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First seizure and scared

Well, I had my first grand seizure after many years of absence seizure.

How scarey it all is. I feel lost.

Apparently I was fitting , eye ball rolling, convulsions, spasms, and foaming at the mouth for 3mins (aprox) I then fell asleep for a good hour.!

When I woke my mouth and tounge were so sore and bleeding. It's still sore now.

I'm so scared. I've been referred to the epilepsy neurology clinic. What do they do?

The GP said I should not Drive?? Gosh, I have a disabled daughter, I am her sole carer and only active parent.

Any advice? Should I claim benefits? Do I HAVE to stop driving?

Could my for just be a one off???

Thanks. Oh and Hi , I'm Kerry Lee 39yrar old, mother of 3 x

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A one off seizure is possible but this sounds classic you can't drive because what would happen if that seizure had been when you were driving or worse if your daughter was with you or you killed someone while seizing that's why you can't drive at all. I understand your delema though I'm a mom too when I had my second I had to move in with my parents I go into premature labour so chasing a 3 1/2 year old was not gonna happen if you have a clsc nearby you can call them and see what kind of resourses there are available to you they do have programs for someone to come over help you with housework and such maybe they can drive you to where your daughter needs to go.


Thanks for reply. It's just all so shocking. Adapting life seems the only way, hopefully it'll get easier as time goes by.



You'll get by one of the major part of epilepsy is getting better or at least getting to a controllable level hopefully no migraines or other miserable symptoms. My heart goes out to you its so hard living with a disability but caring for someone with one too is even more difficult. How is the public transit in your city? Where I live only some metro stations are equip with elevators. Check out your local C.L.S.C.


I'm in UK. I will bike x


Sounds like a plan.

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Ask to see the epilepsy nurse; they should be abel to help with your whole life, rather than just the treatment for epilepsy.

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