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How and where I can get my support stocking and comfort shoes?

I am suffering of swealing leg in my right leg for about 28 years, now I am 43 with a child 13. well I used to have medical support in UK most of my life but since my ex left me because of my leg and start to abuse me as soon as I was pregnant I had to leave Uk for about 7 years because I was so depress and lonely with a small child. now again I stock here as my leg got worse, no proper Dr and no stocking for this kind of problem and I even cannot find a comfort shoes. my depression got worse and I am so worried about my child. any body can advise me? it is like my brain doesnt work anymore, is difficult of make a dicision and think. but I must cary on becaues of my child.

thank you

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oldestnewest are sent from heaven to me with the shoe website you recommend....widerfit shoes. I live overseas from the UKRAINE and have had absolutely endless tears and frustrations in dealing with THAT OTHER shoes supplier cf. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Yes, they are dearer but quality and the most detailed assistance in correct fitting absolutely count for so much more! Thanks once again


Just a quickie for now....what are leg wraps and of what are they made...I am very interested. I have had lymphoedema for 23 years and 95% of the time no treatment in New Zealand, doctor ignorance and hospitals outrageous and careless attitude.. bang you full of antibiotic crap..bye bye.etc. I could go on and on! So can I apply the wraps myself/husband? What are they and how easy to apply. I can only dream about such relief. What is the cost, how long do they last and are they really supportive? A great big HUG to you.


Dear 12Rose, your story is so sad but welcome to this lovely supportive site. You can get a lot of nice stuff from Cosyfeet who specialise in extra roomy footwear, try , they deliver outside UK except to USA and Canada, EU countries cost £6 and rest of world £8.50

If you are back in UK please please try for the sake of your child to get a proper diagnosis and then treatment through referral by your GP. There is good treatment out there but it can be really hard to access it.

Very best wishes



Hi, dear, and thank you for your reply. I did try coseyfeet but as I live in Iran they dont have any delivery here and we have problem for payment, because we dont have any sort of credit card to use for international online shopping. I'd like to back to UK and I try to make myself strong to do it this summer. But as I lost my self confidence I am so scared of being in new situation again. I dont know where to start how to start. How can I find help. But I know if I stay here, there is no future for both of us. That's why I decided to join your community. I have no freind or proper relative to even adivse me. But your replies makes me so happy that, there are still people out there to care.

Thank you


Thank you, the problem is they dont deliver to Iran and because I have a problem in my one leg they just sell shoes in pair so my other leg which dont have problem looks bad with wider shoes and is difficult to walk. In UK hospital used to make shoes for me once a year, but here is night mear.

Good luck


Hi, My son and I both are UK citizen, his father also is UK citizen and we dont have any news of him since my son was 2, which I am not upset about it. The thing is, I'd like to move back to UK, but I dont know if I can get any support and how and where should I start it. Where we should stay until things get sort it. It's like my dipression and fear hold me back all the time and always think if we move there and I couldnt find any help and support what would happen to my son?! If I could find a job and if I could cop with hard job if I couldnt find proper one. Because my son is very talented student I just wnat to do something that wont upset him, then he can build his life.

take care


Hi, and thank you. yes it is helpful and supportive. I did check CAB site and it was explaining something like I should have satisfaing explanation in order to get help. But I will give a try. specially when I found this site and support . I wish you a very happy new year . and Happy new year to all


Rose, I do not know if it is permitted on this site to give out email addresses, but if it is I would like to correspond with you as a friend if you would like. From which part of Iran are you and are you Iranian? Kind regards


Thank you, I love to have nice friend like you. I am in Tehran and I am Iranian. To be hounest I dont know about email adress. Are you in Iran too?

Take care


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