Has anybody else had problems with toenails due to lymphoedema?

I have had primary lymphoedema for the last 30 years and in the last couple of years have had recurrent infections at the sides of the larger toenails due to the nail being pushed into the side of the toe because of compression/swelling. I have had 2 toenails removed to try and solve the problem but since they have grown back the problem has returned and they now want to remove the nails permanently. My lymphoedema specialist has been involved in this throughout, but I would be really interested to hear if anyone else has had similar problems?

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  • hello. I havent had any removed but when it was really oedematous before i was diagnosed my big toe nails went yellow, now they are very fragile, grow distorted and just flake off so i cant paint them anymore. Just something else we have to put up with, I find it annoying as others dont appreciate it all.

  • Hi, i know its not going to help your current situation bu ti was wondering, do you wear toes gloves, if not, that may be something to consider for the future to help keep the swelling down in your toes. They are a bit strange to start with but i wouldn't be without them know. I had an ingrowing toe nail years ago but luckly that grew out so i persuaded them not to remove it.

  • I have toe gloves but they keep working their way off. How do you get them to stay on?

  • Thank you for your answers! I do wear toe socks but still seem to have the problems - I guess it's just another challenge of living with lymphoedema!

  • would agree with toe gloves. Ive had primary for 35 years and this has helped in reducing the size of my toes which has saved the removal of my toe nails. They are a little different to wear at times but this has help.

  • I have had problems with my toenails for years cutting into toes and very thick I have problems with cutting them foot people have cut my toes sometimes leaving sores which developes into blisters and making differcult to walk what I do is soak in bowl water to soften them before I cut them

  • I'm so glad you wrote this, not to hear you're suffering now I'm not that bad 😀 I honestly can't get over how thick my toenails are, and how discoloured / pushed in at sides. This morning I was trying to clip them but took a lot of time and effort to. I haven't seen the lymphoemeda nurse yet so no support wear yet. Isnt it strange? If it leaves you one less thing to stress about & is annoying you then I'd get them done. Wishing you all the best x

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