

I am new to the site and wanted to get my blood/spot results back before posting.

I have had all the symptoms of being hypothyroid for most of my adult life. Apart from two tests last year, one was hyperthyroid and then a month later hypothyroid, my tests are always "normal". I have a multinodular goitre (biggest nodule 2.5cm). I have had no treatment whatsoever. I have the option of thyroidectomy.

My current GP is, shall we say, unsupportive and I am sure would be happy if I just disappeared. I am in my 50s and the only "history" GP has of me on the computer is for last 7 months that I have been at the practice! I asked why and was told the rest is kept off site in store! Therefore, if he refers me for anything my "medical history" states: hay fever, constipation, back pain!! I have multiple symptoms and GP will not look at them all together!? Example, in addition to most hypo symptoms, for last 7 months I have had swollen lower legs 24/7 - GP tested me for heart failure - normal, therefore it is "just one of those things." Constant "slow bowel movements" for seven months with bloated abdomen - GP tested me for ovarian cancer (ultrasound/CA125) - normal, therefore just one of those things! I had a gastric bypass in 2009, I lost 10 stone, however since December 2015 I have put on 2.5st for NO reason and I cannot get it off - GP reaction...nothing etc etc

Also over the last seven months (time with "new" GP) cholesterol has been rising (now 6.6), so have liver function tests (ALT/gamma GT). GP wants me to see health advisor re my diet! GP obviously does not consider any of these issues to be related to thyroid function as TSH is always normal and does not see them as one group of symptoms related to one cause (hope that makes sense :-) ).

I have seen an endo in March 2016 when I was hyper, she ran another blood test, which showed I was then hypo. She said she did not know "what to do with me." I have had ultrasounds, nuclear isotope scan. She referred my for thyroidectomy (I also thought this may be the only way of actually getting treatment/getting on the treatment bandwagon) but I moved so nothing happened. I have been referred to the general surgeon where I currently live and am waiting for an appt to discuss the thyroidectomy. I have been referred to another endo and have an appt soon but I will not hold my breath. I am back to square one and will no doubt have to go through all the testing/scans again. Meanwhile, I have been feeling worse than my usual "baseline" since Dec 2015!!

Recently, I have depleted most of my savings consulting private doctors and ordering tests (I also have issues with my back). Regarding thyroid, the private doctor said that just by looking at me I am clearly hypo - puffy face/eyes, eyebrows etc Said I have a t4 to t3 conversion problem/thyroid resistance as blood tests had been normal.

I carried out the tests he wanted me to have (ZRT blood spot/saliva) and these are the results (range in brackets):

Cortisol morning 3.4 (3.7-9.5)

Cortisol noon 0.7 (1.2-3.0)

Cortisol evening 0.3 (0.6-1.9)

Cortisol night 0.4 (0.4-1.0)

Estradiol 161 (43-180)

Progesterone <0.1 (<0.1-0.8)

Testosterone 23 (10-45)

DHEAS 27 (40-290)

SHBG 85 (15-120)

Free T4 1.6 (0.7-2.5)

Free T3 2.5 (2.4 - 4.2)

THS 2.0 (0.5-3.00)

TPOab 18 (0-150

Not had a follow up as yet. I have also had tingling in my hands for past two weeks.

I also have mild inflammatory arthritis and for the last seven months have been having severe pain in my lower back related to "issues" going on at L5/S1. Again, I am waiting for NHS to help and have had to consult privately.

Before the above results came back I was gearing up for self-treatment. I order some T3, (uni-pharma 25ug tabs) online and have them sitting on my desk. (Private doctor told me not to start...yet...when I had the consultation). Now the results have come back I am not sure what they mean/what I should do. I have not taken them.

I take calcium, magnesium, selenium, Q10, vit b12, vit D, vit C, zinc, multi-vit, omega-3, HRT, pain meds.

I have little money and "funding" any sort of private treatment long-term is going to be very difficult. The NHS, I am pretty sure, will not be helping me medication wise, at all, apart from whipping out my thyroid altogether (they would then have to treat me with medication!?).

