Is there something really wrong with me or is it anxiey?

Hi I'm 18 years old and I was recently diagnosed with anxiety. I've been to the ER 5 times this past summer. I've had plenty of chest x rays and they all come back normal. I went to a Cardiologist twice and they said everything looked normal. I went to the ER two weeks ago for chest pain and they said it was just inflammation in my chest wall. They said to take ibuprofen for the pain. For awhile things got better , but then my symptoms came back soon after. They symptoms I have now are headaches, heart race, dizziness, extreme arm pain in both arms( it feels like it's my veins squeezing so that makes me worried if their is something wrong with my veins). Back and stomach aches every now and then. I just have this really bad fear of dying. It's like when I try to go to sleep my body tries to relax but it makes me feel like my heart is slowing down and is going to stop. That's is my biggest fear!! My mom also has anxiety so she gets where I'm coming from but nobody else believes me when I try to tell them there is something wrong with me. I just wanted to know If anyone else has dealt with these symptoms I'm so tired of it!!😣😣


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  • Yes I have these symptoms too been to er and doctor about 10 times summer they did ekg and blood work everything good but still have that fear s hard

  • I know same with me I just wish there was a easy way to get rid of it.

  • Yes I have fear everything even goin sleep totally suxs

  • Yes I will doze off and then wake back up its awful

  • I've suffered from anxiety since I was around 4 years old. Night time and going to sleep have always been the hardest times for me. When my anxiety is really bad, I fall asleep with the TV on. It comforts me as if someone is there with me, also it distracts my thoughts, so I don't think about my anxiousness as much.

  • Yeah I've noticed it's easier to sleep with the tv on

  • I'm going through almost the exact same thing. I had times were I felt as if I were gonna faint in the grocery store. It has been scary. My body has also freaked me out when I go to sleep, my body almost feels too relaxed. I just got started on new anxiety medication, I hope it helps. Are you taking anything for the anxiety?

  • Well I think I'm gonna start taking something for it because I have tried alot of things to help cope with it on my own. But those things don't really work.

  • It is anxiety . Trust me . Nothing else , the anxiety plays with your mind in very annoying ways . Remember the anxiety eventually goes away after doing its little game lol . Some people take anxiety attacks as something funny . I do have massive massive anxiety attacks and trust me you don't want to know my symptoms . You will be fine just let it happen and let it run its course . :)

  • Ok thank you so much that made me feel better😊

  • You've probably heard of the flight or flight response, and it sounds like that is what you are experiencing. It is perfectly normal to experience these symptoms when we are anxious. It is a physiological response to a real, or perceived threat.

    Our brains is a wonderfully powerful tool, but sometimes it works against us. Practising mindfulness can be helpful, and there are plenty of websites that'll government you examples of guided meditations that can be useful.

    Another useful tool is writing down what thoughts are going through our mind and taking a little time to challenge those thoughts.

    Ask a question of your thoughts: Is it fact or is it opinion?

    Our thoughts often contain thinking errors. We will fortune tell, catastrophically (make a mountain out of a molehill) and mind read. We don't tend to question our thoughts and that can lead to us experiencing certain emotions and behaving in a certain way.

    Think - Feel - Do

    If we think a certain way we experience certain emotions and we will behave a certain way.

    E.g. :

    Thought - If I am late people will think I'm rude.

    Feel - Anxious, disappointed.

    Do - You might overcompensate: I'll leave really early to ensure I arrive on time.

    Or you might avoid: I won't go, because if I don't go I can't be late.

    Take time to write down your thoughts and challenge them. It takes time, but it can be very worthwhile.

    Take care


  • Thanks for the advice I will start doing that!

  • There are people posting every day on here with a similar story. It's very real but not got anything to do with your heart. The more you worry about it the less likely it io go away !,

  • Thanks ! Yeah if I don't think about it and doing something to keep me busy it will normally go away.

  • Your having a panick attack, you need to research on diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation exicises, I have had all the symptoms that you describe, your be ok, just learn to deal with your disorder, try mindfulness also, meditation, your going to be ok xxx

  • Thank you so much I will research that!

