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RA diet for VATA

Hi all, I never thought my post would generate so much interest. Thanks to all of you. At the outset I would like to say that I am on no medication for the past 3 weeks. All of you are aware that I was unable to tolerate any allopathic or even homeo drugs. Though I follow the RA diet specific for my condition I do not take any ayurvedic drugs, as I don't want to risk upsetting my platelets. That sector is already not good for me. :-) .

Today I shall give a small list of the foods that I have personally tested on myself. When I read that 70 % of immune cells are in the gut I knew I had to focus on what I was eating. thus began my search.

In VATA related RA, there is no swelling, and joints make popping sound when flexed ?

General :

No dairy, (except buttermilk)

No sugar

No raw salads

No gluten

No indian garam masala

Grains:( in small quantities)


Jowar( sorghum or white millet )




Milk of both preferred

Meat: ( had to ask a nearby ayurvedic doctor, as I am vegetarian. Had to cook up a story that my non vegetarian friend abroad needed this info)


Fresh water fish



Green gram dal

Chick peas










Sweet potato




Green beans


All fruits that are sweet and well ripe ( especially for banana)

Apple when juiced is good. But raw apples may not digest well.

No dry fruits.

Herbs: ( there may be many others, but these are the only ones I used)




Bay leaf



Turmeric( in little quantities. I did not use it because of my ITP )

Well, I hope this will be of some help. Will post the lists for the other two also.

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Hi I am a Newbie on this site, May I ask what is ITP. ?



Hi Smithfield , ITP means immune thrombocytopenia . The immune system destroys platelets. As platelets help in clotting and turmeric is a blood thinner, I will bleed more if I take turmeric.

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Thank You Padram.


It's a bleeding disorder Smithfield, this link explains I've had unexplained bruising a long while despite investigations, many others do as well & it does concern me when turmeric is recommended. Even if it's recommended we talk to our doctors before taking it it's such a readily available spice some may be tempted to try it without realising how it may affect them. Those with high BP, cholesterol & thyroid problems should also be wary.


I know you are right, we should be cautious . I did check with the Pharmacist about Turmeric and Hydroxchloroquine and while she said they would not react against each other she was sceptical about any benefits.

So will wait until I have spoken to whoever I see first GP or Rheumy Nurse.

Sometimes it is so frustrating as we all know. My feet are my biggest bug bear not the shape or the dislocated toes but the swelling of the ankles most days they are the size of a rugby ball making walking even more difficult.

Sorry going on a bit here should of stuck to Turmeric.


Hi turmeric is an accepted anti inflammatory. And if your ankles are swollen, you must check out the PITTA and KAPHA diet.


I do agree about being cautious. Any alternate therapy that includes herbs, should be used with much caution. Cinnamon which is considered safe, is also a blood thinner. And unfortunately not much research is available in this field.

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Thank you will certainly do so.


If you're thinking of trying it really you should be checking if there are contraindications with all the prescribed meds you take, not just HCQ, meds like NSAIDs, statins etc too. It could be your NSAID's no longer suitable or your meds need reviewing, that said I've always got swollen ankles however well I'm controlled! If it's affecting your walking though it needs addressing so really your Rheumy is the one to advise. I empathise because my feet & ankles are most badly affected because despite disease activity my Rheumy left it too long to examine them.

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Yes will check with my Rhuemy Nurse or GP as they have a record of all my medication

Same here previous rheumatologist ignored my feet .Steroid injection reduces them for a couple of weeks but you just know they are going to bounce back.

I won't mention shoes and that difficulty.

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The Podietrist I see has helped a lot but I'm limited with footwear. My custom made orthotics have helped but lace up's (when you have problems with grip), generous enough toe box, wedge & full shoe limits the choice of nice looking shoes! All because I had 2 years of disease activity, here in the UK the DAS 28 doesn't include feet! Craziness!!


Yes totally, hands are but not feet both equally important in my eyes.

Laces and buckles are a no no.It is Velcro Velcro or Velcro.

Height of fashion !!!!


I have shoes with Velcro because my Pod said they were ok as I can't tie laces tight enough but this you-know-what of an orthotic woman says no. She also said the trainers my Pod recommended aren't right for me, I have been told she's a bit like that so usually only wear my laced up ones when I need to see her or if my h is around to tie them for me! My lovely Pod's on maternity leave til next Jan so what's a girl to do?!

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Watch out for salicylates allergy!

Foods that are higher in salicylates include many spices, most fruits, especially dried fruits, nuts, and also some flavorings and preservatives.


Thank you have never heard of it but will check it.


I eat a lot of fresh fruit !!


Padram so I am a bit confused here have you been eating whatever is on this list /according to what ayurvedic you are and then I presume you slowly introduce the other foods and balance out your ayurvedic .

or have you just been juicing and making soups with the foods that you are allowed to eat on this diet and then you will start to incorporate more whole foods into your diet?

I have had a quick look at the website you gave me the other day but I have not had much time to look into anything proplery.

Thanks for all your help. :)


Hi, kalel. I fall into the vata category. So I take only what is in my list as of now. I started with one fruit the first 2 days. Then I introduced a vegetable. Slowly I have managed to include all that is in the list. Now I take one solid food, rice with veggies and dal for lunch. But the rice is of very little quantity. I gave the 3 lists separately, with symptoms of each dosha, so that you can find which category you belong to. Then you must take only those in that particular list. And like we fee toddlers, we must introduce only one by one. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will try to answer them.

