Hi, I've looked into getting some supplements as my ferritin, B12, folate and Vitamin D are low and because I'm a fussy eater, have gone gluten-free and have trouble swallowing due to my neck swelling I suspect I could be deficient in other minerals and vitamins. My GP will not test for anything other than folate, B12, Vitamin D or ferritin as anything else is "not routine". So I thought I would look into supplementing myself to see if it would help me feel better. Unfortunately I went to one shop and they did not stock a Vitamin B complex so I had to go for the nearest thing and get a multivitamin that had enough B Vitamins in it. I have put the content and % RDA of each supplement as below.

I'm comfortable knowing that whatever I take now will hopefully not affect/skew the thyroid blood test that is coming up in 2 weeks but would I be overdosing on anything if I take these supplements? Does anyone have any experience with the supplements I have?

Am I likely to overdose on any of these without my GP checking the other mineral and vitamin levels or would I be better off seeking a second opinion or a GP that will be happy to check my nutritional status? Thanks

Floradix - liquid iron. 2x 10ml dose per day. Vitamin C (20mg) RDA: 25%, Thiamin RDA: 156%, Riboflavin RDA: 123%, Vitamin B6 RDA: 123%, Vitamin B12 RDA: 69%, Iron RDA: 137% (from Holland & Barrett)

Sublingual B12 (methylcobalmin) - 1000mcg. 1 per day. Vitamin B12 RDA: 16,666% (from Amazon)

Redoxan Immune Support - effervescent tablet. 1 per day. Vitamin C (1000mg) RDA: 1250%, Vitamin A RDA: 87.5%, Vitamin D RDA: 200%, Vitamin E RDA: 375%, Vitamin B6 RDA: 464%, Vitamin B12 RDA: 384%, Folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid) RDA: 200%, Zinc RDA: 100%, Iron RDA: 36%, Copper RDA: 90%, Selenium RDA: 200% (from Boots)

Bassett's Daily Energiser - pastille. 1 per day. Vitamin 2 RDA: 100%, Vitamin B5 RDA: 100%, Vitamin B6 RDA: 100%, Vitamin B12 RDA: 100%, Vitamin C (80mg) RDA: 100% Vitamin E RDA: 100% (from Boots)

(I have another multivitamin that contains Omega-3 but I might not take this because it contains the same as the Bassett's Daily Energiser.)

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  • Starla, I don't think there's much point in doctor shopping to get a second opinion on other vitamin/mineral status. It looks like the B complex vitamins are covered and I don't think you're overdoing it with those multi-vits but I don't think you will be getting enough vitD from them. 2,000iu vitD3 softgel capsules or spray daily is a good maintenance dose Oct-Apr, but may not be enough if your levels are very low.

  • Thanks, I found a stronger D3 spray after seeing your reply. It was the highest dose I could see. 3,000IU. If my D3 level is 68 (suboptimal 50-75) would the supplement of 3,000Iu not be enough?

  • Starla, well yes, 3,000iu is more than 2,000iu so it will be enough as you're just shy of optimal.

  • Ok. :) Does my GP have to know about this? Only that since I go to other consultants they might want to know what medications I'm taking. Or is the Vitamin D not really a medication?

  • Starla, It never occurred to me that my GP or endo would be interested until endo asked what supplements I take 6 months ago. He was only interested in vitD.

  • Sounds that you are taking quite a lot and are unsure about how much of what to take. It also sounds as if it's quite expensive. You can have too much iron (worth testing iron & ferritin before you take any) which is stored in the body but Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and the body rids itself of any excess and does not store it - on Vitamin B12 see pernicious-anaemia-society.... .

    It may be worth looking at Dr. Sarah Myhill's website which contains very good information on vitamins and minerals - she also sells an every-day multi-vitamin and you could top this up with whatever extras you need. Also see the Nutrishield website - they also have very good information on vitamins etc. and also sell a high-quality & affordable vitamin/supplement combination they produce themselves (a recovered ME sufferer recommended them to me as a cheaper and better alternative to all the others or individual ones as they are synergistically produced and constantly updated according to the latest scientific insights by Dr. Paul Clayton. They also publish regular updates and newsletters on the latest science). RDAs are very low and in Dr. Clayton's and Dr. Myhill's view (amongst many others) far too low to have any therapeutic effect. I agree with Clutter - I don't think that any of the vitamins will affect your thyroid test.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just realised I didn't add Dr. Myhill's website - here it is:

  • Hi yes, I'm very unsure about what to take. I've found that the iron the GP reluctantly prescribed me is making me feel worse and the fatigue is getting worse, too. I spent over £20 on Thursday on the multivitamins which I didn't want to do.

    Thanks for sending the link. I'll take a look at it now. :)

  • Hi Starla,

    if your problem is continued fatigue and other symptoms, please look at my other posts. I think you might find at least some of the information useful. Get as much information as you can because it will put you in a better position when you speak to your GP - only an informed patient can make informed decisions, otherwise you will be left in the dark and you will think you will have no option but take the doctor's advice. But it is your health and your body and you will be best placed to judge what's best for you if you are informed.

    I have said it several times now: I think that a holistic approach to hypothyroidism is needed - it's not a one-size-fits-all problem. You may do a lot better going to an ecological/'natural' doctor or practitioner who looks at all your health issues and connects them. You may have hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Candida Albicans. These conditions have overlapping symptoms and can be related but don't have to be.

    If you need more advice on doctors/practitioners, please send me a personal message.

  • Hi MLML6, I've been to my GP before about getting information online and she became very angry with me about using the internet because that to her meant I didn't trust her. The GP has said I have an "underactive thyroid gland" and that people just deal with it. She signed me off with fatigue until the end of November but she said it's a short-term solution and she wants me to make an effort to get on with my life. I don't feel as though I can some days and I'm struggling to find a job with shifts that suit my own lifestyle habits (I'm more productive at night and stay tired until 10am in the morning) and deal with no one around me really knowing what's going on with me. Adrenal insufficiency was checked by my Endo and was negative for the serum cortisol blood test. I'm willing to travel if I need to because I have since contacted two ecological/natural doctors and neither of them have replied to me. This was quite a few days ago. I'll send you a PM now.

  • Ok. A GP who gets angry because you have informed yourself or you'd like her to clarify something that's connected to your condition and which you have found on the internet is just angry because she feels that her authority is threatened. I can understand that an informed patient is more challenging as you may not follow her blindly, but this can also be rewarding for a doctor. In this day and age it's just normal that patients will get information from the internet - even the NHS has a website informing the public on medical conditions. Trust has to be earned and cannot be taken for granted. I certainly wouldn't trust her.

  • This GP told me I had no idea what I was doing and she then said she would no longer help me with anything thyroid-related until the endo appointment because I was seemingly doing things my own way. She gave me a choice: either I continue to let conventional medicine help me or that I enlist in the help of some quacks. She then printed off some mental health leaflet and handed it to me.

  • It seems that she needs the mental health leaflet - well, at least she's got plenty for herself...

  • She told me to book in and see her in two weeks' time but I didn't book in with her at the front desk - I walked straight out and into another practice to ask to be registered with them instead. :D

  • That's the only rational thing to do.

    I just replied to your PM.

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