Any advice/ideas/help/interpretation of my results/treatment recommendations etc would be very much appreciated as I really am at the "end of my tether" and have to DO something to try and help myself.

Thank you.

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ajs100uk My first thought when I started reading your post, when I got to the bit about

"Apart from two tests last year, one was hyperthyroid and then a month later hypothyroid, my tests are always "normal"."

was autoimmune thyroid disease - possibly Hashimoto's. Your TPO antibodies have come back low enough to be negative, but you should have Thyroglobulin (TG) antibodies checked now as these can be positive when TPO are negative.

Your current show your TSH too high in it's range so your thyroid is showing signs of struggling. Your FT4 is just half way through and FT3 is just 0.1 inside the range at the bottom end, further indication that your thyroid is struggling.

Your cortisol is low, as is DHEA, see Dr Myhill's website on how to interpret adrenal tests - drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Adrenal... and number 4 may be relevant to your results so you need to look into that and discuss with private doctor and, to be honest, your GP. If your GP doesn't like the fact that you've had these private tests done then invite him to refer you to get the NHS to do them.

Can I ask why you are taking Calcium? Have you tested and found to be deficient? And your multivitamin won't be doing much good at all, they generally don't contain enough of anything to be useful and frequently use the wrong form of ingredients, and if it contains iron nothing else can be absorbed, and if it contains iodine that can be doing more harm than good if you're not iodine deficient.

Have you had

Vit D




tested? I see you are supplementing with B12 and Vit D, but did you start taking them without testing and knowing if you need them? Vit D has important co-factors needed to prevent increased calcium being deposited in arteries and soft tissues (plus you take calcium so would definitely need them). B12 and folate work together so you would need a B Complex as well.

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Thank you so much for responding. I have taken onboard what you have said especially no 4 on Dr Myhills.

Calcium - I had a gastric bypass in 2009 and was told to take calcium, iron, zinc, multivit for life so have just done that every since and taken the ones consultant instructed GP to give. I do not have any recent results for vits/mins.

I was a little anaemic last year but it was never followed through by my GP at the time. I am pretty sure it has been tested with my new GP and must of been OK as it has not been mentioned.

I am also pretty sure that all thyroid antibodies have been tested in the past and found to be normal.

I just feel I am on a downward spiral and am sick to death of being the doctors (every week sometimes) with no help. I am concerned about the changes in my liver function/cholesterol too. I also forgot to add that my potassium as gone up. I have asked my doctor why and he says it is one of those things and is going to retest in six weeks (he has said that twice). However, I think they need to be looked at in a "complete picture" way ie has one thing led to that, then that led to that, then that led to......you get the picture :-)

I am so shocked and to be frank, angry, to see so many people quoting the same thing regarding NHS GPs. I am more and more sure that it is all due to COST and that is putting so many people's (including me) health at risk.

I have just found my NHS blood test from March 2016 which was FT4 26.4 (11.0 - 25.0), THS 0.02 (0.27-4.20). The test was rerun by the endo and a month later in Apr it was FT4 11.9 FSH 4.22 (same range). At that time vit B12 was 248 (180-900).

Vit D was tested by an endo I used to work for and I was found to be 17. Again, I have taken it as he told me to. It is not very much though, 2 x 400iu per day in winter and 1 in summer. My calcium tests have always been normal on the supplementation I take.

The multivit is Sanatogen A-Z, again via bariatric consultant and have been taking since 2009. The others I listed I take on top of that.

I have got "research brain fog" from being all over google! So confusing and I just do not know what to do for the best.

Hopefully the follow up this Thursday will provide me with suggestions, although no doubt it is going to involve lots of money :-(


I would agree with seasidesusie - you need both thyroid antibodies checked - it's possible to have negative TPO and raised TG (they rarely test TG antibodies)

Gastric bypass presumably messes with nutrient uptake.