  • I also have a severe anxiety disorder. I was a mother at 12. Not personally...taking care of my brother's. I have gone to the same psychologist sense I was 27. I'm 57! I have been diagnosed with CPTSD and Severe Anxiety Disorder. The first step is after you've gone to ER or other specialist go see your primary care provider. In this manner they guide you things you can try i.e. exercise. breathing techniques, visualization. In the event these methods do not help the Doctor may suggest seeing a psychologist. They try to find the source of your anxiety. They may also talk to your Doctor. Decide to put you on medication. Having anxiety attacks on a regular bases or never having any then boom your having multiple anxiety attacks. They need to find out if situational or a disorder. Taking these actions is following protocol and will be documented. IF they decide to put you on medication you will have already accomplished the base requirements. I live in USA....thank you UK for this site! I'm not sure how UK's health system works. Sometimes anxiety doesn't go away. BUT you will be educated about it and it won't scare you so much. You will have tools to help you! My best to you!

  • Thanks I live in USA as well!! It goes away as soon as I don't think about it

  • I get severe recurring depression and a lot of your symptoms I also get... The brain is a powerful thing... But things do go wrong, synaptic fluids carry messages to the Wright receptors, if they become unbalanced or depleted we get slower in our thinking and responses, these illnesses effect more than just our thoughts. The brain controls everything, so all of our systems can be effected, heart rate, cramps, digestion, ballance, rashes and itching, sleeplessness, energy levels to name but a few. I fell lucky now that I know what treatment works for me to shorten these dark worrying times, they have lasted upto 2years straight. Now last about 3 months. Good luck in finding what helps you the most and the help you deserve!!!!

    It is real what you are experiencing and acceptance of it is a good first step... We are all different but share common symptoms but different things work for different people or not!!! It is just a frustrating journey. Again, good luck. SBishop12


  • Thank you steve I appreciate it alot! I hope I find something sooner or later. My arms haven't really hurt today so I guess that's a good thing.

  • Just remember that although the thoughts seem very real it is only your brain trying to protect you but it is confused and reading your body chemistry wrong! Your brain is trying to look for a solution to a problem that is not as threatening as the synapses are telling it so it acts to protect its self by doing the exact thing that makes the feelings intensify..... Need to break the circle.

    May be that you could study the illness online and learn about the medical side of it! . Knowledge is power... 😁


  • I feel the exact same as you! 😫 it wears me down! I've recently been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder... I told my dr "I feel like if I felt better I wouldn't have anxiety.." Ugh I just don't understand it! Good luck in your journey through all this

  • Thanks same to you!

  • Me too. Everytime I go to doctor they say there is nothing wrong with me which is a good thing but at the same time I want an explanation as to why I feel crap all the time. Anxiety can make you feel all these symptoms but it is not nice. My body feels constantly tense and stressed and I am exhausted from feeling this way all day everyday.

  • Exactly same here.

  • Schmucks I can relate. Constant anxiety wears a person out. My doctor told me my depression is from my anxiety. When things are better controlled (I take meds, exercise, avoid caffeine and try and eat a balanced diet. Anxiety and panic attacks will sneak up on me in stressful times or no reason at all!😕

  • I have anxiety but over the years I have educated myself about it and it has helped me greatly . The good news I have for you is that you can not die from anxiety it's actually the opposite. How ever when you get anxiety your chest can tighten your heart can race your mind can think it's slowing down. Your muscles every where can spasm out . Your hair can even hurt . Anxiety leaves nothing out of reach if your mind can think it . Anxiety is a symptom of something deeper that manifests into panic it could be fears or things we have buried and have not dealt with . Every ones anxiety is different but also familiar. Once you do some soul searching to find out why and when this started happening , and then start focusing on those things ,chances are that your anxiety will go away . I used to be afraid of dieing . I got anxiety when my best friend died , it was to close to home and I was strong for to long and it came out as anxiety because I did not deal with it . I am no longer afraid to die because I understand that i waa more afraid to leave my loved ones behind and how they would be after I was gone . I put a lot of things into perspective after learning about anxiety. I hope this helped you . I hope that you will find your inner strength and get some peace of mind ..

  • You're not the only one. My anxiety is really bad. You're lucky that your mum understands anxiety. My family seems to think it's all in my mind and I'm just faking it. My anxiety stops me from going out I also have IBS with it. Don't get upset over anxiety it's just something to live with tbh 😩

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