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I found this


DD these foods to your diet: artichokes, cabbage, cold water fish, non acidic fresh fruits and vegetables, abundant leafy greens, garlic, onions, olive oil, sweet potatoes, eggs, squashes, parsley, natural whole grains such as rice and oats; asparagus (sulfur content helps to remove metals), drink steamed distilled water only (helps to remove toxins/poisons.) AVOID these foods: dairy, wheat and corn are the worst three foods for your bones and joints. * DAIRY 1.) lactose sugar enhances pain 2.) body does not properely digest dairy products. 3.) calcium competes with other minerals and dairy which cancels or reduces the calcium absorption, which is then stored in soft tissue - hair and skin rathert than bones and joints. 4.) stress along with sugars (all), caffeine, alcohol * WHEAT as well as over consumption of grains are historically known to contribute to numerous joint related ailments. Eat small portions once or twice per day. CORN (corn meal, corn flour, corn chips, corn syrup, corn fructose, corn oil, canned corn, frozen corn,etc) is an inflammatory agent and conrtributes to increased pain in the joints from the heat and swelling caused. Your healthiest fibers are the high moisture foods-vegetables and fruits; these aid in elimination and increased quality health. Reduce or eliminate wheat pastries and products and other high gluten foods that contain high sugar levels, cholesterol and fat. Sugar will enhances pain. For some people, the nightshade family foods contain a toxin known as sotanine; this interferes with enzymes in the muscles. These foods include peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. Caffeine and carbonated beverages are America's number one toxic substance that aggravates the homeostasis health of the body. Chocolate, highly spiced foods, milk all may contribute to additional sore joints, while the phosphates may lower or cancel out the necessary calcium; paprika, cayenne pepper and salt. Next you must eliminate refined, processed and chemically treated, saturated fatty foods from meat products. Do not take iron in supplemental form. Iron supplements are suspected to be involved in pain, swelling and joint destruction. Consume iron naturally in black strap molasses, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, fish, lima beans, spinach, watermelon, dried fruit (especially soaked prunes) and peas. Exercise is essential for reducing pain and retarding joint deterioration. Raw lemon rubs and hot castor oil packs are extremely beneficial. Massage therapy, hot and cold hydrotherapy, Epsom salts baths are all helpful prove beneficial in elimination and generate soothing effects. Pure organic apple cider vinegar (2Tbsp) mixed with a quality water (8-16 ounces) assists in reduction of joint discomfort. Constipation is one of the primary contributing factors in toxic/parasite/bacteria build-up be certain to maintain daily healthy normal multiple bowel movements; one to three times per day. A parasite and or colonic irrigation are recommended. Consider these Vitamins and minerals: Replenex - a natural health product designed for joint rebuilding and healing, this is especially good for "O" blood-type people. Citrus bioflavonoids, vitamin C, brome lain, CoQ10, calcium with magnesium, boron and vitamin D, B complex vitamins plus B3 - increases blood flow by dilating the small arteries, garlic - inhibits the form of free radicals, L-Cysteine - detoxifier essential for immune function, primrose oil, flax seed oil or salmon (not smoked) aids in controlling some inflammation and pain; aloe vera juice - is beneficial for the body's self-healing and intestinal aid, silica capsules or gel- improve joint enhancement, green tea - an internal cleanser, kelp and sea vegetables - as natural purifiers and energy boosters.

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Personally I find that diet is very individual. What suits one person will be rubbish for another. So learn what is good for you.

And also don't override medical advice, so if you are prescribed iron supplements for a specific condition then use them. And check any supplements for interactions with your drug list & disease. So primrose oil is generally to be avoided, as is echinacea and similar herbal remedies.

I do entirely agree with this advice in terms of trying to reduce/eliminate highly processed food, and in taking exercise. The rest is an individual choice.

I don't know where you got all that from but oh dear I feel tired just reading it.......not for me I'm afraid.

I eat what I fancy, have a glass of wine most evenings & after 20 years on Dmards & now a Biologic I'm as well as an OLD LADY can be.

I try to Eat well & Sleep well & get some exercise & that has served me alright.

Obviously if something disagrees with you - don't eat it, but otherwise eating what you enjoy rather than what you think you should eat is much better for the soul. Obviously within reason....not processed foods or sugars ...but enjoy it. I'm sure that helps relaxation & fights tension.

I haven't met a rheumatologist yet who thinks diet has a major input for RD's......except eating too much of it & gaining weight.

Ruth12345 in reply to AgedCrone

I have to say when I read everything I thought flip me where do I start. I think its great if RD not behaving and for those who want to give it a go. I really apreciated reading it, just felt a bit overwhelmed. Ive changed a few things like no toms or red meat ie less cooked, was a favourite of mine, I already had decaf everything a couple of years before diagnosis. I so want to learn and do the right thing. Spoke to my rheumy about diet and he just said do what suits me as everyone is different.

AgedCrone in reply to Ruth12345

I picked lots of red tomatoes this week & made 2 L of Passata sauce. for my Pasta in the winter ......I honestly don't feel any worse after eating it......so,I think I'll just carry on.

If I do feel a bit indigestiony...... I stick to something like plaice with some vegetables for dinner- but friends tell me they find fish very indigestible .....so you pays your money and takes your choice ..each to his own.

Bon Appetit!

Ruth12345 in reply to AgedCrone

I couldnt agree more. 🌞

You've obviously done your homework and it looks impressive. However, I feel I know my body fairly well and my diet suits me. As much fresh veg and fruit as possible, grains and pulses, little meat, dairy and sugar and I'm a happy bunny. We're all very different, thank goodness and what suits one won't suit all.


I just found it,

I don't know if it works, I think it can work for less pain, like I try not to push things I use to love to eat for pain relief

its hard sometimes like tonight I feel peckish and normally I go and get some chocs but I think no the pain isint worth it, so sitting hear with walnuts, its not a lovely but I am thinking of the pain Id be in if I eat something else

helixhelix in reply to VeronicaF

It's ok, I'll have some for you.....

I'm gonna get a big NO to my confession here....I don't like chocolate!

Sorry folks. I just don't like the taste except as an occasional Hot Chocolate drink.

I truly like a stick of celery or a carrot for a snack....it's not learned behaviour....I was like it as a child.


Sorreeee! My downfall is sea salt & black pepper crisps!

Yum, my favourites too.

Thank you for that, it is very useful especially the supplement information x

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