Constant fear please help

I'm really struggling. I am in constant fear. I have been having chest pains for 8 weeks and the pain feels like a dull ache that travels to my back. I have lost weight and habe started with headaches now. I'm not sleeping very weel either. The doctor claims this is down to aniexty. I have had chest x-ray and blood test and they are clear. I can't stop thinking that i'm dying and there is something seriously wrong with me. I was a normal 31 year old proir to this and now feel like my life is over. Please can someone help.


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  • Can't the doctor prescribe you with some calmers?

  • I have been on anti depressants. They have not started to work yet.

    I just need to be able to except what the doctors are telling me. It's just so hard to now thanjs to Google. I dont know how long i can cope like this now

  • Just hang in there bud, I have had depression for 8 years solid now, almost 2 years in hospital with it. I know it's not easy but just accept it because In the end it will make you a stronger person

  • Its just so hard trying to. I'm scared but with strong support I will beat this. It just so crap that 8 weeks ago I felt fantastic and now I feel so terrible. Its just so hard to except how quick it gets ahold of you. I hope your feeling good today.

  • Hey buddy I have been to hell and back literally and it's got so bad I turned to God and it's given me a reason to live. I'm not saying you should but it might be something to consider if it gets bad enough. God gives his toughest battles to his hardest soldiers. That's usually friend and there is a reason why we suffer because suffering produces perseverance and perseverance faith. I'm with you bro all the way.

  • I'm not really into religion to be honest. I do beleive everything happens for a reason though.

  • Well just hang in there and remember your not alone, try to relax if possible and take all the time you need to heal. Sleep is a good healer and plenty of tea is good for depression and the main thing is talking about it and getting as much support as possible. May Jesus bless you.

  • Thank you its good to talk. I just hope I do start to feel better soon and also you start to feel better.

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