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padlocked questions!

some questions have a padlock next to them & say they're only available to members

2 questions:

- how do you do that?

- i thought this was a closed forum & the whole lot was only available to members who've logged in? is that not right?

ah, i've seen the bit at the bottom where you choose - if you tick 'available to everyone', who's everyone & who's this community?


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It means that only those of us who are members of this website can see the question. Where as anyone can see this website on the www not all can see every question and reply until they are members. A bit like being a member of a library, "everyone" can go into the library and have a look at the books but only ticket holders or "members" can take the books and read them. Hope that makes sense?


thanks so much for taking the time, harpy - yes, it makes great sense!


You are welcome :)


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