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Doppler test


Doppler test I have lymphodema in both legs Nurse had 3 go’s before he got a properReading as this is 2 blood pressure cuffs on legs and 1 on arm should they have done this as my legs seem more painful since I had this done .

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I'm sorry to hear that you had problems. I was told to have a Doppler test every year, without fail. This, of course, did not happen this year. However in previous years the nurse, during the test, has discovered other health issues, for which I am grateful.

Tigerpatch in reply to TeresaMay

I don’t have regular doppler tests. G P does not have a cuff big enough to go round a swollen leg.

What’s the Doppler test for , please ?

Ap8440 in reply to Sbluebam

It’s to see how the blood is travelling through your veins and shows if any blockages

Sbluebam in reply to Ap8440

I’ve never been offered one

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