terrible fear right now

As i wrote here already i suffer with the fear from heart attack.. and yes, i was checked on ecg before and had blood tests and was ok.. but right now my left arm aches me a lot and it feels like when i move it ,im getting bigger pain to chest and it goes to head too and feeling very dizzy.. the heart rate is 120 .. took beta blocker but is not helping.. trying to hold myself not to call ambulance again.. but i have so big fear right now :(

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  • Marci76, I understand how fear can take over when we have a health phobia regarding our heart. Since you have been checked out multiple times and the good doctors have not found any issues with your heart, then you need to look at what may be precipitating this worry. You have been blessed in being healthy up until a year ago. What happened a year ago before having that first panic attack? That's what needs to be addressed right now. Something is making you fixate on your heart. Did someone close to you die of a heart issue? My thought is that something always precedes our anxiety to come into full bloom. Was it your move to Lapland?

    How are you feeling right now dear? Are you able to use deep breathing and some meditation to calm your body and mind? Let us know how we can help you. x

  • Hi, thank you so very much for your reply. Honestly i even dont know why this all started. Year ago i had some pain in the chest on left side, i was not much worried about, sometime it ached, sometime not.. were moments that i was thinking to go to doctor if it could not be something with heart, but i never did..then one evening i just laid to bed and in the place where it always ached felt terrible pain.. and with it together came the first panic attack.. i went to hospital .. all was ok with me.. but from the day i live in fear.. the few next days after the first attack i felt very dizzy during the days, felt like moving in my chest.. But i dont know why it started. Lapland is my home, but sometime i come here to UK because of work. I am photographer and work with starting models... thats why i travel here for few months.. and the first time it happened here in the UK. I was a bit stressed because of troubles in relationship before it happened... but i dont think the stress was so big that it could cause this. Right now im really very much trying not to call ambulance.. i feel like all symptoms of having heart attack.. i try calm myself, try to deep breath .. try to do something just make the head "busy" but nothing helps.. my head just thinks : if it was good before.. can i be sure the heart is good still now ? I want to visit therapist, but im waiting when i am back home, as in my own language i can understand all better.. just dont know how to handle it before i can start some cure :(

  • Oh Marci, I'm so sorry you are struggling with this right now. Of course only you can make the decision as what to do. Once we are deep within the fear, it is hard to reverse the negative thinking. I understand that. I'm glad you will be seeing a therapist once you are back home in Lapland. (sorry about my mix up in countries)

    As for not thinking stress was that big to cause this symptoms, who's to say. I can't tell you what to do at this time but I will support whatever you decide in your best interest. Keep us updated please.

  • thank you really very much for every word :) i will try to fight not to go to hospital this time.. was so often already... thank you :)

  • You just triggered me agora with this, it was when i lost my ex's daughter as my own child when we split up after six years of being together, i lost my dad when i met her and then i lost them and been lost ever since.....

  • Marci, I recently had this same thing happen over and over. After 6 weeks of needless ER visits, heart tests, and blood tests, my regular doctor checked my iron and ferritin and determined I'm anemic. After being on iron for 11 days, the symptoms have gotten better. I'm not fully over them and I'm sure I'll have more anxiety episodes until I get my iron up, but it's worth you going to have those two things checked. They actually need to check your hemoglobin, iron, ferritin, and saturation. Those are tests you typically have to ask for. I pray you feel better!

  • Hi, thank you very much for your advice, i will ask my doctor for this kind of tests. Thank you :)

  • Hi Marci! Did you have the blood tests yet? I hope you are feeling better. :)

  • Hi, yes, i asked my doctor about week ago for the hemoglobin tests etc... all was good. The doctor said all is in the normal level.

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