Terrible fear about heart

In last year i had many ecg test, echocardiogram, blood tests.. always all came up as good, no problems with my heart.. had chest xray etc.. always all good and still i have daily terrible fear that something can happen. Last time i visited a doctor just 4 days ago with fear that i could have a blood clot in my lungs... of course i did not. Got another ecg, blood tests.. again all ok. I have often fast heartbeating, got a beta blockers for it.. they said is nothing to worry about. All this started year ago when i got some big pain to chest and as they said in hospital.. my first panic attack.. from the day i live in fear... when my heart beats a bit stronger after some walk, or stand up from bed etc.. i got terrible anxiety something is wrong. I am able to go to hospital and say i got chest pain just to get my heart checked.. I am feeling like a mad already.. Just cant stop to have the fear that even all tests were good few days or few months ago.. today can something happen to my heart... My life is hell now..


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  • Hi Marci76,

    I experience the same exact fear I always think something is wrong with my heart but I've been checked out by cardiologist, ER, and my primary care physician and they all say I'm fine so I have to believe I am fine. We feed our anxiety when we assume the worst of any pain of new feeling that we get in our body. Chest pain is a symptom of anxiety your muscles tense up all over your body because of the anxiety I also get chest pain really I get pain all over my body and tingling sensations too. I felt like I was going crazy calling 911 almost everyday and the paramedics would come check on me and tell me that everything is fine. Some days are harder than others but you can definitely take control over this situation. Are you seeing a therapist or getting any help for your anxiety?

  • Hi, thank you very much for your reply... i still did not visit any therapist.. that all my troubles are because of anxiety i started to believe just short time ago .. but sure will find some one because im getting really crazy... as you said.. im able to call 911 every day too.. i always try to say to myself, it is anxiety, nothing wrong with you.. but it does not help at all.. do you seeing therapist and does it help if you do ?

  • Yes I do see a therapist weekly, he's very good and has really created a bond with me and my family though not all therapist are good therapist. I do think that you should look for a therapist I think that it could really help you learn to cope with anxiety and learn more about what's triggering it also a psychiatrist if you are interested in medication to help cope as well. This website is also a great way to feel better and communicate with others who are having similar experiences! Some things you can do in the mean time while you're trying to find a therapist and psychiatrist you can try massage therapy, getting a pedicure, going for a walk or working out, yoga, a hot bath with Epsom salt, a hot-cold shower, meditation, and breathing exercises.

  • thank you very much for all this advices :)

  • Any time! :-)

  • Going through the same thing as you i get this pain doe that comes and goes and spasms where my hesrt is it also moves to different places aswell my heart beats wierd idk if its just my head i feel like it pause and bests again im worried i did every test like you and even saw a cardiologist they say everything is fine with my heart i saw my primary docter like a week and half ago or two weeks and he checked it by hearing it he said it sounds good and made me laydown said it sounds good but i dont get it why is it doing this if i dont feel nervous or anything my heart sometimes goes really fast like i just ran or something sometimes it happens when i get up from bed or beats hard like slow then goes dump dump dump but like it pause then it goes back to normal a little bit i dont get it just wierd and i been stuck this way for 5 months exactly for having some bad experince with some weed that mad me have a massive panic attack my heart was going crazy fast after that day i been having physical body sympthoms i never experinced the day of my daily sometimes like i dont know wth that weed did but i feel like it meessed me up physicaly and mentaly for some reasonhopefully i get better its been hell for me and aslo i have beta blockers to but i only take them sometimes only when my heart is going really fast

  • Hello I have the exact same problem. I'm actually having it as I type so I definitely understand where you are coming from. The anxiety is really hard to handle but you have to remember what the doctors say. Mine say exactly what yours say. That's what we have to remember. Have you tried any kind of anti-anxiety medication?

  • When it kicks in you need to go do something to take your mind away from it, don't sit there thinking about it, you are playing into its hands. It's all in your head so make your head think of something else instead of what the anxiety is making you think about.

  • Hi...thank you :) i try to do something or think about something else..but so far it is stronger than me :(

  • Keep doing it, it worked for me, hopefully it will for you too ☺

  • Thank you :)

  • You are welcome anytime 😊

  • Hi...not yet...only beta blockers for the heart beating..they said should have to help for the anxiety too...but it does not..

  • I have the same fear. My psychologist told me that the heart is a muscle, and that athletes work hard to get their pulse up, so think of your fast beating heart as a work out for your heart. I have had the tests as well, and my heart is fine, except for tachychardia, which is not dangerous and is being controlled with medication. I try to turn the fear thoughts over to God and replace them with affirming thoughts, like "There is nothing wrong with my heart. I am fine" and then try to do something to take my mind off it and replace those thoughts with other thoughts or action of some kind, even if it is small action. I have done a lot of paper shredding, weeding, sorting files, etc. when I feel anxious and it helps. I also take some anti-anxiety medication as needed.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your answer. I must say i had terrible last two days.. almost the whole time in panic attacks.. this time i did not call ambulance, but almost did.. my roomate helped me the first night when i asked to call me ambulance.. she recognised that it is panic attack and started to talk with me about cooking, i was first like what she is saying, im getting heart attack and she talks about cooking ? But i started to answer and soon i noticed i feel normal. She helped me very much. Unfortunatelly she is here just one or two days in week, im here usually alone. The second day i already started in panic.. woke up, could not breath.. was saying to myself that nothing wrong my heart is good and tried to work.. i work from home on pc this time mainly... but it repeated and repeated.. whatever i tried to do, the anxiety was there.. i was dizzy, thought i will faint and so scared about the heart. But survived the day. Today was finally quite normal.. my thoughts and my fear is here all the time but fortunatelly not panic attacks. As you said about the fast beating heart .. it is what scares me too. I am afraid to go to the hill, to go to the stairs... because this all makes me fast heart beating and it scares me. I know i am in bad condition and a bit overweight, but i dont remember i would have this heartbeatings before when i just went few stairs up. Now the heart beats fast with almost any moving. Do you think it is normal and is just because my condition is bad ? How to make myself to believe that if the heart was good month ago.. it is good still today too..

  • If your heart was good a month ago, it is likely still good today. Have you had a physical lately? If yes, and there is nothing wrong, perhaps you could try abdominal breathing? It's very calming. (see adam.mb.ca for an audio that walks you through it.) Also, listening to calming music is very helpful. I listen to music that is intended for anxious dogs and it works for both my dogs and me. I avoid bright lights and in the evening, I light a candle, listen to music, breathe and focus my mind on safety, peace and calm. Then, generally, I don't feel my heart at all. I really suggest you try the calm breathing and keep doing it over and over again. Focus on your breathing and tell yourself that you are safe and calm.

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