Severe anxiety/depression

So for a few months, approximately 6 months I've been experiencing disturbing symptoms out of the blue. Muscle twitches all over the body, muscular tension, occasional bone pain, fast heart rate, ringing In the ears, neck pain and a lot of other symptoms. I certainly charetirise myself as a worrier. This drove me up the wall and I believed I had everything wrong with me as a result of the symptoms such as terrible diseases such as cancer, Ms, sepsis (God knows why!) after approximately 15 hospital visits and numerous GP visits I've been re-assured that nothing is wrong with me and undergone tests and scans. Just wondering if anyone out there is the same as me and can relate, good to know we are not alone!


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  • Hey there same here all the symptoms you can name I must of had them all except for a few ... Been to the ER 26x in less the four months ... Had various ct scans echo EKG blood work all was well ... At the end of it all they said it was anxiety I'm still having symptoms everyday may bring a new on A new or it can be multiple symptoms at a time in beginning to learn to live with. Believe it not ... But I still have many Doctor appointments I'm also seeing a Kinesiologist .. On buspar twice a day 10mg psych decided to change my med to lexapro 5mg a day but not sure if I will be taking it as other mess in the beginning have me many symptoms at once I'm very sensitive to meds always have been even before my anxiety started four months ago ... So yes to answer your question there are many of us that have gone through exactly the same symptoms or more .. The key from a few naturalist I've gone to too Is to eat healthy no fried foods no whole grains dairy .. Eat more veggies fruits fish leafy greens water no sugar or refined process foods for to help the gut heal a lot of this is caused by the gut .. It can also cause anxiety depression .. Do some studies you have taking the first steps and your healthy now it's time to take control of your body again.. Want a natural pill to help Cala your nerves a bit ... Calms Forte from Hylands inc they sale then at GnC or CVs or rite aid hope this helps ... Any questions feel free to message me or post ... Take care the symptoms will eventually subside ... By the way what did the doctors say to you ? Dos they say it's anxiety ? Pls let us know thanks feel better...

  • Hi there I've been thinking about seeing a kinesiologist have you see one yet or you are planning to? I would love to get some feedback about it?

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Aazz, yes I've have seeing one last week and today I have another appointment with her would let you know how it turns out ... Hope your feeling better .. Will keep you posted

  • Check side effects of meds you are on,

  • Start taking magnesium suppliments to stop the twitching in the muscles. Sounds like you are very low on magnesuim what actually brings on anxiety and other illnesses. I tried these a while ago and they cut my symptoms down by 2 3rds. They even get heart palpations under control. Google magnesium and anxiety and have a look for yourself

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