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Any ideas please I have been engaged in the battle with my legs for the last year continuous bandaging or farrow wraps

Worked brilliantly until this Christmas and suddenly my left leg, the worse one, has begun to get bigger and bigger and by the end of day in larger above the wrap and has pushed the wrap down about 4 inches and bloomed over the top, It has never done this before should I get some bandaging done to get it normal that is my first instinct if the nurse is agreeable. So here we go again one step forward to back. ......... Happy New Year!!!!!

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Big leg thanks for the advice I have seen the doctor and he agrees back to triple wrap for a bit and see how it goes Happy New Year to you xgins


It is not the most practical of solutions, but if you can afford to completely rest your leg for a few days, and I mean close to bed rest, it may go down to manageable levels. I was just in hospital and on bed rest for 5 days, and with no compression, I lost nearly 8 kgs off of my legs. I know everyone is different, but it may help if you can't see your nurse for a while.

Good luck and don't let it get you down. Happy New Year


Thank you for your comments sorry to hear you were on bed rest it is boring but useful tool isnt it I did ten day last spring mine did not go down but I was rested/ We are going for triple bandaging again. :) Happy New Year xxgins

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Good luck with the triple bandaging! I hope it is effective. Happy New Year!


how annoying over xmas when there isn't much support around. I wear actilymph compression socks to knee on both legs, when I get ant issues ive got the compression bandages etc on prescription and apply them if needed, if I had to wait for the nurse it would be to long. Good luck and I hope they respond quickly. Resting and keeping your legs up will help but I wouldn't insult you saying the obvious, good luck


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