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Euthyrox Pill and Multivitamins - Advice Please !!

Hi, I have been taking my Thyroid pill, Euthyrox 25mcg, half hour before the breakfast. Then i take my Centrum Performance Multivitamin, Vit D3 1000iu, Omega3 1000mg, Vit C 1000mg, K2 100mcg and a Probiotic with afternoon meal which is always at least 4 hours away from breakfast for absorption purposes.

My question is whether I can take Centrum Multivitamin and the other vitamins mentioned above with the breakfast (still half hour away from Euthyrox but not 4 hours away as i have been doing until now). None of the Vitamins I take contain any Calcium but they do contain Iron. I would like to take my vitamin pills preferably with breakfast rather than lunch if possible so any advice would be appreciated.

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Some things can interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormones and advice now is to allow around an hour after taking them before eating.

I always take supplements at lunchtime so there's no chance of an interaction.

Another option is to take your thyroid hormones at bedtime, as long as you've left about 2 to 2.5 hours after food. That way you can have breakfast and supplements without any bother. Only thing to remember is to miss bedtime dose before a blood test and take after it and you can still take your bedtime dose as usual that day.

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thank you for the helpful advice Shaws.

If i switch to bedtime dose of Euthyrox, will it have any impact on me falling asleep as i cannot sleep properly as it is?


Some people find it of benefit so you'd have to try it to see how it affects you. If not you might find the benefit of a little T3 added to levo as some have found that helpful too.

Is your TSH around 1 or lower?


Magnesium can perhaps help with sleep issues - and is recommended if taking Vit D3 anyway.


Personally I much prefer (and seems to work better) taking Levo at bedtime. Easier to take supplements in morning, and can have cup of tea on waking. But we are all different. Only way to know is to try it

When getting thyroid blood tests, get tested as early as possible in morning, and don't take Levo the night before. Take Levo immediately after blood test.

Many of us use Blue horizon thyroid plus eleven test - easy to do test at home

See private testing info on thyroid Uk website

As you have Hashimoto's, Have you tried adopting a 100% gluten free diet - many of us find it helps reduce symptoms.

A reply on your previous post talked about seaweed/iodine. Extra iodine is NOT recommended with Hashimoto's- apparently can make us worse.

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my results were as follows:

TSH 5.7 (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 16.64 pmol/L (10.6 - 22.7)

FT3 5.4 pmol/L (3.4 - 6.8)

Anti-TPO 88 UI/mL (< 34)

as you can see my TSH and Anti-TPO - were OUT of Range (above).

How much of T3 should i be taking in your opinion and would it be easy to get my GP to prescribe it for me given my thyroid levels?


@ SlowDragon

thanks for the helpful advice.

How much magnesium should i be taking in addition to my 4mg (200% RDA) which is already included in my Centrum MV? and what time of day should i take it?

yes i will do my bloods with BH when i'm due next as it seems like the best choice out there and many on this forum use them

regarding Gluten-free diet and seaweed - i decided not to take any seaweed stuff due to the point you mentioned above regarding iodine. Regarding Gluten-Free diet, i will definitely look into what i need to avoid and what i need to eat to make the switch as i see many success stories about going Gluten-Free.


Personally i don't take multi-vitamin. Not usually recommended on here anyway, especially if has iodine in, or folic acid. Hashimoto's patients definitely should NOT take iodine.


I use half recommended daily dose - Natural vitality calm magnesium powder - readily available.

And half recommended daily dose - Re-Mag - as recommended in "The Magnesium Miracle" (only one UK supplier as far as I know - online health shop in Tunbridge wells)

Both are liquid magnesium - easily absorbed.

Magnesium notorious for causing loose bowels (Re-Mag seems less likely to cause this) so started slowly on 1/4 teaspoon daily and built up.

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1) why is not recommended to take MV with iodine and folic acid? i heard that thyroid meds include an element of iodine in it - is that the reason?

2) also i thought Folic Acid or Methylfolate (the better version) is vital for the proper functioning of the Thyroid hormone and Hashimoto patients should consume 400mg folate per day - is that not right?

3) i will definitely get some quality liquid magnesium now too - thansk for sharing your dosage - do you take your mag dose before bed or during the day?

thank you


I take in 3 split doses - after breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1/2, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon

Magnesium must be at least 4 (or ideally 6) hours away from taking Levo. I take Levo at bedtime.

we are all different, trial and error to find what works for each of us.

Iodine is definitely not recommended for anyone with Hashimotos - apparently makes it worse.

Folic acid - apparently much better to take folate.

Usual recommendation on here is good quality (expensive) vit B complex (eg Thorne's) as these have folate in rather than cheaper folic acid.

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thanks for sharing your doses with me - i will do the same. i will start off slowly with liquid Mag to make my body used to it and increase gradually.

re Folate - i already have Solgar's Folate (methylfolate 400mcg/cap) but was not consuming it due to the fact that there was already folic acid in my MV. I know that folate is much superior to folic acid but was not having any success in finding a MV without folic acid and did not want to overdose on folic acid/folate hence just stuck with 400mcg folic acid which my MV contained.

Now i will stop using Multivitamin pills altogether and the following would be my protocol from now :

1) B complex vitamins with 400mcg Folate,

2) 1000iu D3,

3) 1g Vit C,

4) 1g Omega 3 with EPA/DHA and

5) Magnesium liquid.

6) Vit K2 100mcg

7) Solgar Probiotic

do you guys approve of the above regimen?


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