You need to know what current levels of B12, folate. Ferritin and vitamin D are

Thyroid Uk lists where you can get tests - Medichecks & Blue horizon are ones most of us use (£99)

Get tests and then place a new post with results - members can advise

Would suspect your vitamin D is still too low - that's a small dose

B12, recommended you also take B complex with it - this would also increase folate

All thyroid Blood tests should be as early in morning as possible, fasting. Stop any B complex a week before if it contains biotin (messes up test results)


SlowDragon, thank you for replying!

Gastric bypass does mess with nutrient uptake.

I was very overweight. I have had symptoms of hypo for years. In 2005 after all test normal I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome but I just don't relate myself to that. The also alluded to it all being due to my weight. So I went for the gastric bypass as dieting did not work for me. It reduced my weight by 10st (7.5 now I have gained the 2.5) but did not alleviate my symptoms, then or now!

Looks like I am going to have to save up more money for more private tests.

I took the blood for my thyroid tests above at around 7.30am, before drinking/eating anything. I am not currently taking a B complex just what is in the multivit and B12. Can you recommend a good one?


B complex - most here favour either Jarrows Basic B or Thornes B complex. I prefer Jarrows (doesn't smell as bad)

Would suggest you get tested before starting anything else

Then if adding any more supplements only add one at a time & wait 10-14 days to see any changes (good or bad) before adding another

When taking vitamin D recommended we also take magnesium.


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Gosh, didn't know this about biotin. How does it affect blood test results please?


It can give false highs or false lows in thyroid tests. It's recommended to leave off supplements for a few days before testing.

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Thanks so much for this, I had no idea. I take a lot of supplements and always list them but I expect this isn't widely known. You are a veritable mine of information! 😊


ajs100uk I have no personal knowledge of gastric bypass but had heard that supplementation is necessary to prevent deficiencies. I have had a look and found the following is mentioned:

"Gastric Bypass impacts on absorption of iron, vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D.

Long limb bypasses may affect absorption of protein, fat, vitamin A and trace elements in addition"

and that the following are advised:

Multivitamin and mineral, iron, folate (as part of Multivit/Min), B12, calcium, Vit D, zinc, copper.

You can do better than you are at present.

First of all, your Sanatogen A-Z contains (amongst others):

Magnesium oxide - is non-chelated and possesses a poor absorption rate.

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound of zinc and is most commonly used in topical ointments for addressing minor skin conditions such as burns and irritation. It is also a common ingredient in sunscreens. This type is a non-chelated, inorganic form of zinc. Studies show mixed results on the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize this form of inorganic zinc.

Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) - this is the synthetic form which should be avoided, the natural form is D-alpha-tocopherol.

Folic acid (Pteroylmonoglutamic acid) - the better form is methylfolate

Sodium selenite - the recommended form of selenium is L-selenomethionine

Vitamin K (Phytomenadione) - this is K1, the blood clotting form of Vit K. When taking Vit D (included in this formula) we need to take K2. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and unless calcium is directed away from arteries and soft tissues it can get deposited and cause calcification of the arteries and kidney stones. K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it is needed.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) - this is the wrong form, it should be methylcobalamin - see naturalnews.com/032766_cyan...

So you can do much better than this particular supplement.

The iron it contains will affect the absorption of everything else. Iron should be taken at least two hours away from other supplements. You would be better off getting a decent multimineral that doesn't contain iron, iodine or calcium such as this one biocare.co.uk/default.aspx?...

As far as vitamins are concerned, some are water soluble and excess is pee'd out, some are fat soluble and excess is stored and can become toxic to the body. Testing is best to see what doses are needed.

Reading about gastric bypass, annual blood tests should be carried out to include:

Liver function


Full Blood




Vitamin B12


Vitamin D



Vitamin A (Possibly)



So you should ensure these are done and dose appropriately, ie always get a print out of results and make sure you are getting enough to keep B12 at the very top of range, Vit D normally between 100-150nmol/L, calcium not over range, etc, as appropriate for gastric bypass patients. So find out what you have been tested for, get the results, and go from there.

Find out if TG antibodies have been tested as well as TPO, don't just presume, this could be the clue to your hyper-hypo swing.

