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Anxiety and depression

I just wondered if anyone found that their GP is very difficult with mental health problems. They have withdrawn sleeping tablets so you feel absolutely dreadful the next morning making the depression worse. They recommend talking therapy that takes weeks to obtain whilst you are suffering yourself terribly. They won't help they just say talk it all out. They won't prescribe diazepam even for a short time which is cruel really. Why are they making life worse for people it seems very wrong.

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I don't have a great relationship with my doctor either, im thinking about changing my doctor and starting afresh. I hope things get better for you, for us all.


Yes I think that is a good idea some are much more helpful than others. I know I need the medication I could do a better job than them. Have you had medication at any time?


I've been on a few different ones, mirtazipine, citalopram and another which I can't remember. Anti depressants make me feel numb and sick but they do say they take a while to work. I haven't found one that actually makes me feel better yet.


Totally understand. My problem is getting to see my named GP who is really great but popular. So you usually get the Dr who does not understand or Registrar who doesn't have a clue! Referrals to Psych always take forever who then doesn't u der stand my frustration/anger/sarcasm when I say "It's see the Queen"!

I've started to refuse to see a particular Dr when offered an apt hoping the message will get through. I know it may wrong but I'm also blunt about how truly depressed I feel & whatIve felt.ime doing. I feel guilty but if it's the truth....

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Hello Dave,

Do you live in England or another country of GB?

I starting laughing half way your statement about whether GP were hard to deal with regarding mental health concerns. YES, is the absolute obvious answer for me....but mainly because I believe you are must be dealing with the English healthcare system.

In the US, a GP or family practitioners are very good specialists in general family practice, but would most likely refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist, who are the specialists in the mental health field. My doctor is a neuropsychiatrist, board certified in both neurology and psychiatrist.

Yes, after a thorough case review of my situation, testing and evaluation, I was prescribed medication at times when he felt I needed to help stabilize me so that "talk" therapy for behavior change could be effective. I see him briefly every month for med checks and to discuss how to make changes in my thinking or behavior to deal with my PTSD.

Many physicians are very cautious about prescribing sleep medications for very good reasons.....the side effects and addictive tendencies.

On one of the more popular in the US is "Ambien" where people have actually driven their cars while asleep after taking it with no memory of doing so, and I caught myself preparing to walk my dog in the middle of the night when I took it one time. I know a man who cooks regularly in the middle of the night and has no memory of it except for the dishes in his sink.

I take an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication that do work well for me WHEN TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED. They are bandaids or supports, that help stabilize me, but not enough to wipe out my anxiety and depression...which is good. They are a means to help reach my goals.

Medications are not the answer for my challenges, they are a means to work on the causes of anxiety and depression of my PTSD.

The goal is to be stable enough to work with my doctor about the recommended changes in my behavior and thought, and practice with how to change the content of nightmares I have. That's a good approach to controlling my anxiety and depression that may seem to have no connection to my nightmares.

I hope you have success in finding a mental health specialist who may use medication, if appropriate, to help with the therapy provided...and that means homework for you......not just talking during your appointments. :)


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