Could this be due to adrenals?

A few years ago,i was diagnosed hypo but doc also noticed my Cortisol was at the low end of normal.. I had a short synachten test which came back normal so no further action taken... Recently I've noticed that i just cant seem to wake up properly,, I've asked couple times for my Cortisol to be checked again but been told there's no need as test came back normal... My tsh is 1.8 I'm on 75,levo plus vit d supp , last test came back 60 ,, b 12 approx 500 ... Recently my thyroid has been swollen and bit painful and doc has ordered scan... I realise i can increase dose of thyroxine bit but I'm wary now in case it could be adrenals and i make things worse... Am thinking of ordering private tests to get it checked... ..many thanks !

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  • Well if you suspect I would agree, get the adrenal stress test done! It's a valuable test anyway, to rule out one of the big players.

    If I was you though, I'd take the on line test on dr Wilsons website first to get a clearer idea if you do have suspected adrenal issues. It's free and helpful :0)


  • Hi,, could you please provide pink to this on line test site,, thanks !

  • Hi rosetree, thanks for the link. I did the questionnaire and seem to have mild adrenal fatigue. Do you have any advice on how to treat mild adrenal fatigue?

  • I can pass on what Dr P suggested to me, which is to take nutri adrenal extra (NAX). I'd already started on 1 tablet of the regular nutri adrenal (NA), and changed to 2 x NAX (which are twice as strong).

    I know from another, private, group that I belong to that some people react to the nutri adrenal and find it hard to take - having to start on half a tablet or less and work up. I have no problems on 2 x NAX but as soon as I try to raise it go all twitchy. It's only been 3 weeks, so I'm sticking with 2 for the time being.

    If you look on Amazon you will find other adrenal support herbal meds.

  • It was that questionnaire that first made me realise that adrenals were probably my problem. It's second question for women only really made me take notice.

  • Hi lanessex

    I had my cortisol checked through private saliva cortisol test. I think that there is important to understand that the results may not be accepted by your GP or endocrinologist and if so you will have to treat it yourself. My feeling is that there is no point testing if you are not gong to do anything about it afterwards. Your TSH seems a bit high still and you should ask for test for your T4 and T3.


  • No way they'll do t4 and 3,,, doc even requested but lab didn't do it,, ill prob do the blue horizon one,,, not done it before, so will call them soon and enquire..

  • Worth asking your GP if they will phone the lab. That's what mine did and on the second time of asking they actually did the T3 test.

  • Hope by now you've sorted out your problem regarding your lab not testing t3 etc. I had same problem, but have now solved it. I need t3, t4 and tsh tested as I'm taking erfa and thyroxine, prescribed by my private endo. I spoke directly to my local lab, and they said when requesting bloods, if my GP omitted that I take any thyroid medication then all three would be tested and so far it has worked.

    Hope that helps if still not sorted.

  • Hi Roslin

    Have just done questionnaire test on adrenals and my result is mild fatigue - can you let me know where you had the saliva cortisol test done and how much it costs. Am presently on 100 of thyroxine and am wondering if this will have any effect on the outcome of the test - for example do you have to stop taking thyroxine if you are treating adrenal glands?

  • Exactly my situation.

    Endos are good at running tests, but not so good at responding to the results!

    Self treat or suffer was the option, so I self treated!

  • Much to my surprise, my TSH, T3 and T4 were done through my GP.

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