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Advice please

I've been getting this weird sensation in my neck, along with the feeling of a lump in my throat it feels like the right side of my neck is swollen but it isn't when I look at it, I can also see what looks like a pulse bumping about an inch below the right ear. Should I see a doctor asap about this or wait for my appointment with the endo next week?

The endo has checked by cortisol with an ACTH test which was normal although I think the cortisol level at 351 nmol/l at 9am in the morning could be higher, (what does everyone else think?)

All thyroid hormone TSH, FT3 etc was normal

TPO - was >1000 (<100)

Active B12 was 94 pmol/l (25.1 - 165)

Folate serum was ug/l (4.6 - 18.7)

Ferritin was 92 ug/l (13 - 150)

Iron was 15.1 umol/l (6.6 - 26)

T.I.B.C was 48 umol/l (41 - 77)

Sodium was 136 mmol/l (135 - 145)

Chloride was 100 mmol/l (98 - 107)

Bicarbonate was 20 mmol/l (22 - 29)

Vitamin D was normal

I've been feeling really bad recently with headaches, lightheadedness along with the tiredness.

I'm going to ask for aldosterone blood test which is another major player with the adrenals and also hormone tests to look for any hormone imbalances, I'm also going to ask for magnesium, iodine, selenium and zinc levels to be checked and request and ultrasound of my neck.

Is there any other test which people recommend I request?

I'm fed up of feeling crap now, just want to get this sorted and feel normal again!!

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Angel-23, Your TPO antibodies are very elevated. It sounds like a Hashi attack on your thyroid which can make the gland swell. Ask your endo to palpate your throat and neck to see if it is swollen.

Gluten-free diet has helped many members reduce their Hashi flares and antibodies.

'Normal' TSH, FT4, FT4 and vitD just means they are within range and isn't always the same as optimal. Ask for the actual results and ranges in future.

B12 and ferritin are good. You haven't included the folate result.


Ah thanks for that, I thought it might be but its been really scaring me (which probably hasn't helped!!) because although I've had plenty of swollen glands before now they've mainly been under the chin and only lasted a couple of days, this has lasted 2 weeks now and seems like its all my glands under my chin and down the right side of my neck accompanied with the lightheadedness being worse than ever it's been a hard couple of weeks, probably the worst couple of weeks since all this started happening 2 years ago!!

Folate is 5.5 (can't believe I missed the most important bit out!)

I did start a gluten free diet about 4 weeks ago from other advice I got on here, I'm hoping that this will make a difference soon!

Thanks again


Angel, It does sound like a Hashi flare. Supplement a B complex vitamin and it should help improve your folate.


Thanks Clutter, its nice to get some reassurance, I was beginning to freak out a little!!

Do you think it is worth asking the endo to do the tests I mentioned above or just live with it, the doctors and the endo will not confirm/diagnose/admit I have hashi's, they say the antibodies just mean I am at risk of getting thyroiditis in the future.


Angel, doctor's don't often use the term "Hashimoto's", they tend to call it chronic thyroiditis, thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis, it's all the same thing. You have thyroiditis but it can take time for it to damage your thyroid enough that your hormone levels fall and TSH rises. Doctors don't treat the autoimmune disease, they treat the hypothyroidism it eventually causes when thyroid bloods are outside of ranges.

Ask for the tests but be clear why you think they are necessary. The endo won't order tests s/he thinks are not related to your thyroid problem and they aren't generally interested in vitamin and mineral testing.

You can order private blood tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


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