As you have said, many members here have said their GPs aren't really doing a very thorough job, either through negligence or ignorance. It's up to the individual, unfortunately, to educate themselves and pursue the proper treatment through their doctors. If we don't, we remain ill.

If your B12 was 248 twelve months ago, serious supplementation should have been started, but it wouldn't have concerned your GP because it is in range. They're not taught nutrition so odds are that he wouldn't know that anything under 500 can cause neurological problems, and this is why it's recommended to be at the very top of the range, even 900-1000. Methylcobalamin lozenges would be appropriate along with a good B Complex to balance all the B vits.

800iu D3 daily in winter and 400iu daily in summer will not raise your Vit D level of 17. The normal recommended level is 100-150nmol/L and 17 is severely deficient. Your GP should have checked the Vit D Deficiency treatment guidelines for your area and started you on a loading dose, followed by a maintenance dose. It would be wise to get a new test done and members can suggest the best way to bring your level up. And when taking D3 there are important co-factors needed vitamindcouncil.org/about-v... - K2-MK7 as mentioned above to direct the calcium where it should go, also magnesium.

With the supplements you already take, are these separate supplements to your Multivit/Mon? What forms are they?


Is selenium L-selenomethionine?

Q10 - is this Ubiquinol, the already converted form?

Vit B12 - sublingual methylcobalamin?

Is your follow up on Thursday with your private doctor? Don't name him/her on the forum but you could PM me if you wish. Are your tests through this doctor and expensive? Many of us do private testing through Blue Horizon or Medichecks and they are very reasonable.

Does your GP know you are seeing this private doctor? Is the private doctor communicating with your GP? If so is your GP following their suggestions?

I know all this information doesn't help our foggy brains, but we must plough through as best we can in order to help ourselves.


You are all minefields of information, thank you so much!

My GP has given me general blood tests recently, all seem normal apart from slowly rising ALT/potassium and cholesterol. All he advised was repeating test every six weeks and seeing the health nurse for the cholesterol. I think I said that my GP does not look at my symptoms as a whole but separately. Not supportive at all and no doubt will not listen to what the private doctor has to say, although I will get him to write to my GP. Not seen the endo yet (this will be my third endo over the years) and again will not hold my breath.

The gastric bypass certainly leaves me open to malabsorption and hence you have to take the vits/mins they prescribe for life. I had just continued to take what they told me too but I can see they are lacking. I have now bought this: amazon.co.uk/dp/B01H08EUT6/...

which seems like a fantastic multivit (I really do have to mind my pennies). It contains some selenium but I also have some selenium (selenomethionine) 200mg tabs which I have been taking, not sure whether to still take this when I start the new multivit. I am going to take it at lunchtimes with my omega-3 fishoil capsule.

I take magnesium citrate 750mg (3 x 250mg) a day. Had been taking 3 times a day but am going to take one at lunch and two before bed.

I have q10 (Ubiquinol) 100mg tabs but I also think that is in the multivit so not sure whether to take the tabs I already have as well.

the multivit has vit D3 and K2 in it.

I have purchased some Jarrow B vits and will take in morning on empty stomach. Have bought some higher dose vit c 1000mg and plan to take 2 a day one in morning and one at lunch.

Not sure what to do about calcium - I take Adcal as prescribed by GP - my calcium is always around 2.2 on supplementation/diet so not sure what it would be if I stopped.

I am determined to feel better!


ajs100uk You need to be careful. That Multivit is much better but it contains iodine which we shouldn't supplement unless we know we are deficient, and particularly Hashi's patients as it can cause flare ups.

The maximum amount of selenium we should take is 200mcg.

Q10 is good up to about 200mg. You have Ubiquinol 100mcg (the converted form), the Multivit contains 50mcg Ubiquinone (the unconverted form).

Vit D 2000iu is fine if you need that amount.

There are good amounts of the B vits in that supplement. Adding Jarrows B Complex will give high doses of some. Check B6 - long term use of more than 10mg can cause tingling of the extremities.

