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What is it?

What is it?

I have joint pain, mostly the major joints (knees, hips, SIJ, lower back) sometimes elbows and shoulders. Now this pain is not normally felt until I move, more so with what might be called high impact movements, ie walking, I do not run at all, because of the pain. The pain can be described as extreme tenderness which when moved/impacted causes very sharp pain, and if continued a while the ache sets in, and I just do not want to do anything.

I am certain that different foods have an effect on how bad this condition is. I am now eating a not so varied diet, having excluded Meat, Dairy, Gluten, nuts, many sweet fruits, most sweet vegetables,

anything that is processed/factory made. If I have any of the foods just mentioned I normally get a very large boil type thing, anywhere on my body which can take upto 6 months to erupt, which is very tender and painful for the whole time. Picture below, (sorry if you are squeamish) Doctor had taken a swab of one but said it was all normal?????

I can on days when I feel not too bad go cycling, and easily cover 20-30 miles, which does not seem to jolt, impact my joints.

I have seen my doctors on many occasions, but I am often at my best after waiting the two weeks from making the appointment, and as I am 58 6ft 2 and 12st 7lbs and look fit as a flea, the doctors give me short shrift, which is unsurprising as they often look more unhealthy than me!

I was working up until 7 years ago but the pain has made working as a mechanic impossible. I do not have any benefits, and rely on my dear wife for money.

I just want to know what is causing this pain, if anyone can suggest what it might be please please answer.


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Flaming 'Eck jointpain! Keep going back.... Have you had any blood tests? Start going in to your local walk in centre, particularly out of surgery hours, when the boils erupt and tell them simply "I don't know what it is!" Do the same with a sudden more severe (if that's possible a) joint pain... Why? Because that way your GP may sit up and take notice.... Your visits will be recorded on your medical records as 'consultations' and too many out of surgery consultations will be embarrassing for your GP.... Failing that rather passive-aggressive approach you could try switching GP if at all possible.

Good luck



It could be osteoarthritis, but even so you should at least be given something for pain management even if they can't reverse it. Ask for a second opinion and ask for a full range of blood tests to rule in or out all sorts of other possibilities.

(And eek, I'm squeamish!)


As the others have said you need to pester your GP some more. There are lots of other types of autoimmune diseases which can impact on skin such as psoriatic arthritis, Lupus and Vasculitis - which can also often cause a lot of pain in joints. Even RA is a more systemic disease than many GPs appreciate and you must push to get answers because this doesn't sound right at all. You may need to ask to see a rheumatologist or an immunologist or even a dermatologist but one way or the other your symptoms indicate that something is wrong so please don't let them fob you off. Twitchy


Thank you for your replies, I am made to feel like I am already pestering the Doctors already. I was referred to a dermatologist a few years ago who wanted me to take statins, which I had previously taken for a month and got all sorts of side effects, and as they were made primarily of Lactose I ended up with the boil in the picture, hence the referral. I was also given a blood test for crohn's and sarcoidosis around that time.

I do not drink alcohol, coffee or tea, as they all react badly with me, if it isn't my joints it is my digestive system. My tummy symptoms are now mostly controlled by my restricted diet.

I actually lay the blame for all that is wrong with years of antibiotics given for 'Acne' which I reckon was never acne but a reaction to what I was eating, which was a very normal diet, even though I was coping with the joint pain etc, I was never 'fine'. (one reason I was self employed, I don't think I could have held a full time job down)

But over the years things have got worse. Whenever I see a new Dr at my surgery they are very enthusiastic until they actually get my notes up on the screen, and I am sure there must be a code saying that I am a hypochondriac or something, as they then lose interest and get me out as soon as possible.


Sorry, I can't help as far as your pic is concerned as I know little of skin related RD , but I am of the opinion that any GP worth his salt wouldn't assume his patient has nothing wrong with him on appearances alone. My first reaction was to say make an appointment with another GP in your Practice but you refer to doctors so guess you've exhausted that option. I take it you've been with the Practice some time & if that is the case frequent visits for the same problems should have been recognised as something underlying. My GP has a "three counts & you're out" attitude, meaning if she's seen you three times for the same problem it's obviously something she's missing & refers her patient to a Specialist. She prides herself that it's only happened on a few occasions in 20-odd years so I guess it works!

