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I have suffered from depression since I was 15 now 26 always been able to cope with it until a few months ago that I started to feel funny.! doctors said that I have anxiety but Im constantly fearing I'm going to dies. I'm scared off being alone with my 3 children. I can't sleep everytime I go to lay down I feel a rush come over my body I have been put on sertraline but nothing seems to have changed please help someone I'm tired off living my life like this.


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  • I also had the constant "fear" and would get the woosh over my body at night as well as a dozen other strange symptoms, constantly lightheaded, pins and needles in legs and achey muscles etc etc. I was also suffering with mild depression. I was reluctant to take the Prozac the doctor prescribed so I researched and have been taking Vit D 1000iu for 17 days now and not had any symptoms for 2 weeks! it's worth a try :-) xx

  • HI. Sorry to hear of your distress. I think that many people on this site have felt, or still feel, similar things to you about dying. I, too, have had this feeling since my heart attacks earlier this year. I still get those feelings from time to time even now. The realty is, of course, that we are not likely to be dying just like that. What you and I and many others on here are dealing with is anxiety, as I am sure you know. For each person there will be methods and strategies to help deal with the thoughts and feelings that stem from anxiety. You also suffer with depression - depression and anxiety are close friends and when they attack together it can feel devastating. I assume that you have been seeing a doctor about this and are perhaps on medication. Maybe the medication is not the right one for you. Maybe the dosage is not right. If i were you I would speak with my doctor about it. Also, it might be useful to think about getting a therapist to work alongside the medication. And of course you can always come here and talk with people. Distraction is often useful for people who have our issues. I wish you well.

  • It's just come from no were thou, i hardly ever feel anxious about situations but just have this feeling in my body. I'm more scared off living my life with anxiety because I don't know what ever day is going 2 be like.

  • That is the thing about anxiety - it strikes when we least expect it sometimes. The one thing for sure is that there will be a 'trigger' for the anxiety. Once you get to know the trigger/s it is possible to defeat anxiety, usually with some mind of medical intervention like therapy or short term medication or both. There is no reason for you to just suddenly die. Ok, there are times when people suddenly die that we hear about. But it is still rare, and there is usually something in the background that gave a clue to early death possibility. If you have not already done so I would suggest you speak with your doctor and explain how deep your fears are due to your anxiety.

  • I have spoken to doctors & have had tests done witch came back ok I just cannot seem to get this thought out off head.

  • If there is no physical cause for your anxiety then clearly there is a mental/emotional cause. Quite often anxiety takes hold of us after some kind of traumatic incident in our lives. In my case it was my heart attack that led to overwhelming feelings of doom and a belief that I would die that very day - every day. I am fortunate in that I am a therapist myself and so recognised the problem and was able to get help fairly quickly. But I am still not free from the anxiety. Maybe you can look back over the recent past and try to identify exactly when you first became anxious and in what circumstances. You could keep a diary showing when the anxiety in worst and best and in what circumstances this occurs. In short, anything that will help you identify the triggers for your anxiety. If you are really unable to cope with the feelings then perhaps ask your doctor for some medication to help in the short term. It would be great if the doctor can also arrange for a therapist for you to talk with.

  • I am on medication... Sertraline at what age did you have a heart attack if u don't mind me asking.?x

  • My heart attacks were both this year - I am 56 years old. But both my father and brother died at 51 from heart attacks - hence my feelings of gloom. The medication you are on should be helping you. If it is not then you need to mention this to the doctor. Maybe the dosage is not right or maybe you need to change the medication.

  • Everyone is scared of dieing, I was. I think everybody is if they admit to it. heart beating fast, can't sleep. shakey, skin crawling. your imagination goes wild. medication is not the answer. talk to a friend, cuddle your loved ones, talking about your feelings. leave the radio on at night, watch a good film. exercise is great. a huge amount of people feel this way. I did once. look around you, appreciate what you have, look forward to things, dress up and go out for dinner, start a project. start to try and love life. do voluntary work and see people worse off than you. you have to learn to love yourself, try to relax. remember one thing, when you die, you will be at piece..... I had a heart transplant, been on life support twice, have a muscle problem and partly disable.....not great.... I get down too.....we are human and we all have down days.....Xx

  • Thank-you for your reply I am letting it control my life but I cannot seem to shake it off.xx

  • Hi nikki how long have u been on the sertraline luv x

  • Hiya About 3 weeks.x

  • Hi nikki on starting the sertraline u will feel like this u have to give it time to work tho . U may need something else added to get u thru ist 6 to 8 weeks but u should feel a difference soon hang in there I just increased to 75 mg from 50 mg 2 weeks ago and have felt a rise in anxiety and low mood shouldn't happen right? But some kind people told me wat I'm telling u it's hard but u have to give your. Body time to adjust to it I'm trying hard too rite here if u need to talk I know it's hard I just want to be well again Iv also got an unstable thyroid tho so that throws me off all the time hoping it all settled down for us . If anyone can give us light at the end of the tunnel I'd appreciate it too xx

  • Hi nikki you sound like me. I started with depression around that age and I'm 26, I'm constantly worried about my health! I've been dealing with anxiety on and off for around 6/7 years, there has been times it's been manageable but for the past 2 years it's been uncontrollable, most days I feel some symptoms and it gets me scared and on edge and il think of it all day! That them leads to panic and even more symptoms.

    I'm havnt been on meds for about 2 and a half years now, are you seeing anyone for your anxiety?

    X x

  • I have been referred 2 the wellbeing service went once & tbh it wasn't worth it. I have constant chest pains but doctors are convinced it is anxiety but I'm not so sure, it controls my life I use 2 be a happy outgoing person but everyday I now leave in fear always needing someone with me.xx

  • I'm the same, hate being left alone! I get chest pains, dizziness, blurred vision, weakness, the list goes on, have you heard of cbt therapy? That's quite good, I'm waiting for doctors to ring me for an appointment for it, because she's been on sick for a long time x

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