If your GP is prescribing calcium and testing regularly then keep an eye on it and question if it goes out of range.


I think I will hold off the jarrows complex and just try the multivit on its own at lunch. It certainly seems a very good multivit regarding content for the price.

I am sending of my medicheck ultra vit test today.


I am always very, very suspicious of multi-vits. So, I've been looking up this one, and nowhere can I find exactly how much of each item is in the pill, nor what form it takes. But, it does contain iron, so, not only will you not be able to absorb any of the other ingredients, you won't be able to absorb the iron, either.

One of the first lessons to learn is that doctors know nothing about nutrition. For a doctor, I'm sure that looks just fine - everything's there, right? They do not understand the complexities of absorption. And, as you have had a gastric bypass, it's even more important that you keep a close eye on your levels.

I'm sure Susie will give you a complete break-down of exactly what you want to test, and how much, but I will just say that the tiny dose of vit D3 - it is vit D3, isn't it? - you are taking is ample proof that doctors just don't know what they're doing where supplements are concerned.

I cannot understand why the endo you saw didn't know what to do with you - apart from a thyroidectomy. Had she never heard of thyroid hormone replacement - levo? It is not normal to remove the thyroid of someone just because they are hypo.

Is that the first antibody test you've had? As Susie says, TPO is not the only type of antibody. But the other one, Tg, the NHS, in its wisdom, refuses to test. It could be high. But, not only that. You cannot rule out Hashi's on the basis of one negative test. Antibodies fluctuate. And, on a second, or a third, test, they could be high. And, if that wasn't enough, some Hashi's sufferers never show high antibodies, and are diagnosed by an scan. So, at this point, you can't really rule it out, and it does sound like what you've got.

If you decide to start taking the T3, you should start very low - quarter tablet - and increase very slowly - quarter tablet every... depends on how you feel. But, you will need to have private tests to monitor your progress.

Are you contemplating self-treating your adrenals, too? What with? Your results aren't terribly under-range, so you might improve things by just nourishing your adrenals - a high protein breakfast as soon as you get up, plenty of vit C and B vits, and don't skimp on the salt. Adrenal need salt. Plenty of rest, and as little stress as you can possibly manage! :)


Greygoose, thanks for the message.

Honestly, you couldn't make it up lol!! The endo (actually she was a consultant physician if that makes any difference ie not consultant endocrinologist) I saw last year (was living in Wales at time) at first appointment when I was hyper did mention Hashis and radioactive iodine. Told me all about avoiding kids etc She ordered repeat blood tests (as per results above) and sent me for yet another ultrasound and a nuclear scan which I had already had done at Kings in 2011. The ultrasound once again confirmed the multinodular goitre, with largest nodule 2.2x1.1cm, and the istope scan was once again normal. There's also a "suspicion" of parathyroid adenoma but can only be confirmed "on biopsy at time of thyroidectomy if indicated." I told her that, to me, my symptoms pointed to hypothyroidism and please could I trial levo, she said no and that she would see me again after the tests.

I saw her again a month later. She then told me I was then hypothyroid and said that she did not know what was going on. I explained that as I had been feeling really, really bad since Dec 2015, had waited until March to see her for first time, then another month whilst she rerun the tests, could I please have a trial of levo. She said NO, as she did not know what was going on!!!

The only treatment she seemed happy to sort for me, as my voice goes hoarse due to goitre, was thyroidectomy. I said to her that perhaps that is what I have to do to feel better if there is no medication that can help. She then told me that following thyroidectomy I would need levo for life. I again said can I not trial some levo before thyroidectomy. She did a little laugh and said NO. She referred me to the surgeon.

That is as far as I got before moving back down south. Now back down here, I am back to square one. None of my past history seems to matter to my new GP and I literally had to beg him to refer me to the local endo. Also, as I have said above, he sees none of my symptoms as a whole but only separately. I have also been told (in front of my husband) when I try to discuss all symptoms as a whole that it is "one appointment - one problem". I tried booking a double appointment but could then only discuss two symptoms! GRRRRRRR!!!!

