Update on t3 and some vit D advice please

Feeling fab on my T3!! Nearly 2 weeks in and my brain is less foggy, I have more energy and don't hurt as much. Not sure if I should start increasing slightly or not, I'm on 12.5mg?

I've had my test results back for my Vitamin D level and other vits and they are as follows:-

25-hydroxy vitamin d total 42.83 (>50)

Iron 14.1 (6.6-26)

Vitamin b12 543 (191-663)

Folate 8.7 (3.9-26.8)

Ferritin 74.29 (15-150)

Tsh <0.01 (0.3-5.5)

Free t4 21.7 (12-22)

Free t3 4.9 (3.1-6.8)

I'm taking vitamin b12 and a multivitamin that contains 400mg folic acid, 14mg iron and 10mg vitamin D but don't know if the vitamin D one is high enough to bring me up to the 150 level the doctor wants me to be.

Any ideas?

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If you're feeling fab on 12.5mcg T3 you don't need to increase dose. If FT3 was 4.9 prior to taking T3 12.5mcg is likely to take it to top of the range. I would hold at 12.5mcg for 6-8 weeks and check FT3 level before increasing further.

VitD 42.83 is insufficient. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 daily for 6 weeks and then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in August. There is only 400iu in 10mcg in your multi vit.

Thank you clutter, as always a minefield of information xx

Hey Kitty,

Were you just on Levo before getting (what i presume is) a private test done?

Yes mark, I was on 175mg levo and have now moved down to 100mg with 12.5 T3 after having a consultation with a private endo in Derby who prescribed the T3

Oh that's very interesting then, that's the same levo dosage I'm on currently

Blood tests were done by my NHS endo

can I ask what symptoms you were getting when on 175mg of levo that made you think something else was wrong?

I basically felt like I did when I was first diagnosed... brain fog, no energy, hurting all over my body etc I would always feel great the first few weeks that my dose was upped but then went downhill from there. Endo at the hospital that I was seeing couldn't explain it and when I last saw her and my free T4 was at 30 she downed my dose from 175mg to 100mg... I felt absolutely horrific for that next week which was when I decided to go private. He immediately told me that I wasn't converting t4 to t3 enough and advised me take 125mg Levo as thats where my previous blood results were optimal and gave me a prescription for T3 which he advised me to use my contacts in Cyprus to get filled there as it is loads cheaper. He also told e what levels to aim for as well as optimal levels for my vit d, iron, ferritin, folate and vit d12 with a guideline of what supplements and dosage to take to get there. Within a week I could feel a massive improvement! Best £250 I have ever spent in my life

£250? What was that for?

One hour consultation with the private endocrinologist

Could you PM me with the details of your private doctor? Thank you

Scottishkitty, so glad you are feeling better! Could you pm me the name of your private endocrinologist please? Although I feel confident to 'go it alone' my 3 daughters need support! Thankyou in advance!

I would. E very interested to know about your supplier in Cyprus and how to order it. I am going to see a private consultant soon and am expecting to go back on T3 having had it removed after many years Ann Simpson

I've got family that live in Cyprus. I've emailed them a copy of my prescription and they will take it to a pharmacy then post it to me x

Scottishkitty- delighted you found such a sympathetic endo. He sounds brilliant. Could you please PM me his details? Thank you!

Brilliant that you've had such success. Could you private message me the Endo's details please? Thanks 😀

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