I would ask relatives, friends & acquaintances living locally if they're happy with the Practice they attend & consider changing to whichever seems best & double check online each Practices Annual Patient Survey - I'd like to bet yours makes for interesting reading!

I hope you get sorted one way or another (& I'm not squeamish!).


I just looked up GP patient survey Wales and really it was a waste of money and does little in the way of giving any real information.

I had already changed surgery about 15 years ago as the doctors there were basically the same, When I went in complaining about my guts once again, the doctor punched me in the stomach I then went in for an emergency appendectomy. another reason I went downhill I am sure as I heard on the radio that a higher percentage of people without an appendix go on to develop coeliac disease, which my doctor is adamant I do not, but in the same breath suggests I eat gluten for a few months and have a test, which I won't because it affects me so much when I do.

There are no other surgerys available to me.


No, I mean go on the individual Surgery website, Google in the name of the Surgery & each one will have probably both last year's & this year's results & obviously not charged for.

We have a choice of 5 or so in my area but it will depend on the population in your area & how many each Practice covers.

I assume you made a formal complaint about your treatment of your GP, him inflaming the reason for your eventual appendectomy?


Hi, Wales must be different, website, yes. Results of surveys, nil.

As to complaining, I never did, Just waited in reception for the ambulance.


Just checked my friends Practice in Monmouth & read theirs but maybe yours hasn't kept up to speed. It formed part of the Practice Managers Improving Access:Back to basics Improvements back in 2009.

Wasn't the question even asked why the ambulance was called to Surgery? Sounds a bit odd.


I can't find anything for my GP practice (in Llangollen) my previous GP was in Chirk. The reason the ambulance was called to the surgery was because that was where the doctor punched me in the stomach! But that was a while ago now.


Maybe they don't have a website then.

Yes, I understood that. I used to work in a GP Practice & we had to log why an ambulance was necessary when called to the Surgery & even had to do it for my immediate boss who unfortunately died in Reception, resuscitated in the ambulance but declared doa on arrival & who's husband was the Senior Partner.


I think you are being far too long-suffering Jointpain. My GPs probably curse me ten times over but I've long since ceased to care, or rather I do but I really try not to! I think there's a saying that goes "what other people say about you is their business.."?! Remember that these people are very well remunerated - they aren't self employed and trying to hold things together in uncertain times as you are.

I have close friends who live in Wales. The woman works for NHS Wales and pulls her eyes and and grinds her teeth about the organisation. Her husband was fobbed off for a few years about a sore throat which turned out to be very advanced cancer.

I believe that desperate times require desperate measures and I would go in and confront them with your story and if they start to read your notes I would pre-empt them and say - "please look at me when I'm here - not at my notes which you can read later. I've had a belly full of being fobbed off and I'm here today for some answers!" and smile your most winning smile at them or else sob loudly!


My heart goes out to your friends, I hope there was a good outcome. I will be going back to my GP and see if they can work out what is wrong, but some how I doubt it. My last prescription took them over two weeks to correctly produce.

When I called an ambulance after my back went 'pop' ten years ago, I was laying on my workshop floor for 2 and a half hours before it got to me.

My worry over my irregular heartbeat had one doctor asking patronising questions suggesting I was a mental case, just because I mentioned my father died from a heart attack and all his sisters had pacemakers.


Oh blimey you have got it bad with your doctors .. But mine wasn't very supportive over my heart palpitations either. I explained that both my parents died of heart failure suddenly and, like yourself we have many with heart related conditions in the wider family and she agreed to get me checked with a one week holter monitor which did show I had arrhythmia. As I say they earn a lot and it may even be worth pointing this out to them next time they imply you are a hypochondriac!

Good luck!

Ps outcome of my Welsh friends has been good to date - mainly because they are fighters!


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