Vit D is D3 yes, apologies. So far I have done and taken everything I have been told by the consultant/endo/GP and have ended up where I am today. It ain't working!

I am sure the Welsh endo tested antibodies and they were normal (can't find the result). The one above is the one I have just had.

To be totally frank, I am up for self-treating anything I can, I just want to feel well (for me) again.

I know stress is bad. The only stress I have had is from being sick and getting no help. If it was caused by something else I would fix it but I am having no luck fixing the situation with GP/NHS so cannot see how I can avoid it. It does make me angry and has done for over a year now, I feel as though I am going round and round in circles.


This website will tell you all about parathyroid issues



Thanks for the link. I have been scanned twice for parathyroid adenoma - one by Kings (who diagnosed it) and once when I was living in Wales and they could not confirm it. No endo has taken any action. My calcium is always normal and I can find no mention of that on that website. Only seems to be a problem/mentioned when calcium is abnormal. Just another thing I have to live with :-)


It's even more shocking as you become more enlightened about the lack of treatment for thyroid conditions. Your FT3 is almost below range. I would start taking just a quarter of your 25 ug T3 daily. I take the same ones. Are you on a special diet due to the bypass? You certainly need to be nutrient dense. Everyone should know that healthy fats are far superior to carbs even whole grains. It's difficult at first but if you can change your ratios I think you'll find it possible as you lose the cravings that carbs cause. Your adrenals are struggling as they try to play catch up as you see in your results. You should be at the top of the range in the a.m.

I would add one more thing to the advice you have been given (not your doctor's) but I'm not sure how much stomach acid your stomach produces with the bypass situation. It's absolutely FUNDAMENTAL that you break down all those nutrients and especially the minerals. Taking a small amount of fermented apple cider vinegar with meals I guarantee will help you in some way. Dilute it slightly and I just chug it. It will help your digestion, it kills some bacteria so acts as a probiotic.

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It is frightening but it is also clearer now why there is a lack - the COST if they were to acknowledge/treat these "other" conditions. That really, really angers me. Anyway...

If I started taking the T3 would I take a quarter at once? with food/without etc? I am feeling scared to take it and do not really know why lol

I do not eat a huge amount and I am a sugar addict, although I cannot eat too much sugar or I feel very ill due to the bypass. I have tried all sorts of diets in the past, gluten free etc but change of diet has never really done much for me.

I will cut the sugar right back and will keep to as natural diet as poss. I have never been a fan of cutting fat and always eat natural/"healthy" fats.

I have today ordered some fermented apple cider - an American one, which should be with me tomorrow and I will start taking immediately. Do I take in water?

I really now have to take the ball in my own hands regarding treatment and will take the advice of all you good people on here and give it a go!



Yes, commit yourself to do what doctors won't. I think you will love T3. By the time you cut one into quarters, it is quite tiny. The half life of T3 is said to be twelve hours so you can see it works quickly and that's why you shouldn't fear taking it. So one pill will last four days. This is probably the equivalent of 100 mcgs of Levo (some say 75). MANY people do well on T3 only.

What HRT are you taking? Is it estrogen? I would stop. Were you having symptoms? Progesterone cream is a better idea. Estrogen is a cancer causer and we get it in other ways. Heating olive oil actually produces estrogen and eating organic may help avoid the estrogen in fertilizers.

Yes, dilute the vinegar. I just use a few tablespoons although they say a glass of water.

I wait about fifteen minutes after taking T3 to eat as I've read it is not as restricted by food. I know people may disagree but it has not reduced my levels. I've discovered avocado oil recently and see it has a high smoke point. I like coconut oil but not with certain foods and avocado oil doesn't have much flavor. Let me know how things work out for you.

I've posted Dr. Bergman's video many times here. Very informative.


Thank you! I will watch the vid when I have some free time.

I am on HRT. Have been since 2011. I was getting horrendous hot flushes and it stopped them completely. For around 3 months I have been splitting the tabs in half. I have been having mild hot flushes but can deal with them. No idea whether these are now due to menopause or hypo!

