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New virus discovery!

It has been found that there is a new virus outbreak, it’s spreading faster than...

A little light relief!

I can remember when this terminology was used!!!

Green (or maybe brown) Fingers?

Have we any keen gardeners here. I certainly am and have been for many years. I ...
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noodle fog... explained!

Should I add this to my PIP application docs? Sums up my fog perfectly :D


Hi As any one tried CBD oil just purchased some at 8.6 strength per drop.Really ...

Diabetes & FMS

Hi guys, I am new here and wondered if there are others out there with the same ...


When asked to use the word 'horticulture' in a sentence, Marty said \"You can l...

Welcome to the FMAUK HU Community!

Welcome to Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) HealthUnlocked (HU) community which me...

DAD?... DAAAAAD? ...

😁 - Thanks for all Get Well wishes. Stop coughing to death. Still exhausted! 💗...

You Want Trouble Mate?

Bit Of A Laugh For Those Of You Feeling Down.

Yip....this feels familiar!!!

Sums it up!! 😣😉


My daughter Ruby is 8. She has 2 gold fish. I asked, what names would you like...

Understandably fed up.......any more???

Stroke,brain surgery, kidney cancer, fracture operations, fibromyalgia,, osteopo...

A bit slow on the old uptake!

Well, I know my fibro and my tbi make me a bit dippy but my daughter had hysteri...

When the meds stop working...! lol :)

FIBRO-FUN: Tiz good to start the week off with a laugh :) God bless you all :)

Best Man Won

Evening all, it's a bit late in the day, but has anyone read in The Mirror newsp...

an Easter smile

Easter boots  :D

Today I'm a little bit achy but I'm good

Hi everyone sorry I've not been on here for a long time ,I hope you all have a g...

For Dawn. Your chariot awaits to take you back to . . .

This is a road legal De Lorean, visited Winchester 2 years ago :) :) XX

ot - Christmas with Pinky & Perky

(my yearly treat) songs from my childhood. hope they work. enjoy! :) hamble ...

Funnies.. 2..

ive got it

Something to make you smile ?

A very devout couple who had been together for over 2 years decided to get marri...

That Damn'd Fibro Fog strikes again!!!!!

Hi all. Pat here. Hoping you're all as well as can be expected. ;-) After the ...

OT - Fun pic

WHO likes this :D it's a fridge :)

Unwanted shower.

Well I don't know what to say only I think I was mistaken for a flower. My husba...

Have a cuppa!

OT- Thank Fluffie it's Friday

Hi everyone :) Yes, it's that time of the week again when the weekend is almos...

A little less partying barbie!!!!!

I remember saying take her home Ken. She's lashed.

The cat didn't get the cream

I did !!!

Sorry audh. Just seen this. Hilarious!!! But a bit naughty.

Hope you like this.
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