Coping with the constant feeling that you're going to die?

I am so so scared every second that I'm going to die or have a seizure or faint even though I have never had a seizure or fainted. Now it is worse because I'm switching medications and feeling really sick, which to me means death is coming. How can I stop these thoughts in the moment? How can you overcome fear of dying? No religious replies please, no offense.


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11 Replies

  • I feel for you. I seriously feared for years that I would faint. Now its heart attack or stroke. I would even go the emergency room. Unfortunately I cannot give a good answer on how to make it stop except to say that I wasted life fearing it for 25 years or so and no emergency has ever happened. And I really thought it would. I feel sick now because I have an infection but the dr says it's normal to feel sick in the situation. Sometimes we don't feel great and that's okay but us anxious people have a hard time handling that. New meds are scary but it usually gets better. I wish you the best.

  • Thank you. I try to think that way too; I've felt like this 100 times and nothing has ever happened so why would it happen now? But then I always think, 'well what if this time its different?' And haha, I have been frequenting the ER lately..

  • I know! What if this is the time and I was wrong those times and if I'm right this time and ignore it something bad will happen. It's exhausting but I try to rationalize, then I don't trust my judgment. I've avoided going to the ER for years. I have though driven to the ER and stopped myself before going in :) Sometimes I just get dressed and ready with the car keys just in case.

    I've been to urgent care 3 times in the last 6 months but I did in fact have something those times, it was pneumonia once & just ear infections x2 - things that should be looked at and medicated but I didn't need to obsess. Not life threatening but I was freaking out. Thank God for urgent care. I'm so off that I have difficulty discerning when it's needed.

  • hi someone i wish i could give you the answer but everybodys different ! its whats called health anxiety now adays i get pains all over and i think im ill thats were this group / forum comes in can exchange how your feeling and what effects meds have on others ! in the future you will look back and wonder why you spent all that time worrying for nothing just take each day as it comes and dont be a stranger to this forum they are a great help.when you need it at least yoir not on your own take care david

  • Brave the waves (anxious for nothing) Steven furtick. I don't believe in religion but i do believe in God, totally different thing altogether. I am not one bit afraid of death. Hope you don't mind me posting to you. Life is only a short part of the journey your on and I totally have been through the whole fainting experience and even to a point of not seeing things right or walking right, noise and vision becomes distorted and I tried everything from the doctors. Feed the fear is our biggest enemy, look back over pst 6 hours your still alive but the fear grips you like someone on your back, I totally know. But I have found the answer x Hope you will listen to him on you tube. Hope your Monday gets better for you as I know how hard it really is x

  • I know exactly how you feel. With me its not something sudden like a heart attack, its cancer. I've always been a bit stressed about my health but after losing someone very close to me to cancer unexpectedly I now have a complete fear of it everytime I have the slightest thing. Everyone told us we're so alike. That and the fact we're related has me convinced its going to happen to me too. The trouble is when I worry I get a lot of anxiety related symptoms (headaches, aches and pains, I get ill easily) so it just makes me worry more. I'm currently battling with a bad back, and neck, pelvic ache, aches in my forearms and hands and a persistent cold/sore throat. I wish I could offer something to make you feel better but just know that you're not going through this alone. X

  • Anxiety about things that haven`t actually happened is negative self hypnosis. You are going into your imagination and creating the worst scenerios. The more you do this, the worse you feel and the worse you feel... yep . Added to this, the more you imagine this, the stronger the neural pathways become and this will end up as a habit.

    To help get out of that viscious circle, start to imagine the best scenarios. Even if you don`t believe them, it gets to be a better form of self hypnosis.State it in the positive.

    There may even be a particular occassion that initially triggered this off. Hypnotherapy can help end this, by creating new reactions to that situation. Easy simple process.

    ...funnily enough I have the song " I will survive " requested . This reminds me of an Anchor you can also set up, to keep calm. if interested e-mail me- I have this on attachment as bit longwinded. Just remind me what you are e-mailing about- cheers ! The mind believes what you imagine, so will set the course in another direction.

    hope this makes sense.

    warm wishes Linda

  • Hello, i know exactly how you feel. I have thought that I am going to die countless times. From the age of about 17 every little ailment i have had i have assumed the worst. I have attended hospital loads of times had every test going. I am now 62 years old and I am still here. Please don't waste your life thinking you are going to die. Get as much help as you can to help you overcome these horrible fears. I know it's easier said than done but you need to be kind to yourself and take each day as it comes. The care i wish you well. Best wishes Carol xxx

  • Wow so many of us feel the same I really can understand you so much it's like you don't want to sleep cause you feel your not going to wake up or you have a weird feeling that comes over you I go hot and sweaty and need to lay down my heart races I sufder with migraines and when am having one I think it's going to take me or am going to have a stroke I then go in a panic it's hard to bring myself out of this deep panic feeling ... What do you do to relax ? Or to take your mind off things??? There's got to be away for you (us ) and all who maybe the same it makes life less enjoyable I have passed out 2 times now am sorry this post not much help as in the help but your not alone

  • Right now I'm taking neurontin and it seems to be helping with these awful thoughts. Doctors tell you that anxiety can't make you faint, maybe so as not to scare you, but it definitely CAN. It is NEVER dangerous though. What has helped me through the really scary time is being around friends and family, and making sure I tell them how I'm feeling. Also, a FEW checkups never hurt if you're really concerned. I wish you all the best. (:

  • Another crappy thing about it is every time I get used to my symptoms like "okay I'm having a racing heart beat and my breathing is picking up" they change to something else and I'm like "oh my god my muscles are twitching my skin is burning my head feels like its going to explode this is new I'm dying" Anxiety is really crazy!

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