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depression&anxiety :(


hi im cassie im 23 and a mother to 3 kids. i have depression and health anxiety. i get symptoms like dizziness,nasuea,chestpains,tieredness,stomach pain,backpain. and always think something bad is wrong with me! i always worry about my kids health too not so much my boy cause hes 7 and can tell me whats wrong but i have 2 girls that i worry about. i have told my family about me but they just dont support me and say its all in my head and to stop being stupid. my patner does sort of understand but not to the full degree :( ive only been like this since my first daughter was born back in 2014 and i choked on a bit of cheese and made me not want to eat anything chewy for ages! ive over become my eating fobia on my own too with a little support from my partner. i have no social life either so that probably doesnt help my depression. anyone else get symtoms like me?

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Hi Cassie...yes I do. And can I please say, wow BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. So proud of you for handling all of this. I suffer pretty bad with a lot of what you do. Only difference, I am single no kids. I do care for elderly grandparents and my sweet Bella (my doggie). My family does not support me and my relationship failed because he was very unsupportive and mean to me. Look, I know this is easier said than done, but we can do this. God gave you children because he knows you are strong enough and a very good mother! 😊Do not let your partner put you down, this is a very hard condition to have, both mentally and emotionally, even pyhysically! We support you and are behind you! I am suffering right along side ya. Keep hope and faith. 😙

Thank you so much hunni! means alot. so sweet that you care for your grandparents and doggie :) sorry that you ex treated you that way but he clearly didnt deserve such a caring honest woman like yourself! you will find someone that cares and supports you soon my lovely. ive been with my other half for 8 years since 15 and i love him so much! weve had our up and downs but what couple doesnt. i am trying to be strong for my 3 kids but sometimes i feel like im a failer. im here for you 2 hun. you keep strong 2 :) i live in england so a bit far to be supportive face to face but whats yur facebook ill add you :) xxx

Awe I am so jealous! I bet England is SOOO beautiful. I have never traveled outside the USA. And yes mam every relationship takes work and dedication, trial and error. Thank you so much for your words too!🤗😚 Hope lives in your heart. 💞

really? oh yes some parts of england are beautiful! ive never been abroad either i bet texas is beautiful always wanted to go to america! <3

Definitely would love to go to England! I love Harry Potter!😉 Ireland is my biggest dream to visit though! America is America, lol, I been here forever. Texas is BIG! And friendly. 🤗

hehe i love harry potter too.. and ive never ben to ireland but the lake district is beautiful so many moutains and caves to explore and little streams and waterfalls. yeah lol id love to go to america!

Wow...that is amazing. We have nothing like that here in Texas. Cassie it is very nice meeting you. You have so much support here, you came to the right place. 😊

ahhh you need to come visit :) one day maybe. nice to meet you to hunni glad i signed up :)

You too. 🤗

By the way...I am April. I am 31, live in Texas. 🤗

Hi Cassie

Sorry to learn that you are having a tough time at the moment but want you to know that your anxiety and depression will pass. I suffered for 6 years but recovered by learning about anxiety and the way it manifested itself by reading a book called Essential Help for your nerves by Dr Claire Weekes and advice offered by other ex-sufferers on a website called Anxiety No More. If you haven't already done so, I strongly recommend that you look them up as these helped me tremendously in my recovery. In a nutshell, recovery comes from accepting all of the symptoms without putting up any resistance to them I.e. Letting go. It is the resistance or trying to rid yourself of the thoughts and feelings that keep the anxiety and depression hanging around. Acceptance gives the time and space for your mind and body to heal itself as nature intended, in the same way it heals itself from other ailments without you having to do anything other than letting time pass.

I have posted information on this website and passing on what I learnt during my recovery which you may find helpful.

Best wishes


P.s. Lovely family too! I have 4 kids between the ages of 18 and 11 and proud of them all but I do have a biased opinion!

cassiegraves in reply to Beevee

thank you for the advise hun :) and thank you i love my little family x

Hi cassie, lovely photo ! I to have health anxiety worried about every ache an pain it's so draining , my family know what I'm like but seem to just not mention it which makes me think all sick of listening to me with my symptoms , so this support group helps a lot ,just a little pick me up on bad days , take care xxx

thank you sharon :) and yes i am looking into support groups at the min so hoping there is one near me. take care too xx

Hi Cassie, that advice Beevee gives you is good, here in the uk Doctor Claire Weekes' book is called 'Self help with your nerves', you can pick a used copy up on Amazon for a couple of quid, it will change your life and your view of yourself and your illness, and it will bring immediate reassurance, relief and an eventual cure. Her system which has healed tens of thousands is based on Facing, Accepting, Floating and Letting Time Pass. The symptoms you describe all sound like anxiety to me, do talk to your doctor though to rule out anything else, I've had most of them in my time. Beevee's description is very good but you do need to read that book, again and again. You aren't going to die, you aren't going to turn into an invalid, anxiety does not have the power to do that. You will win through for the sake of yourself, your children and your partner. Meanwhile remember nature's tranquilliser: breathe in slowly from the depths of your stomach, hold it for 4 seconds, breathe out slowly, hold it one second, then repeat a few times but slowly. This releases hormones in the body that help to pacify the anxiety. Do get that book soon and remember: All troubles pass.

thank you jeff i will be buying this book today :)

Omg what a gorgeous family!!!

Yes yes... I get this all the time anxiety is one of the worst things to deal with but your not alone, we all on here to support each other!!!! Its so so hard when people don't understand, in my family we have all suffered from anxiety and all are on medication... Bit of a nutty family if you Like lol... Have you got some help from the doctor, maybe some CBT would help you. I'm waiting for my appointment xxxx

Here if u need a chat Xx


thank you so much rosie :) and no your not nutty im sure your all lovely! yes im waiting for an appointment and as a young mum of 3 i am being pushed to the top so it wont be long! im here if you need a chat to hun xx

Oh that's good I'm glad they have pushed you to the top... :-) and same goes for you if you ever need a chat!! Xxx

I hear you i go throught he same i worry so much about my boys but sometimes it it not good to worry about somethi g that has not happen yetbim learning that the hard way the last 2 weeks has been very dark for me it sucks

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