Too much fear to leave

I have so many fears it's starting to trap me inside. I have this horrible fear of going out in public and dying or getting really sick. I get super short of breath so I fear asthma my chest hurts so I fear heart problems. I am getting worst everyday more short of breath because all I do is google asthma. I can't stop worting me I don't go anywhere my family goes without me. I'm super depressed. Does anyone have this and does anyone have edvise on how I can beat this? I'm super scared


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  • Stop using Google for a start it's the worst thing that you can do.

    Have you talked to a doctor about this it sounds awful, you must feel really trapped..

    I used to have anxiety but I beat it by keeping myself busy, eating well and exercising, it worked wonders.

    I hope you will be ok, you can chat to me if it helps you at all.

  • I do feel very trapped I feel I spend a lot of money going to the doctor or ER. I'm litteraly so scared. I get spells off and on all day where I can't breath my doc doesn't like putting people on a lot of mess so I use xanax if it gets horrible some times that doesn't even work

  • Maybe you shouldn't be depending on meds so much, there are natural ways to help yourself.

  • Jimatom what natural ways do you recommend . I'm tarrifyes of medication and it's effects so if you have anything you think may help please please let me know

  • Some foods can help, I eat bananas for it and they help a lot, you can research it all on Google.

    I also got myself out of the habit of thinking I wasn't well by keeping myself occupied by doing and learning new things, so now because my mind is in the habit of thinking of these new things I don't think of the bad things anymore.

    I also exercised regular and I think it was the thing that helped the most.

    You just need to do things and get yourself out of the habit of thinking the way that you do now. Get into the habit of thinking of different things or new things.

    It worked for me.

  • You have health anxiety and a lot of us suffer from that...

  • It's called agoraphobia and a lot of us here have had it or have it. Do a search here and read up on what others have said. It helps just knowing that you aren't the only one with this problem.

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