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Fear that I'll die soon??

My calf hurt really bad the other day upper interior I had like I had a knot, it felt constricting, couldn't touch my calf without pain. Just one day the day before that it was the back of knee. And then now my chest just feels weird. At time like I can't breath.

My fear is what it always is emboli.

Right now my leg feels tight and my joints keep cracking popping.

I just have this fear if dying that I'll b dying.

I've also awoken middle of the night for no reasons these last two nights with intense fear of dying.


Haven't been myself lately there's more to it I wish I can really just get it of my chest.



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I know how you feel Yaz. MY HA has been in overdrive the last few weeks. If it's not one thing it's another.

I always find my HA is worse in hot and sunny weather than overcast cool weather. I do prefer the winter as I'm not a sun lover at all so I guess that's why my HA is worse right now with this summer weather.


Hi bramwell

Thank you for responding :)

Oh no summer must be difficult for you :(

Mine could b hormonal as I live in an area where winter isn't really winter since it's always hot

I wNt these feelings gone. :(


Hey Yaz

Nice to meet you:)

First off, have you been checked out?

I use to get pain in my calfs, still do occasionally.

It is muscle tension, hard to believe I know. If you imagine this,

You screw a piece of paper up and then watch it unravel... That's how we are with anxiety. Our muscles are so tense it hurts real bad.

Have a look at calm.com for so relaxing exercises.

Also look into Mindfulness , it's helped me out:)

Hope this helps xx


Hi yummimumm,

Sorry I just saw your reply.

I've been cleared of dvt on two occasions already for both legs ultrasound and blood work. And it doesn't calm my fears they told me possible sciatica but the thing that throws them off is the fact that my leg slightly swells. :(

Hopefully it is just as you tension.

I do mindfulness when I'm at my worst it helps some :)

Thank you for responding :) and advice


Hugs yaz


sounds like you got muscle tension and for some reason getting panic attacks as you say your getting this fear of dying, a classic example.


I used to be afraid of dying and that's where a lot of the anxiety got the best of me. Once I stopped being afraid to die, anxiety started loosing its footing. Its soo much easier saidthan done.


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