Always the same thing.. Anxiety

I been okay for the first time in two months. Now it's my second day of my cycle and BOOM I'm having the worst anxiety. I keep crying because I'm sick of living this way. It's always with my periods and that isn't something you have control over really. I really just want to have them take everything out so I don't have to deal with this. I feel like a crazy person on top of my period. I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • teenarie, unfortunately it's all a part of the plan of being a woman. We are part feminine and part hormones. From the beginning of time, it's been like this. Who are we to change history. It's really the men who suffer each month as well having to put up with us. The thing you can do is watch what you eat a few days before your cycle, no salt, no caffeine. It tends to make us fill with water which in turn can make the anxiety worse. Do whatever you can to pamper yourself for those couple days. Don't make any big commitments if possible. Talk with other woman who can sympathize with what you're going through. There's always power in numbers. You won't feel so overwhelmed. And most of all, be happy to be a woman, one of the most important jobs you will ever have. xx

  • I cut out caffeine since May which is a MAJOR step for me considering I have been drinking Mt Dew & Dr Pepper everyday all day since I was thirteen. I try to drink lots of water and OJ. I still drink caffeine free though like Sprite or Orange Soda. I have been eating more at home and wayyyyyy less fast food. (Chipotle is my weakness) I just have never had cramps or bleeding like this before so I think its more so the physical pain causing my anxiety. Plus my iron is probably low. I love being a woman and I love being a mom but my need for my kids is over. Which may be selfish but my pregnancies were very very very difficult. Id rather just have the surgery. I cant do other birth controls then what I already have since it is hormone free and lasts ten years thankfully. I am blessed that my symptoms are less this month but it is still very overwhelming. Managable though even though I have been weepy today. Trying to stay positive! Just hard when its in your head you know?

  • Hi teemarie, that's good that you cut out the caffeinated drinks. Mt Dew use to be my favorite until I found out it had a lot of caffeine in it. With the problems you are experiencing monthly by all means it can make you low in iron and should be checked out by the Gyny. Some women have more trouble than others, it is a personal decision as how to address it. You are not selfish by any means. I hope you can get it resolved and not have to go through this pain and suffering.

  • Thank you Agora1 you are a doll :) I appreciate you always checking on me and helping me! I don't know yet I have to find a good OBGYN!

  • Well not a girl but I have this monster to it's crazy. I been having this 12 years meds and all. It just don't stop sometime I'll go months feeling ok but then it will hit and I feel bad for month. I go to doctor and they find nothing in blood test EKG. GOOD IT SUCKS HANG IN THERE

  • Thank you, yes it has been a very rough couple of months.

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