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Best Man Won

Evening all, it's a bit late in the day, but has anyone read in The Mirror newspaper about a 19 yr old young man called George Coppen who took on the DWP & won!! He's a inspiration to us all. Very well done to George. Please try to find the story & read about this young man. I would have posted the story for everyone to read but I havn't got a clue how to do it. Nite nite hope everybody has a good night's sleep. xx

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Good news 

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Hi yvon01

Yes, I had read this and I think it is wonderful. He is from Derby where I am so it has been quite big news here. Hopefully it will give hope to others trying to claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


Good for him and Disability Direct having the guts to take them on.

I 'loved' the quote from the DWP spokesman - ‘Just because a new decision has been made at appeal stage does not mean the previous decision was incorrect.

‘In the majority of appeal cases, decisions are overturned because claimants have submitted more evidence.’

Err - scuse me!   What rot!  Just look at him, what more evidence do you need!  And when people had already been getting DLA what more evidence do the DWP need.  Unless of course it's really because they simply changed the goalposts.

Read more: metro.co.uk/2016/04/01/disa...


So glad he won and was prepared to have his case publicised.  Hopefully it will show the healthy general public that people receiving disability benefits in the majority of cases deserve them and what a terrible stance the DWP is taking in the effort to save a pound or two.x


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