Can you recommend a cream and how it should be used?


The reason I love Dr. Bergman's videos is you will find he is sooo on the patient's side and expresses his deep distress over the medical profession and as you have already seen yourself and it's absolute ignorance of thyroid disease (although it's not a disease of the thyroid as you will soon learn). You really have to see the truth. If you cannot watch the whole thing just watch ten minutes at a time. It's a lot to digest. The fiction about our hormones is so rampant you will find it hard to understand how lopsided the thinking is. It's only the lack of knowledge that keeps us in the dark.


small update - just had call from private doctors office - he has prescribed Metavive I, 2 times a day - anyone heard of?


Hi ajs, it seems to be a natural desiccated thyroid hormone like Armour or Naturethroid, etc. Your dose of 15 mgs. is 1/4 grain I think and if you take two, you will be taking 1/2 grain daily. A common dose is two grains per day of NDT so you can see this is a very tiny dose. NDT has T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. The amount of T3 is about 9 mgs. in a full tablet and T4 around 36 mgs. Is this first thyroid hormones you have ever taken. Some people take the NDT at bedtime and prefer it but first thing in the morning suits others. This is exciting. I presume you want to start the Metavive and wait on adding T3 after you see how it works out.


Hi Heloise! This will be the first thyroid "anything" I have ever taken. Fingers crossed!

I think I will start this as soon as it arrives lol. I see it is a tiny amount, maybe the private doctor is going to build it up per symptoms? I am trying to get a follow up appointment with him (he is on holiday but did send the script to his pharmacy) and will also ask him about the T3.


Yes, the body has to adjust to this new metabolism and it's important to balance the adrenal/thyroid connection. I hope you will watch the video and start learning because it really is rather complicated and there is a reason behind every reaction the body has. Dr. Bergman is genius as far as I know and I've been learning about health for twenty years. This is a short 3-minute idea of his dismay at what the medical system has done to healthcare.


ajs, did your problems begin when you started on HRT, not the hot flashes but the others? I forgot about the fact the high estrogen will block thyroid hormone. If you can just listen to the first five minutes of this one.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rprVmsVxfcU


Hi Heloise, no problems began way, way before MP/HRT.


OK, We just had a wonderful series on autoimmunity by Izabella Wentz and she states that finding the root cause of thyroid dysfunction is important. Most of the time it is due to leaky gut and sometimes it begins with Epstein Barre. Our foods have become so artificial and taking antibiotics all contribute to leaky gut which is probably the prime cause.


Someone who has had bariatric surgery may be at risk of thiamine deficiency and may need to be on high dose thiamine for life (or thiamin or vitamin B1 - different spellings/names for the same thing). The consequences of not having enough can be catastrophic :


High dose would be something like 100mg - 300mg per day. It is water soluble and not poisonous or dangerous.

There are links by the thousand to court cases in the US where people have not been treated for thiamine deficiency after bariatric surgery, and it would appear to be very big business for lawyers. The payouts can be massive in the really catastrophic cases.

I'm not suggesting that you definitely have thiamine deficiency - that's for you to research and decide. :) But I just thought I should bring it to your attention.


Wow, scary! I am pretty sure this is not me and have always taken b vits, albeit GP prescribed "nothing fancy" ones. I am about to start higher doses of B vits. Last time I was tested I was low normal for B12 and I think that is because of the bypass ie stops me from absorbing as much.

I am sending a medichecks ultavit test back today so will be interesting to see the results :-)

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I have my medicheck results which are:

THS 2.53 (0.27-4.20)

Free thyroxine 16.25 (12-22)

Total thyroxine (T4) 90 (59-154)

Free T3 3.15 (3.10-6.80)

TGA 13.880 (0-115)

TPA 5.18 (0-34)

Vit B12 402 (140-724)

Folate (serum) 9.94 (3.89-26.80)

25 OH vit D 88.45 (50.0-200)

Ferritin 88.73 (13-150)


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