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Help about wearing compression garments


I wonder if anyone could help I've just started wearing compression stockings on both lower legs and feet as I was diagnosed with by lateral chronic oedema I'm not quite sure do you wear them as much as you can I'm allowed to sleep in them at the moment I'm only taking them off to shower and moisturise and then they go back on . It's all very new to me. If anyone does have any advice please and thanks

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Were you advised to wear them 24/7 by a medical professional?

Panda57 in reply to Lynora

Thank you for your reply she just said wear them as much as you she said shower moisturise then they go back on. I asked did she mean sleep in them she said yes you can sleep in them .

roysome in reply to Panda57

I personally don't think that you should wear them in bed. Might cause other problems ... circulation etc. You are after all lying flat and should not get a significant build up.

To me it is vital that I wear them for exercise. I walk for twenty mins. per day. Cycle for thirty when poissible and have a Vibrapower machine ... doing all with the tightest of strapping.

Light exercise is vital for lymphoedema. It works the muscles, which in turn work on the lymph build up.

Lynora in reply to Panda57

Panda - I've just read on another thread that your diagnosis comes as a result of MS.

I would advise you ask your MS consultant to put you in touch with your local Lymphoedema Service (if you are in the UK). The service would be able to source garments which should help control your oedema - including night time garments, which are kinder to the skin. There are also donning devices available, to help you don the garments. I don't know how long you have been wearing the garments, but I expect you may have experienced some discomfort during the night. Avoid applying cream immediately before putting them on - it can cause problems with the hair follicles - and also the cream can damage the material.

Do you spend much time with your legs down, feet on the floor? Could you have a siesta and elevate your legs for an hour around lunch time? It would give gravity a chance to help with the movement of lymph.

If you are able to exercise, then do anything you enjoy. I used to teach a seated exercise class to MS patients at a local centre - it's amazing how strenuous sitting still and waving your arms can be!!!

Panda57 in reply to Lynora

Thank you so much for your reply and advice I have put in a request for a urgent call back from my M.S nurse so I can talk through and get her advice. I'm sure it wont be exactly the same as what I've been advised from the clinic but will wait to see. I cant do alot of exercise but I'm going to start doing some in my chair as I know theres clips to watch . Once again many thanks for your reply and advice .

I agree to take them off to sleep. I was told to put them on before getting out of bed in the morning and wear until getting ready for bed at night. It did mean a change to my showering machine! 😊

But do check with other medical advisors you deal with.

Panda57 in reply to TeresaMay

Thank you so much for your reply and advice. Since reading the replies I have had from people on this site I have asked for an urgent call back from my M.S nurse to discuss and take advice from her. I am so glad I joined this site and asked otherwise more damage could've been done than good as I had a really bad leg tremor the other night and have had alot more spasms at the back of my lower legs when laying down since I've been wearing them. Once again thank you for your reply and advice all the best .

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