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1 anxiety leads to the next, & always some depression

Ok my experience, pretty normal guy, even married now. I started the noticing the physical affects of Anxiety since 14.Sweating, blushing, stuttering - whatever your body does in the fight or flight situation. (sometimes even aggression as a response). GP will treat this as a physical condition first, at least they did 16yrs ago. So anything the controls the the release of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline. Propanolol is there favourite, Clonidine was best for me. if this is just on and off for you, you'll find helpful. But this is more suited for performance or situations that you can predict.

No GP will entertain Benzo's as a first line of treatment for people under 20, they have been abused so much and GP's have gotten in so much trouble over it they wont risk it.They will steer you towards Paroxetine, Citalopram, Venlafaxine. Citalopram works initially but will stop working after about 8wks. Paroxetine, is useless, and Venlafaxine will make you so energetic and sweaty you might not care its making you feel better, but others will thing your high.

The single medicine for anxiety and anxiety physical effects is Phenelzine, it the gold standard. Its around for ages but the downside is its selectivity. At low dose you have GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine working

unfortunately it also starts to hit the Noradrenaline receptors. For anxiety, anything that affects your Noradrenaline is not good. also you have to be careful with alcohol, as its a potent drug, and liver damage if used with high alcohol intake is a real concern overtime(but likely if you drink too much on Phenelzine, the first time is hell you wont do again).some amino acid, i think it affects tryptamine,(like those herbal 5htp pills- but they dont pass the blood brian barrier well, unfortunately)

Now if like me just anxiety and social phobia is leading you to feel a bit down, this is not real depression its a "side effect of your anxiety".

Your best option is - Clonazepam, low dose Alprazolam, and if any physical affects , sweating, blushing, low dose Clonidine.(propanolol needs at least a 40mg dose to control the physical affects if your Clonazepam and Xanax has not prevented the "jump in your heart that leads to the physical affects. By then its too late, its like anticipatory anxiety. you wanna stop the nervousness with simple old school Benzo's and anything that leaks through, wipe up with the physical blockers.

The catch, you have to go through, all the steps unfortunately. Beta/alpha blockers, SSRI, SNRI, THerapy, then maybe the doctor will accept(i found my age and being married was big game changer) theyll say your right benzo's, low dose alpha/beta, and if your depresseed too from all the hassle, low dose citalopram. no more than 10mg for each except the alpha blockers, 100-300mcg per day

Dont abuse them and you can stay on them with no damage for as long as you like with no ill affects.

excercise, eat well, reduce the drink to stop mood swings, and mainly get out and socialize- this is CBT, on your own time

ok hope helps

some will say bull but worked for me

RELAX! and good luck, it could be worse, but you can make it better too:-)


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