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right ok I get you so just to confirm you just ate one fruit for the first two days and then you introduced your veg and then say slowly through out the week you introduced more and more veg from the list.

Can I also ask you did you just drink water when you whilst following the diet or did you drink any teas or anything.

Also how long where you slowly including all the foods from the list before you started eating rice.

Just be careful with rice because I know that they say that grains can really affect people with auto immune problems. :)

Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it. :)


Hi Kalel, yes you are right. Since my stomach had bloated up like a pregnant lady, I took only diluted fruit juice of just one fruit for 2 days. After 2 days, I juiced half a carrot for mid morning. Continued with the fruit juice I was taking the 2 days.i tried rice a bit too soon, didn't digest( the amount we usually feed a crow . In our custom, we offer food to god, then offer food to crow , and only then we eat) . So I started soups, thin watery ones, and by a week introduced thick soup. Like you said, I think rice is giving me some problem. So I have stopped rice( from yesterday ), and gone back to thick soups thrice a day. I don't digest raw salads. Will start rice after a week and check . We are all different, and our bodies too may one day be vata dominated, another day, vata- pitta dominated. So have to be very attuned to how our bodies behave everyday. It is strenuous and frustrating at times, but what keeps me going is the fact that I don't have fatigue, I don't have bone breaking pain. And I don't digest bread or biscuit or anything with refined flour. Throughout the day, I make don't drink teas too. I make cumin or fennel or little ginger, or very little thyme infused water ( boil water with one of the ingredients) and drink only this water.


Hi Kalel, wanted to say that I had only dark grape juice the first 2 days.


thanks for the advice Padram I get what you are saying now. Did you do a dosha test online or can I just do a free dosha test that they have online?

Just be careful with rice because I know that they say that we should avoid grains if we have autoimmune problems.

In my experience the other reason why we can get bloating is because our body is not used to the amount of fibre we are eating and we end getting bloating until we get rid of all the toxic crap that is in our system.

Up to you of course but you could always see if quinoa or millet or buckwheat digests better. I sprout my buckwheat and then stick it in the dehydrator.

I agree we need to be very in touch with how our body reacts to certain things I def think that I need to be careful about white potatoes I actually want to see if I can buy organic purple potatoes because I have heard that they are better for us but I seem to be fine when eating sweet potatoes.

I will def try this diet and see how feel.

If you want I will send you some details about some of the drs that I follow that talk about probiotics and healing the gut etc and autoimmune conditions.

Thank so much for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated. :)


Hi kalel, I did not do a dosha test. Just found out I am vata dominant by the popping sound bin my joints as well as the absence of swelling with extreme pain in my joints. I am actually vata- kapha type. Did not want to confuse every one with too much details. Since vata is dominant I take vata pacifying diet. And as for rice, I think it may not be the reason for discomfort. I had some green beans with rice. That could be the problem. Will try again once my stomach settles down.


ok. Do you think I can do an online test or what is the best way to find out what dosha I am.

I am really keen to start following this diet.

I have actually noticed that since giving up white potatoes this makes such a difference to my life and I really can't eat grains

The thing that I know about grains is I know that people like the medical medium and dr mark hyman always say that if you have autoimmune disease then it is best to stay away from grains till you have reversed your symptoms at least and same with legumes.

Apparently we can eat a small amount of legumes but until the gut has been healed it is best to stay away from legumes.. we all need to do what is right or us an our body I just thought that I should share what I know especially because you have shared so much with me but of course do what is right for you. If eating rice etc does not affect you then go for it. I am just very sensitive and my body reacts if I eat certain foods.

Padram sorry I have not had much of a chance to do this today but I will look up the doctors that I follow and send you some of the info that I have and then you can decide what you should do about things.

I will compile a list together of drs and things I have taken that have helped my gut etc and message you in the next couple of days. I have found that doing things like dry skin brushing and drinking plenty of water and eating leafy greens has really helped get rid of toxins etc in

my body.

Thanks so much for taking the time to message me and sharing all this great info can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


Hi Kalel, I think there must be some online sites that give a good estimate of what your DOSHA is. You should get one if you don't know what yours is, as some can be combinations of 2 DOSHAS . Thank you for wanting to share your experiences of healing the gut. Looking forward to it.


Different people have different views on "RICE". The best medicine when you have bas stomach is to have boiled rice with just salt and you get better!!! Poor people only eat build rice with just pickle or salt and the live a healthy life. If they can afford to but green peas then just make a soup with green to eat with rice.

If one wants to test on new food, the best think is to just drink water for 24 hours and see if you can settle you stomach! then slowly add one item at a time as you go alone and omit what reacts.

How do you measure how much food or water a bird east or drink?

I better stop here.


Hi Bala, you must be right. It may have been the green beans that I eat with rice twice a week. After seeing the video posted by kai yesterday, I think rice may not be the culprit. Will try again after stomach settles down.


Thank you, I will be 70 this year, eating boiled rice with salt only goes back to late forties and early fifties. During that time there were ration book to buy rice. There were many verities of fresh veg including beans curry was cooked to eat with rice.

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